Never Be An Outsider Again

Wall Street – it’s the ultimate private money club.

Hedge fund millionaires, traders, politicians, regulators… They’re all shaking hands behind closed doors, scheming together to make yet another buck for themselves – at your expense.

You can’t beat the system, either. Wall Street is the system. And it’s designed specifically to take your money.

But you can certainly learn how to play it

You just need to have someone who’s been on the inside… someone who knows exactly how the game is played… someone who’s been making a killing in the markets for years. That’s the only way to get in ahead of the market-movers and ride their moneymaking coattails to the top.

Starting right now, you’ll never be an outsider again.

Welcome to Wall Street Insights & Indictments.

Twice a week, Editor Shah Gilani will show you how Wall Street’s high-stakes game is really played. And he’ll show you how to win it.

“This is about who’s calling the shots,” he says, “and calling out who should be shot. It’s about what’s happening, why it’s happening, who’s involved, and how to trade into it, out of it, and around it.”

You can make a killing this way.

Shah would know…

After years as one of the most successful traders with a seat on the Chicago Board of Exchange, he refined his knowledge of credit markets on the trading desk of Lloyds Bank. He’s also a seasoned veteran of old-line New York and Boston investment banks and trading houses. A former hedge fund manager, he’s made a lot of clients a lot of money.

He’s made a lot of money for his readers, too.

In The 10X Trader, he uses his proprietary multi-layered trading system to predict the downfall of the worst stocks in the markets. The thing is, after years of testing, his system has a staggering accuracy rating; when a company winds up on its radar, it’s only a matter of time before it meets its demise. Right now, Shah’s keeping an eye on over 200 stocks across the U.S. market and is showing his readers how they can make ten times their money with every trade he gives.

If there is one thing Shah knows how to do, it is how to find the profit potential. In The Money Zone, Shah has paired eight years of development with 11 years of backtesting to get the edge over stocks, giving his members the opportunity for thousands in weekly profits… On the same trade. The Money Zone combines Shah’s 36 years of expertise along with the mechanics of a mathematical prodigy – a Ph.D. scientist, physicist, and nuclear engineer – for a one of a kind strategy, it is known as the “Master Algorithm.”

The bottom line: Extraordinary things can happen when you know how Wall Street really works and take the necessary strides to get ahead of the fat cats that plague it.

And now Shah’s working for you…

As a member of Insights & Indictments, you’ll not only get the big picture according to Shah. You’ll also find out how to trade it for maximum gains.

What’s more, you’ll get it all free of charge.

“I’m doing this,” he says, “because there are simply too many tricksters out there. For decades, I’ve had to watch them greedily suck in innocent investors to backstop their own self-serving moneymaking schemes. And I’m sick of it. I think individual investors deserve the truth, and I’m finally in a position to give it to them straight. That’s my only agenda.”

Here’s what Shah’s uncovering now…

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