Follow These Simple Steps to Get Your “Federal Rent Checks”

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As an American taxpayer, you deserve to know that it’s your hard-earned money that’s paying for each building being used by NASA, the FDA, Congress, and even the White House – in the form of your tax dollars.

It’s money that’s coming out of your paychecks, Social Security checks, and the checks you cut to the IRS every April.

But what you may not know is that these agencies must pay exuberant amounts in rent for the properties they occupy. In fact, this rent money for over a hundred agencies has flooded into an $11.1 billion cash pool – the Treasury Department, where it’s being stockpiled in the Federal Buildings Fund.

By poring over documents in forgotten government archives, one man was able to find unorthodox investments that allow Americans to tap into this huge pool of money.

And now, he’s sharing his knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. In five simple steps, this man can show you how you, too, can collect your share of these “Federal Rent Checks.”

You’ll be shocked by how easy it can be

The Market’s Feeling the Pressure of Contagion

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Global markets have been feeling the heat since Turkey’s currency, the lira, suffered a precipitous drop last week. Non-bank borrowers in Turkey have over $198 billion of dollar-denominated debt – and the massive drop in the lira increases their debt service threefold. That’s a huge problem, and the market felt the weight of it as the Dow slipped over 200 points after the open.

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