Shah Breaks His Rules On Live TV

1 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

This past Tuesday, Shah made one of his regular appearances on Varney & Co… But this time was different.

When Charles Payne asked about an oil stock he heard Shah was watching closely, Shah couldn’t help but answer, even though it gave watchers a strong hint about a trade he recommended to his elite circle of followers less than a month ago.

In fact, last Friday he instructed his followers to grab enormous gains on part of the position… And they still have a long way left to profit.

Can you catch where he gives the clue?

For those of you who were able to catch it, you probably got a good idea of where Shah sees the profit potential…

If you’ve been following Shah for a while now, you know that since January 1, 2018, only 38% of all stocks have gone up in price – that’s just sad.

However, that number (which would cripple anyone else’s portfolio) has had no effect on members of Shah’s elite trading research service, Zenith Trading Circle.

We can tell you, with no bias whatsoever, that no one else can deliver gains like these.

You know who he is, you know what he can do, and you know how much money he’s giving his readers the chance to make…

Stop wasting time and learn more.


The Wall Street Insights & Indictments Research Team

One Response to Shah Breaks His Rules On Live TV

  1. Jorge says:

    I”m a big fan of Shah and one of his happy subscribers. Financial puts were awesome! However, I don’t understand why gas is going so high up @ the pump if the dollar is riding high, the Fed has been raising interest rates, oil supply is high, and the U. S. is now energy independent, so reporters say. If Russia and Iran cough and sneeze why do we get the flu?

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