Wall Street Is Cheating You Out of Millions

0 | By Shah Gilani

The U.S. government just released a scathing exposé.

It reveals that Wall Street is ripping off regular investors every single day

To the tune of $2 billion a year.

It’s all because your trades are being incorrectly priced.

Now, most folks have no idea this is happening…

But this federal investigation reveals that trading profits – which should rightfully be yours – are being left to the mercy of the markets.

In short, you’re getting cheated, almost every time you buy or sell a stock.

The good news is that chief investment strategist, Keith Fitz-Gerald, has discovered a way for you to turn this situation on its head.

And what he’s found could help you become $240,000 richer in 2019, alone.Every investor needs to hear what Keith has to say.

Not only is it critical to know exactly what’s happening, immediately…

But today – at this moment – you can take advantage of this situation for huge potential profits.

Take a look at this right now.


Shah Gilani

Behind Every Unicorn Valuation Is a Frightening Reality for Your Finances

0 | By Shah Gilani

Contrary to popular belief, which includes believing in unicorns, most unicorns’ valuations are a myth.

And like most good myths there are lessons to be learned, especially from stories where unicorns die.

The private companies whose valuation exceeds $1 billion have been called unicorns do exist sometimes in reality, but more often than investors and the public realize just on paper.

Not surprisingly, the divining rod that separates reality from fantasy is honest accounting and simple math.

It’s not a long and winding path to get to the truth about a unicorn’s real valuation, it’s straightforward.

Here’s the truth behind unicorn valuation myths and how to calculate reality from fantasy and avoid financial ruin…