Start the New Year Reading Why an America Divided Should Matter to You

0 | By Shah Gilani

The single best book I’ve ever read about American history, the real history of the founding of the country, how the thirteen states were different and came together, what the Declaration of Independence meant to the diverse colonies, how the Revolutionary War shaped the country then and in the future, and what it took, how many miracles had to happen, for the new country to survive and thrive, are all revealed, in exquisite detail in Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton.

Understanding where the country is today, why we’re divided as a nation, who’s dividing us and why are explained through the prism of America’s founding in Chernow’s masterpiece…

Find in This Book the Past Secrets Explaining Today’s Market

It’s not only an in-depth view of history, it’s the best book ever written that explains American politics.

The impeachment of a President because he’s hated or feared isn’t new, it isn’t even a scandal. The first scandal of that nature happened to the first President when George Washington’s Secretary of State and Founding Father Thomas Jefferson paid a Philadelphia printer to write and distribute damning “facts” about Washington. Why? To undermine his presidency.

Experiencing American history through Alexander Hamilton’s eyes gives us a unique viewpoint of the country, the politics of nation building, the other Founding Fathers, and players who came together and fought each other, because they all intersected with Hamilton in myriad ways and under myriad circumstances.

Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton is magnificent, in every respect and one of my favorite books ever.

Once you pick it up, I’m telling you, it will be hard to set down because of the rich insights not only of the past but into our future.

Once you do finish the book, take a moment to let me know what you thought of it in a comment below, and how you see it matches our current political and economic setting today.

If only more would read this, and learn from the lessons of the past.


Shah Gilani

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