Does the Market Really Care About Your Politics?

1 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

It never ends with Facebook Inc. (NasdaqGS:FB). The company just escaped the frying pan, and now it’s in the fire. Just this week, the company admitted that it failed to prevent its platform from being used to incite political violence in Myanmar. Despite its stock opening up higher this morning, along with the other FAANG stocks, Facebook has quite the uphill battle to prove it can combat all of these negative incidents.

On this episode of Varney & Co., Shah Gilani changes his usual bullish tune, admitting that he does not believe the market will close higher at the end of the year than where it stands today. He goes on to say that, now that elections are over, with the Democrats pushing against the Republicans, the market may not react positively. Then, Shah explains that he sees a lot of volatility in our future, so hold onto your hats…

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  1. Shameil says:

    Hi iam new to the market I keep hearing about a up and coming money bubble ,A market crash never seen before of this magnitude how do we protect ourselves against that?

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