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Q: What is Insights & Indictments?

That’s the name of Shah Gilani’s twice-weekly e-letter, where he shows you how Wall Street’s high-stakes game is really played – and how to win it.

As a member of Insights & Indictments, you’ll not only get the big picture according to Shah. You’ll also find out how to trade it for maximum gains. What’s more, you’ll get it all free of charge.

You can access it either by visiting our website (, or by signing up to get each I&I via email as soon as it’s published.

Q: Who is Shah Gilani?

Shah is one of our most prominent and respected investing “gurus” here at Money Map Press – and for good reason.

He’s been “in the game” since 1982, when he launched his first hedge fund from his seat on the Chicago Board of Exchange; worked in the pit as a market maker; and refined his knowledge of the credit markets on the trading desk of Lloyds Bank in London. Shah is also a seasoned veteran of old-line New York and Boston investment banks and trading houses.

As an analyst, he not only called for the implosion of the U.S. financial markets in February 2008, he predicted the historic rebound that began in March 2009 in a lead story for Money Morning. As Money Morning Executive Editor Bill Patalon likes to say, “When Shah predicts, I listen.”

Shah studied economics and psychology at UCLA. He now lives in Miami, where he is a managing member of a private equity company.

Q: What kind of content do you publish?

Most weeks, Shah gives readers his “insights” into the goings-on of the world markets – where capital is flowing, what Wall Street’s major players are up to, and how you can profit. Occasionally, he’ll provide a scathing “indictment” – the likes of which only Shah can get away with – of crooked Washington politicians, of Wall Street’s shadiest dealers, or of the country’s most corrupt institutions.

Remember, Shah is a former Wall Street insider who decided to turn in his badge to the ultimate private money club and start working for the regular investor. He vows to be your “spy” inside the Library of Liars, so that you can get in ahead of the market-movers and ride their greedy, moneymaking coattails to the top.

In Shah’s own words:

“I’m doing this because there are simply too many tricksters out there. For decades, I’ve had to watch them greedily suck in innocent investors to backstop their own self-serving moneymaking schemes. And I’m sick of it. I think individual investors deserve the truth, and I’m finally in a position to give it to them straight. That’s my only agenda.”

Q: How do I sign up for the Insights & Indictments newsletter?

Easy. Just click here and enter your email address. You’ll start getting it automatically (and to sweeten the deal, we’ll throw in Shah’s latest research – a free report about how to profit).

Q: How often will I receive Insights & Indictments?

It will hit your inbox twice a week – every Tuesday and Friday.

Q: Why should I sign up? Can’t I just go to the website?

The I&I website is always available to you as a helpful source of news and analysis.

But if you’re not signed up for the newsletter too, you may be missing out on free reports we periodically send out to reward our most loyal readers. I&I subscribers also receive special discount offers for premium content.

Should you ever wish to discontinue your subscription, there’s an “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every mailing of I&I. Simply click on it, and your name will be removed from our subscription list immediately.

Q: How can such great info be free?

We’re able to provide Shah’s words of wisdom for free in exchange for your willingness to receive regular supplemental emails promoting our products (and products from outside vendors).

Q: What is The 10X Trader?

This is one of Shah’s “premium” services, where he gives specific stock recommendations and guides subscribers through the ins and outs of trading.

The 10X Trader: Shah Gilani’s proprietary multi-layered trading strategy can reveal the truth of which companies are on the road to ruin – and it’s often the ones that hide their squalor behind balance sheet tricks and silver-tongued Wall Street fables. And when the truth of these companies comes out, you could make ten times your money with every trade Shah gives you. Click here for more.

Q: What is Money Morning?

Money Morning is our sister publication, another free e-letter delivered directly to your inbox every weekday morning. Just click here to check it out.

With dozens of regular contributors (including Shah) and special content, Money Morning offers a wider scope of financial news and analysis. The common thread of all these articles: “Only the news you can profit from.”

Q: I want more information!

A customer service representative can help with any questions you have about Insights & Indictments or Shah’s premium services.

You can reach us by phone at 1-888-384-8339 or simply email us at