SEC Whistleblowers Are Talking – Here’s What They Have to Say

9 | By Shah Gilani

It’s not easy being a whistleblower.

Just ask the few at the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Inspector General, the SEC’s independent watchdog group who police everyone at the SEC, when they filed a complaint against two of their own.

Last year, after whistleblowers in the IG’s office claimed one of their supervisors and a junior subordinate were guilty of “time and attendance fraud” because the “two employees regularly disappeared together for several hours during workdays and engaged in inappropriate conduct in the office,” the unappreciated whistleblowers had to then blow the whistle on the superiors they complained to for retaliating against them for blowing the whistle on their buddies.

If you think superiors retaliating or even threatening to retaliate against would-be whistleblowers could impede investigations the SEC’s supposed to conduct… You’re right.

Here’s what the SEC whistleblowers are up against, and what we know happens behind the curtain

The Truth Behind the Tax Cuts We’re Promised Will Determine Our Market’s Future

5 | By Shah Gilani

Don’t bother Googling “what tax reforms are Democrats proposing?” There aren’t any.

Republicans, on the other hand, according to House Speaker Paul Ryan, “have to deliver tax cuts to the hardworking, middle class.”

But they’re not doing that, either.

Instead, Republicans want voters to believe big tax cuts for corporations are going to trickle down and create jobs that elevate wages for hard-working Americans.

That’s not going to happen.

The truth about Republican tax-cutting plans and why the Democrats aren’t offering up counter tax-cutting proposals is, unfortunately, not at all what America needs.

Here’s why the politicians have it all wrong, and how the markets will react to potential tax cuts…

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