U.S. General: Russia Has “Unstoppable” New Secret Weapon

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We have a very important message that we’d like to share with you today:

In a riveting speech to the Senate Armed Services Committee, General John Hyten, Chief of U.S. Air Force Strategic Command, made a shocking confession: The United States is now virtually defenseless against a new Russian weapon that could destroy New York or Washington in minutes.

When you see this new threat, you’ll know why top-ranking U.S. Generals can’t sleep at night.

Because it’s not just Russia they’re worried about.

China has joined the arms race, too… Spending billions of dollars trying to roll out their own version of this new superweapon.

That means the world’s three biggest military powers are now in an arms race, frantically battling to control this new weaponry first.

In his recently submitted Budget Request for Defense, the President has made developing these weapons a “top priority investment.”

Orders have been broadcasted to American military forces to harness this new groundbreaking technology and to build these indestructible new superweapons – lots of them… And fast.

The details of America’s initiative are highly classified, of course.

But here’s what we do know…

[WARNING]: This video contains graphic content.


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