Capital Wave Forecast: Stocks Just Want to Go Up

0 | By Shah Gilani

Last week proved that stocks want to go up, which is something that sounds silly, but makes sense.

On the heels of the previous week’s rally, and the week before that, and the week before that, and so on, last week had the benefit of likely momentum. But the week didn’t play out quite that way.

Stocks essentially meandered most of the week shrugging off everything: bad industrial production numbers, good consumer data, President Trump’s speech to the economic Club of New York, and Fed Chairman Powell’s Congressional testimony.

Then Friday came along, as it always does and as has been happening, stocks decided, kind of on their own, which sounds silly, that they wanted to go up.

And they did.

The Dow Jones Industrials broke through the 28,000-barrier ending at 28,004.89, up 1.2% for the week. Stocks in the S&P 500 wanted to go up and they ended the week at 3,120.46, up .9%. Not to be left out, the Nasdaq Composite ended up .8% at 8,540.83. All three were new record highs.

What sounds silly isn’t silly at all…

Why Markets Jammed When They Should Be Exploding

Stocks sometimes don’t need news or good data, or even bad data when bad data used to be good for stocks, to go higher.

Believe it or not, markets are like living things and act like that. Of course, the human element comes from actual humans one way or another.

The element now is psychology, and not apparently metrics, at least not last week. Psychology, generally meaning fear and greed, had been more fear than greed by a long shot, and to a good degree it still is.

But the humans that don’t relate to market psychology because they don’t get how to connect the dots, are the impetus for stocks wanting to go higher. Because this rally seemingly came out of nowhere, the fear surrounding it has a lot of investors, both professional and mom-and-pop investors, stuck on the sidelines.

They should have been jumping in, they should have been following the Capital Wave Forecast, and they should still be buying.

That’s not so silly now, is it? No, it isn’t because if investors got into the market after all major benchmarks broke out of their sideways action and made new highs, they would have some extraordinary gains in an extraordinarily short time.

Because stocks just want to go up.

They still do.

Until the market gets hijacked by some hard-core negative nuke lobbed into the middle of this run-up, and this could be just it…

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