Bayer’s Weed Killer Causes Cancer – Now What?

2 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

Bayer AG (OTC:BAYRY) is under fire now as a jury found that a man developed cancer from exposure to Roundup weed killer. This is the second case to go to trial over the allegations – and there are more than 11,000 pending lawsuits that claim the same. And according to Shah Gilani on Varney & Co. this morning, an 11% drop in stock price is only the beginning of the hardships to come for Bayer…

2 Responses to Bayer’s Weed Killer Causes Cancer – Now What?

  1. Jim Funk says:

    GM is not a private company but a corporation! It is owned by it share holders and there are a lot of them; plus in as much as GM took the bailout $ from the Government they should be expected to pay us back! keep the plant open and retool it; make your cost cutting moves in China or Mexico. MAGA

  2. George Isberg says:

    GM are leaving Canada totally along with all their Grants and workers pensions. China and Mexico.receive the benefits!

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