Where Were You on June 25? It Could Make You Rich…

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This week, we have some urgent news about an altogether NEW breakthrough just “greenlighted” by the U.S. Government.

It’s a breakthrough so big, it has the power to create an entirely new industry – an industry that could be worth not just hundreds of billions of dollars – but over $1 trillion.

It’s a part of the blistering hot marijuana business… And this “offshoot” is in an industry that’s 111 times larger.

Even better, it’s 100% legal and has NOTHING to do with marijuana as you know it…

Nothing to do with the stuff people smoke or vape to get high. Nothing to do with edibles. Nothing to do with the legalization in Canada, California, or any other state or country that will legalize recreational marijuana in the future.

This is altogether different…

It’s new, and is set to be the biggest moneymaking opportunity of this lifetime.

Here’s what we mean…

The Second Wave of Medical Marijuana

The size of the marijuana industry you know today is around $10 billion. Cannabis companies in this new industry are now tapping into a $1.112 trillion market.

So why is this new “offshoot” industry expected to dwarf traditional marijuana markets?

It’s all about the numbers.

The products generated by this new industry could command as much as 21 times the price of regular, recreational marijuana. And the market for this industry.

Research shows it could reach as many as 227 million regular Americans every year, and as many as 1.2 billion people around the world.

That’s a brand-new customer base, six times greater than the size of the pothead market. And they’ll be willing and happy to pay the higher price – we’d wager that most of these folks would gladly pay any price.

So not only could it cost up to 21 times more and have six times the customers, it’ll be manufactured by billion-dollar companies skilled at bringing products to market – and handing massive gains to shareholders. In some instances, we’re talking about 5, 7, or even 10 times the investment.

A Historic Milestone

With all this new profit up for grabs, top business leaders are going to move fast – with many investing millions of their own money in groundbreaking new products. It’s expected that banks and other institutions with huge bucks can (and will) now do major business in this industry.

It’s even attracting some of the best experts, technicians, and scientists in the world. Politicians and government agencies are starting to support it in a MAJOR way. It’s all moving very fast – with the potential to go from zero to billions, within the next 18 months alone.

Business Insider calls the June 25 event that created this opportunity a “sea change” for the industry.

(In case you missed it, the FDA approved the first cannabis-based drug, Epidiolex, a twice-daily oral treatment for patients with severe epilepsy and created by GW Pharmaceuticals plc (NasdaqGM:GWPH).)

Investor’s Business Daily called it “a historic milestone.” This has all the hallmarks of an opportunity capable of creating “generational” wealth, on par with the legendary railroad barons of the late 1800s, 1900s Texas oilmen, and the Silicon Valley billionaires of the 2000s.

For anyone who gets in on the ground floor, this is truly a historic opportunity to get rich.

If you missed out on the gains made from ordinary marijuana stocks before – like when a small $2,500 stake would have soared to extraordinary gains as high as $397,500, $1,588,500, even a rare, but astonishing $12,479,000 – get ready. Because the second wave is unfolding in this NEW industry.

Everything we’ve mentioned so far will pale in comparison to what I’m about to share with you today.

Just watch this short video, and you’ll see what we mean.


The Wall Street Insights & Indictments Research Team

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