This “Bounty Hunter” Technology Could Spark 72,500% Revenue Explosion

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It’s a terrible, tragic diagnosis that has changed the lives of an estimated 1.7 million people every year.

And one of the deadliest types of this disease takes the life of an American male every 18 minutes on average… That’s 80 men a day… 29,000 a year.

This cancer has virtually no detectable symptoms – by the point a patient is diagnosed, it may already be too late for him.

The disease will often eventually “metastasize,” or break off and spread from the initial site, carrying these deadly cells into the blood supply and to the lungs, the liver, or even the brain.

And the worst part is, although there is a test to measure the presence of the disease, it is so heinously unreliable that it has an 80% chance of telling you that you do have cancer when you don’t – and a 25% chance of telling you that you don’t have the disease when you do.

But there is a major medical breakthrough on the horizon that could forever improve the way this disease is detected, diagnosed, and treated.

You see, a tiny company is set to release critical phase-3 trial results any day now that could spark a 72,500% revenue explosion…

And you’re going to want to be there to see it…

The PSA Problem

What’s the #1 cancer risk for American men over the age of 50?

It’s not lung cancer, not skin cancer, not even brain cancer.

It’s prostate cancer – and it’s reached near-epidemic levels. In fact, an American male is diagnosed with prostate cancer every three minutes.

Unlike many cancers, there are usually no symptoms of prostate cancer. No pain, no real warning signs, nothing to let you know that the clock has begun ticking.

In fact, in the early stages, the cancer cells are nearly identical to healthy cells – making them impossible to detect.

And, if you or a loved one are a male over the age of 50, this disease could be running rampant right now, and you’d never know it. It’s as if a miniature time bomb has been planted deep inside of you.

Get there before the timer goes off, and you live – get there a second too late, and you die.

But, as we mentioned earlier, there’s a deeper problem: every single year, 30 million American men take a prostate cancer test, called the PSA (or Prostate-Specific Antigen test).

What the test is supposed to do is help detect cancer, but what it currently does is mislead and misdiagnose.

In fact, the New England Journal of Medicine says that: “The PSA test does NOT reduce the death rate in men 55 and over…”

The PSA test is known for giving false negative results 25% of the time. It’s also notorious for giving false positive results, which leads to unnecessary invasive procedures that can often leave men incontinent and impotent.

Even Dr. Steven Salzberg, Professor at Johns Hopkins University states that the PSA test can deliver “… inaccurate results up to 80% of the time.”

That’s eight out of ten men receiving an incorrect reading from a test that’s hailed as an early detection method.

But times are about to change; a new method of detection is on the horizon.

A Lifesaving Solution

Located in Tarrytown, NY, one company has found a way to detect prostate cancer cells, using a technology that’s nothing short of pure genius.

In fact, this tiny company has developed “radio-equipped molecules.” These molecules are so small that you could fit one million of them on the head of a pin.

But small doesn’t mean weak – in fact, these molecules are like microscopic bounty hunters, designed to scour your body in search of prostate cancer cells.

Equipped with a radiopharmaceutical isotope, these bounty hunters can emit radio signals from inside a patient’s body – giving doctors a new, accurate way to locate prostate cancer cells.

The transmitters then send a radio signal that can be picked up by a doctor’s monitor, leaving these malicious cells no place to hide.

And with a 94% accuracy rate, this could change the way we locate, diagnose, and treat prostate cancer.

And it gets better: this bounty hunter technology could one day be used to detect and treat different forms of cancer – giving this company an edge in a market that’s worth close to $100 billion.

And because they currently only have $12 million in revenue, they could see a massive 72,500% sales surge with their phase-3 trial results set to arrive no later than September 30.

The clock is ticking.

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