When Markets Plunge, You Could Get Rich Quick

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You’re a reader of this e-letter for one reason: You know that Shah Gilani is one of the best in the biz, and that with his one-of-a-kind insight, you’ll never feel like an outsider again.

Over Shah’s 35+-year career, he’s run his own hedge fund, obtained a seat on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE), and developed a proprietary strategy that amassed a fortune for himself and his clients – including many top-level Chicago and New York money and banking folks.

After leaving the world of Wall Street, Shah decided to create Wall Street Insights & Indictments, a place for everyday people to grab a front-row seat to hear from someone who’s been on the inside, and who’s ready to share his knowledge and moneymaking strategies to anyone who’s ready to listen.

And what Shah’s been able to do for readers of his trading research service is beyond insane… It’s downright miraculous.

So if you’re ready for a chance to learn how to make real money, continue reading…

This Isn’t Right for Everyone, So Be Cautious

When Shah first took over Zenith Trading Circle in April 2017, we were excited.

But when he broke Money Map Press records by giving his readers a chance at a 100% gain on the first half of a position, followed quickly by a chance at a staggering 995% gain just a day later… We were in awe.

That’s a chance at 1,095% total winning gains in just five weeks from the time the position was recommended.

And when he shattered his own record again earlier this year… We were blown away.

In just ten trading days, Shah gave Zenith readers the chance to grab 1,156% gains on the first half of a position, followed by a chance at 1,138% gains on the second half – only one day later.

If you’re keeping track, that’s a mind-boggling opportunity to score 2,294% total winning gains in just about two weeks.

And those recommendations were the rare and extraordinary ones – not even counting the 206%, 300%, or 455% opportunities readers have seen.

By now, you’ve got to ask… How is Shah accomplishing these insane feats?

The answer is simple: He does this by chasing down stocks that are being absolutely decimated right now and, based on his data, will soon cease to exist.

We have no doubt that shareholders in these companies are foaming at the mouth, but as these stocks continue to collapse like dominoes, Shah’s Zenith Trading Circle members are getting the chance to make RIDICULOUS amounts of money.

And with markets looking the way they are now, we expect Shah to continue the trend.

Just look at this snippet of recently closed winning opportunities in the Zenith portfolio:

  • 100% on the first half and 20% on the second half of DDS puts
  • 50% on the first half and 25% on the second half of EZU puts
  • 100% on the first half and 91.67% on the second half of FXI puts
  • 98% on the entirety of HYG puts

And that’s being modest.

But we’ll be honest with you: Zenith Trading Circle is NOT right for everyone.

First, if you’re looking for traditional research, this isn’t for you.

Second, if you want to just find out how to buy stocks, this isn’t for you.

Third, if you believe the financial media “celebrities” and Wall Street elites have your best interests at heart… This definitely isn’t for you.

This is a research service for people who are smart, ambitious, and want to see the financial world cleaned of its crooks… All while learning how to amass a fortune for themselves, of course.

If you think you can handle what Shah’s got to show you, click here.


The Wall Street Insights & Indictments Research Team

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