The Trading Strategy I Almost Never Tell My Readers to Use…

0 | By Shah Gilani

What a week last week was. And what a week we’re looking forward to.

If nothing else, last week’s rally was unexpected on the heels of the previous week’s nasty selloff – culminating in a more than 600 point drop two Fridays ago.

But futures last Monday reversed their pre-open tanking and led the way from the open through the week.

Trade talk, as mixed as it was, moved stocks higher last week.

What seemed unexpected about that is the fact that President Trump said the Chinese called and wanted to get back to the table. Too bad for the President the Chinese news agencies reported there was no call.

So, what happened that lifted stocks, and will it continue?

The Fed’s Plotting to Take Down Donald Trump. Here’s When.

0 | By Shah Gilani

If you don’t believe what I’ve been screaming for years that the Federal Reserve System is the greatest criminal conspiracy in American history and that they, as a private enterprise, run the country, you’re about to see the truth for yourself.

In a Bloomberg op-ed piece on August 27, 2019, William Dudley, the former vice-chairman of the Federal Open Market Committee and former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, who stepped down from the Fed last year and attended last week’s Jackson Hole central bankers confab, threatened the President of the United States by advocating that the Fed not accommodate the President’s trade war with China and essentially raise rates if they have to in order to drive the country into recession so Donald Trump doesn’t get reelected.

My last two articles here have been about attempts to manufacture a recession to undermine Donald Trump’s reelection chances and what those efforts could mean for the stock market.

Sure, some of you thought I had lost it. But, Bill Dudley’s call to arms is proof positive that I am 100% right, about attempts to manufacture a recession and that the Fed is too powerful, too political, and a rogue state within the state that needs to be legislated out of existence.

It’s about time we get to the bottom of this