The Real Reason Facebook’s Libra Won’t Get Off the Ground

0 | By Shah Gilani

This won’t take long.

That’s because the real reason Facebook’s Libra, Mark Zuckerberg’s would-be world dominating cryptocurrency, won’t get off the ground isn’t because of what any of its detractors are saying about it.

And, they sure are hammering it from every angle.

The real reason Libra will never be what it could be is that it could replace central banks’ lucrative fiat currency, fractional reserve magic money grand scheme.

Here’s what everyone’s saying and the real reason Libra is being killed in its cradle…..

A Massive Bank Bailout Could Soon Strike Global Markets Again

0 | By Shah Gilani

The beginning of the newly restructured Deutsche Bank may end up like every other iteration of the old struggling Deutsche Bank.

That’s because the giant German lender and would-be Master of the Universe, sometimes known simply as DB, who just announced 18,000 more layoffs as it downsizes, again, may be charged criminally for its involvement in the global 1MDB scandal.

Depending on what charges the U.S. Justice Department may file, and how big a fine Deutsche Bank may have to pay, the European Central Bank (ECB) may have to lend DB more money to not end up where it really belongs, in the history books.

With the biggest number of bank layoffs since the bankruptcy of Lehman, and a 10-year $17 billion tab in fines for regulatory failures and technically criminal activity, DB’s woes are anything but over.

But there’s more