Tesla is Toast

1 | By Shah Gilani

Tesla, once touted by ringmaster Elon Musk as the Greatest Show on Earth, is now toast.

Worse, than just being toast, it’s burnt on both sides.

Musk’s pied piper magic is fading, if not already farcical.

And Tesla’s electric vehicles, once the envy of the industry and the world, are showing their age, flaws, and vulnerability to the hungry pack of EV competitors chomping at their heels.

Here’s how Elon Musk killed the Tesla myth and what to do with the stock now

Shah’s Finally Revealing His Biggest Secret

0 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

If you’ve followed Shah Gilani for any amount of time, you know he is the last person to sugarcoat anything.

You follow Wall Street Insights & Indictments because you want the raw, unfiltered information from one of the only people who can tell you like it really is – and help you profit along the way.

Shah is one of a kind, and he’s not the type to crank out a new way to make money every other week.

He’s careful, he’s calculated, and when he has something new to share, you know that he’s taken years to make sure it reaches his standard of perfection before sharing it with you.

With that, we have some exciting news…

Shah’s finally ready, after years of development, to release one of his greatest accomplishments: the trading strategy that made him into the millionaire and financial authority he is today.

So keep reading, because the very strategy that Shah used to build his empire has the potential to make you ten times your money every single week