Coronavirus vs. SARS: Is This Time Different for the Market?

0 | By Shah Gilani

Investors almost always expect markets to react to current disruptions the same way they reacted to similar disruptions in the past.

We’re seeing that today with the spread of the coronavirus.

Already, analysts and market commentators are citing what happened in 2003, when spreading SARS deaths knocked the market down, but stocks ultimately ended the year considerably higher.

The question “is this time different?” is generally shrugged off because investors believe they know what markets did then and what they’ll probably do now because of it.

But what if this time is different?

What if investors aren’t looking at the big picture and how both China and the world have changed? What if investors forgot that something else lifted the market in 2003 and had nothing to do with SARS containment?

Here’s a more objective look back and why this time could be different

Capital Wave Forecast: Modern Monetary Theory – Fear Narrative or Far from Crazy

2 | By Shah Gilani

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) has the power to change the United States in more ways than anyone realizes.

As the essential economic plank of the Democrat party, MMT is about to explode out of the far left-leaning academic containment tower it’s been brewing in.

Here’s what it is, how it’s supposed to work, how it would change the U.S., and what you should do with your money if MMT replaces democratic capitalism as we know it.

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