What Investors’ Love Affair with Bonds Means for Stocks

1 | By Shah Gilani

It’s all good in the Three Bears’ house (bonds, stocks, and commodities), at least according to Goldilocks.

That’s because what’s “just right” is the bond market.

The highflying bond market pushes stocks higher and keeps commodities from being too hot or too cold.

But the bond market can’t carry the weight of the world forever.

Eventually, or suddenly, yields will start rising, maybe from inflation, maybe from central banks “normalizing” yield curves, or maybe frighteningly quickly from bond vigilantes selling them down.

And when rates rise, stocks are going to take the brunt of the bloodletting.

Here’s why bonds have been hot, why they’re cooling down, and what will happen to stocks when investors’ love affair with bonds ends

How to Play the Dangerous Leveraged Loan Market

0 | By Shah Gilani

Okay, now that you know what leveraged loans are and how big the market is, because you read my last article, you’re going to want to know the truth about how dangerous they are.

And, of course, you’re going to want to know how the pros are playing the market, and how you can make your own money when the next rumble turns into an earthquake.

So, keep reading, because that’s what I’m telling you next