Here’s What Shah’s Been Up To – You Can’t Miss This

1 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

Last week, Shah Gilani flew to Money Map Press’s Baltimore headquarters for a special filming of Fast Profits with Money Morning.

With host Suzanne Sena, Shah reveals one of the only stocks worth buying right now – and it’s an opportunity that could double, even triple your money.

In this can’t-miss installment of Fast Profits, Shah also makes a groundbreaking announcement that left all of us here at Money Map Press shocked…

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Shah just shared with you a potential triple-your-money opportunity (scroll down for detailed trading instructions).

But first, I want to make sure you saw Shah’s groundbreaking announcement…

It’s a way to automatically make up to $11,000 a week from the markets without touching a single stock (or stock option) ever again.

As someone who has shown his readers a record 7,300% total winning gains in the past year (including partial closeouts), this is BIG news…

Shah has probably made more money investing in stocks than anyone I know.

But according to Shah, “The era of stocks is over.”

And in this video, he’ll tell you why that is and what you can do to potentially make a ton of money going forward.

I can assure you, whatever you think this is, it’s not.

To give you an idea of just how exciting this is:

So far this year you could have already made over $79,000 without having to touch a single stock (or stock option).

In a market as crazy as this one, those results are nothing short of spectacular.

After you watch this, you may want to ditch stocks forever.

This is a far more effective, more powerful, and more addicting way to make money than anything I’ve ever seen.

Click here now – and get ready to be WOWED.

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Fast Profits with Money Morning has already shown readers amazing gains, like a 190% win on SPX… 291% gain on WM… and 254% profit on AAPL. And they’re not slowing down anytime soon. Click here to receive their next Fast Profits trade the minute it’s released – then get ready to double your money.


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  1. Randy Zickos says:

    How would you place your trade. If it’s S&P would you use spy for a call or put order and place $1000 for the following Friday. Can you send the physics of making the trade. My time with Zenith is coming to a close. I’m considering Shah’s new creation, please send info.

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