Capital Wave Forecast: Market Analysts Know the Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing

0 | By Shah Gilani

It’s more than likely going to be another week of sloppy trading.

Besides being an extension of last week when the Dow Jones Industrials rose gently on Monday, flat lined on Tuesday, dipped Wednesday, rallied Thursday, and ended Friday drooping into the close, there’s nothing monumental right in front of markets right now.

A rate cut at the end of the month is a foregone conclusion.

Thank you, Federal Reserve, for your cheerleading.

It’s going to be a quarter point, not a half point as some overzealous analysts were touting.

We know that fact of a rate cut percentage because the Fed sent up the smoke signals telling us that, just so no one got overzealous (you listening analysts?) and bid up stocks higher than the Fed expects them to be at this juncture…

Why the Fed Doesn’t Want Markets a Whole Lot Higher Right Now

Because they’d be accused of inflating a bubble. They’d be accused of using their rate manipulating power to engineer a rally ahead of earnings realities. They’d be accused of kowtowing to politicians, meaning, the President of the United States.

And they’d rather see stocks digest their July rate cut, see how earnings pan out, and then cheerlead in September with talk of another potential rate cut if the economy isn’t growing above 2% and stocks are drifting lower on less robust earnings.

That’s their plan.

You see, they’re working towards that because they’re watching other central banks easing, and they want to follow with their own easing, not to panic anybody that we’re in dire straits and need rate cuts, but to keep up with the Joneses.

Because if we don’t keep lowering rates as other countries lower, the dollar will strengthen on our relatively higher rates and that isn’t what the President wants right now.

Remember, we’re in a trade war.

As other countries’ currencies are manipulated lower, their exports become cheaper, and the U.S. buys more foreign goods and services.

That means factories aren’t being built here, production is still elsewhere, jobs are being lost to overseas competitors, like China.

China Is About to Get a Devastating Reality Check

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So, yeah, the Fed’s saying they’re insuring against domestic slowing as global growth slows and fears that the trade war with China isn’t resolved, but what they’re really doing is managing the dollar in relative terms and supporting markets without overinflating them.

That’s where we’re at this week, watching mid-summer breezes waft through leafy trees.

Unless that is, something comes out of left field and wakes up investors.

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