I’m Not the Kind of Guy to Say I Told You So, But If I Was…

0 | By Shah Gilani

Believe me, I’m not the kind of guy to say, “I told you so,” but if I was, I’d sure be saying it now.

That’s because…

I’ve been telling you, my Wall Street Insights & Indictments readers, not to sell short this supposedly long-in-the-tooth bull market, not to believe naysayers, and to get on board with the still rising market.

I’ve been unequivocally bullish and predicting more and more all-time market highs in my Capital Wave Forecast, which you also get for free right here every Monday.

I’ve been inundating my paid subscription newsletter subscribers with specific reasons why markets are going higher and recommending new positions regularly, lately two or three at a time.

I’ve been right. You should be making money on this latest leg up in the market like my subscribers are.

So, yeah, I’m saying it, “I told you so!”

Now, I’ve got to tell you about something very big in store…

How You Could Have Known and Made More in Markets

Starting this Monday, I’m going to do something I don’t do very often, in fact, almost never.

In your Monday Capital Wave Forecast, besides getting the market forward-looking forecast, over the following few weeks I’m going to debunk the primary fake narratives that are scaring investors, keeping them on the sidelines, preventing them from making money regularly, and I’m going to give you trading recommendations, just to give you a taste of what my subscribers get.

And I’m going to do that for several weeks, over and over again.

The truth is my paid subscribers get deeper insights, more metrics, and specifics about why we’re going into trades, what’s going to happen in the market to affect our positions, and how much we’re going to make on our trades.

For example, on Wednesday, December 4, 2019, paid subscribers in one of my services got three new positions to get into right away.

I told them to buy calls on Monster Beverage Corporation (MNST), T. Row Price Group, Inc. (TROW), and Expeditors International of Washington, Inc. (EXPED).

But I didn’t just tell them why those stocks were going to go up, I told them what the president was more than likely to do that would rocket the market higher and take our stocks up with it.

Speaking about the sour mood of the market on Monday, December 2, 2019, and what knocked it down on Tuesday, being the day before I gave my peeps three new trade recommendations, I told subscribers,

“Everyone knows the mood yesterday was sour because of the November ISM PMI number came in below expectations, and at 48.1 signals a contraction in the manufacturing sector.

But my mood wasn’t soured because I also get the Markit PMI numbers and they were up for November, to 52.6 from the 51.3 it hit in October. That’s the strongest reading in seven months. My mood was good.

The market, in its sour mood, then sold off hard on the President’s hard trade talk stance.

Oh, believe me, Mr. Trump took notice. It doesn’t matter that he said he doesn’t watch the market’s ups and downs, we all know he does, he watches it more than any other measure of the economy and consumer and investor sentiment. So, he noticed.

That’s why he doubled back today. And look what stocks are doing.

He’s probably done, hopefully for a while, making any statements that are going to knock stocks down again. He wants the markets to keep making new highs, that’s his reelection insurance card.

What he may do, which would cause stocks to soar, is make some conciliatory move towards China (to move markets) by announcing he may hold off on the new December 15 tariffs he’s threatened China with.

I’m speculating here, for sure. But I’ve been right a lot in my speculation on the President’s moves.

And while I love the three stocks we’re getting into, it’s well worth it to jump into all three now, if the President’s going to float his own boat by floating markets higher.

We’ll see.”

Once again, I can say, I told you so…

Change the Direction of Your Financial Future with Me

Yesterday, Thursday, December 12, 2019, President Trump tweeted, “Getting VERY close to a BIG DEAL with China. They want it, and so do we!” and stocks made new all-time highs intraday.

Of my three new recommendations to subscribers: T. Row Price, which closed at $121.72 on December 4, 2019, when we got into it, closed yesterday at $124.59. We’re already making great money there.

Expeditors International of Washington closed at $73.14 on December 4, 2019, when I recommended it. It closed yesterday at $76.32. We’re making even more money there.

Monster Beverage closed at $60.39 on December 4, 2019, it closed yesterday at $62.24.

We already booked a 100% gain on the call options subscribers bought there.

That’s a 100%, take it to the bank gain, in less than six trading days.

So, yeah, I can say it, again, “I told you so.”

Now I’m telling you to read your Capital Wave Forecast every Monday and get a peek at the kind of trades you would get as a subscriber, but for free.

They’re only coming to you for a few weeks. After that, you’re on your own.

Just keep reading Wall Street Insights & Indictments and Capital Wave Forecast to understand what’s moving markets and stocks, why, and how far they’re going.

And, maybe think about subscribing here. Just saying…



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