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Consider the amount of publicly traded companies in the U.S. for a moment.

In December of 1996, there were 8,025. In June 2016, only twenty years later, there were 4,333. That’s a whopping 46% drop in two decades. In the next twenty years, it could be down by half AGAIN. Are you willing to risk that much of your hard-earned money, only to have it vanish along with the companies you love?

Back in April, Shah Gilani dropped a bomb on the financial world, declaring, “I’m done with stocks!”

And not all of you have taken advantage of what he has to offer. Many of you are still trapped in the claws of the stock market, determined to make something work that clearly does not.

Maybe you have faith that the stock market will recover from the volatility that’s plagued it since early February. Or maybe you’re just skeptical – after all, Shah’s method does sound too good to be true.

All of that is understandable, but the numbers do not lie. If you’re not quite convinced yet, maybe you just need just one small push to follow Shah’s lead and shirk the stock market madness…

The True Ugliness of the Stock Market

If the market tanks tomorrow for any reason – maybe we enter a new conflict, or housing prices fall, or manufacturing orders slow, or there’s a credit crunch…

Whatever it could be, all of the money that you have tied up in the stock market could be obliterated in a matter of days.

The stress, the sleepless nights, the constant wondering if you’re going to be able to retire when you want… That’s all part of the stock game.

Sure, you could make it big – if you have thousands of dollars to spare, if you can afford to be glued to your computer day in and day out, if you know every trick in the book that even the biggest and best investors know… Then maybe you’ll make it big.

[BREAKING] Read this if you’re fed up with the stock market

Since 2014, the number of IPOs in the U.S. has fallen from 275 to 160 a year. On top of that, stock returns are worse than ever… Since January 1, 2018, the average stock has gone up by only 0.5%.

A contributor to Forbes now says that stock returns won’t even be HALF of their historical returns over the next quarter century.

This is the reality of the stock market today.

Why would you do this to yourself? Why invest in stocks that are completely out of your control when you can bet on the direction of the market itself – and know with 93% certainty that you’ll make the right decision – week after week?

That’s where The Money Zone comes in.

The Next Phase in Moneymaking

The genius behind Shah’s newest research service, The Money Zone, lies within a strategy that you’ve probably heard of already: the Master Algorithm.

This Master Algorithm is not just one simple equation; it is an amalgam of hundreds of algorithms that utilize mathematics, quantum physics, fractal mechanics, and neural networking,

After eight long years of back-testing, the Master Algorithm can predict – with 93% certainty – which direction the market is about to go in – one week in advance.

As long as the market exists, you can make thousands of dollars every week from it here on out.

And now, in addition to the trades you’ll receive each week, Shah is offering TWO additional trade recommendations each month.

In fact, Shah’s dropping the latest bonus trade tomorrow – one that could multiply your money on top of the thousands you could be making every week.

There’s only one caveat: ONLY lifetime members of The Money Zone will receive these additional trades. These people understand that this isn’t an experiment; this isn’t an alternative to the stock market.

This is the next phase in making easy money in America.

You will not chase trends, insider buying, or earnings announcements. You will not scan financial reports or follow momentum. You will not dump money into stocks, ETFs, or funds.

If any of this resounds with you at all, we encourage you to watch this short video. In this video, Shah explains everything you’ll need to know before embarking on the bottom line of easy money.

What do you have to lose?

Click here to learn more.


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