Shah’s Special Message: Your Next Fast Profits Trade

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Shah Gilani is back again with an exclusive trade recommendation for Money Morning readers.

In this interview with Suzanne Sena, Shah talks about the next way he can help you make money – even in the “level testing” markets that have become our norm.

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Here’s what they said at Money Morning following this interview…

Shah Gilani just shared with you the best “level-testing” profit moves you can make now.

There are certain groups of stocks, though, that will continue to rise – thanks to an event of historic proportions potentially driving their value higher.

In fact, it’s so big, it’s expected to create a new, $22.6 billion industry.

It’s exciting and unprecedented – and it’s going to give investors who get in now the chance to turn a small stake into $100,000 or more.

We’re talking about Canada – specifically, the country’s announcement to legalize marijuana nationwide.

The approval may have shocked some. But it’s a chance at a fortune for anyone investing in the right cannabis plays.

So to get you the steps needed on how to turn this development into your wealthiest move of 2018, Money Morning conducted a critical interview with a leading pot stock expert.

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