This American Pastime Could Hold the Key to Making You Millions

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If you’ve spent any time here at Money Morning, you’ve likely heard of our spectacular panel of experts.

If you haven’t, let us introduce just a few of them:

Keith Fitz-Gerald, editor of High Velocity Profits, who, as of just last week, gave his readers a chance to score 27 triple-digit and 37 double-digit winners this year alone.

Followers of Michael Robinson’s Radical Technology Profits had the chance to capture a staggering 400% gain on one part of a Square Inc. (NYSE:SQ) recommendation back in March 2018.

And, of course, our very own Shah Gilani, editor of of Zenith Trading Circle, who gave his readers the opportunity to snag a record-breaking 1,156% and a 1,138% win on two halves of a Fossil Group Inc. (NasdaqGS:FOSL) play, respectively, in February 2018.

And now, there’s a new kid on the block – and you’ve never seen anything like him.

Boasting an incredible track record of zero realized losses and a 98% win rate, that makes him the only undefeated individual in this entire industry (that we know of).

Never Buy a Losing Stock Again

Most of our experts come from humble beginnings.

After going from rags to riches, these men knew that the next step for them was to share their life-changing methods with readers just like you – because you need someone who’s walked where you walked on your side.

We can safely say that we’ve never met anyone like Tim Melvin.

Tim grew up in West Baltimore, not a far cry from Money Morning‘s headquarters. Growing up in a struggling home – with a single mother, three siblings, and one income – Tim’s life wasn’t easy.

But his respite was in an all-American pastime: baseball.

Through immersing himself in and obsessing over the sport, Tim discovered that a unique type of analysis used to find the best baseball players could be used on the stock market.

The rest is history.

An UNDEFEATED Track Record

In so many words, Tim came from nothing. But today, he’s the most talented person in the industry.

For the first time (and possibly the last), Tim has chosen to reveal how he went from an impoverished, delinquent teen without a “fancy degree” to his name, to being one of the most sought after experts in the industry.

And by using the unique method he discovered, Tim has been able to build a track record of zero realized losses.

All 32 of his closed positions are winners. Not some, not most – ALL.

As of August 8, 85 of his 87 open positions are up – and the vast majority by double and triple digits.

He’s even been able to deliver gains of 270%, 350%, 358%, 368%, 623%, and 787% with absolute ease.

With Tim’s help, you’ll never want to invest the old way again.

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