Follow These Simple Steps to Get Your “Federal Rent Checks”

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As an American taxpayer, you deserve to know that it’s your hard-earned money that’s paying for each building being used by NASA, the FDA, Congress, and even the White House – in the form of your tax dollars.

It’s money that’s coming out of your paychecks, Social Security checks, and the checks you cut to the IRS every April.

But what you may not know is that these agencies must pay exuberant amounts in rent for the properties they occupy. In fact, this rent money for over a hundred agencies has flooded into an $11.1 billion cash pool – the Treasury Department, where it’s being stockpiled in the Federal Buildings Fund.

By poring over documents in forgotten government archives, one man was able to find unorthodox investments that allow Americans to tap into this huge pool of money.

And now, he’s sharing his knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. In five simple steps, this man can show you how you, too, can collect your share of these “Federal Rent Checks.”

You’ll be shocked by how easy it can be…

Get Your Share of This Billion-Dollar Cash Pool

Money Map Press‘s Technical Trading Specialist, D.R. Barton Jr., is the man behind the curtain of this “Federal Rent Checks” gold mine.

D.R. is known for being a self-made millionaire, so when he uncovers little-known “secrets” like this that could yield potentially enormous payouts, it’s smart to listen up.

The idea behind these “Federal Rent Checks” is this: because of something called Public Law 92-313, an act that required federal agencies pay for their space (equivalent to commercial rent), many government buildings and facilities, which are paid for with every American’s tax dollars, are paying ridiculous amounts of money in rent each year.

Take the FBI’s office in Albany, NY, for example: the FBI must pay $1.8 million to rent this 98,000-square-foot field office – every year. Even the National Nuclear Safety Administration has to pay a staggering $61 million a year to rent their 1.5 million-square-foot facility in Kansas City, MO.

And those are only two of the over 100 federal agencies that must pay rent every year. Where’s that money going?

Right into that $11.1 billion Federal Buildings Fund.

Five Simple Steps to “Federal Rent Checks”

It may sound like the Federal Buildings Fund is just an ever-growing, untouchable cash pool.

But, there is a genius investment tactic that could allow you to receive something D.R. Barton Jr. is calling a “Federal Rent Check” every single month.

If you have ten minutes to spare, you can follow D.R.’s five easy steps to start receiving, depending on your investment, checks initially made out for $1,795.

And that’s just to start. The best part is, the longer that you are on the distribution list for these checks, the more money you could potentially make.

Take Evgeny P., for example: two years ago, Evgeny was making around $5,108 per month in federal rent checks. Today, he’s on track to make $7,387 a month on average. Even Maddie C., was receiving $9,188 a month in federal rent checks back in 2012. Today, however, she’s on track to receive $16,046 a month – and sometimes more!

To put it simply, Public Law 92-313 helped create an opportunity for you to capitalize on the greatest path to self-made wealth that has ever existed

And by watching this short video, you can learn how you can get your share of these checks.

Because, after all, your tax dollars paid for these buildings…

Don’t you deserve a piece of the pie?

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The Wall Street Insights & Indictments Research Team

65 Responses to Follow These Simple Steps to Get Your “Federal Rent Checks”

  1. Bonnie Barbara Ellen Zubrin says:

    Thank you for revealing this little known fact. I would like to legally receive Federal Rent Checks.
    Please show me how!

  2. Gary Tibbals says:

    Living on a very small pension. Receiving a monthly check from the government would certainly hel pus out. We are not yet old enough to sign up for Medicare or Social Security. We lost $560,000 due to a fraudulent investment scheme known as Bryant United Capital Funding, BUCF. The SEC & FBI arrested Trey Bryant for lying to his investors and stealing our money. We’re not sure if we will get our money back or not.

  3. GARY THOMAS says:

    I’m 66 years old and in excellent health. So if this plan called Federal Rent Checks yields $1,500 to $2,000 monthly, I’ll be happy with that.

    But from the outset, the video should be thoroughly explained as to how it works when the investment pay off in profits, when it breaks even, and when you lose money or suffer a momentary loss of revenue, those who work hard and or those who invest wisely should be shown as part of the narration on the same video so a person could decide if the program would be of interest to them.

  4. mayuree shanklin says:

    I made payment with my credit card, so what is next to get on the distribution list to get the monthly government rent checks?

  5. Tracy Arthur says:

    My Wife and I have been searching far and wide for the form to sign up. No luck.
    If anyone knows please respond.

    • Roe Pepe says:


  6. Robert C Sweet says:

    I have NOT got there or on the list!!!!!!!!!!

    Will be most happy when this happens and I

    receive my first check. I will start a savings account

    but first make a copy of the check to frame.

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