As Soon As You See This Number, Get Ready For A Rally

0 | By Shah Gilani

Anyone who has followed his work knows that when Shah Gilani tells it like it is, they should listen up. In the last few years, his forecasts have made plenty of waves but they have built a reputation for surprising precision.

He accurately predicted Facebook Inc. (NasdaqGS:FB)’s fall from grace, long before it was revealed that CEO Mark Zuckerberg engaged in shady behavior with Cambridge Analytica.

In early 2016, large-cap stock leaders and oil prices crashed, shocking investors – unless they’d been listening to what Shah had been saying for months prior.

And this week, Shah dropped another shocking prediction on Varney & Co. – one that, if you’ve caught on, you’ll want to pay attention to…

His latest forecast that we could see 28,000 on the Dow this year means that everyone who heeds his words will be glad they listened before they missed out on the next rally rocket ride.

And this isn’t the only foresight he’s given his followers in the past week… For those who have been convinced that this man can see at least a little bit of the future, he released the latest excerpt from his Bankruptcy Almanac.

This release contains 20+ tech sector darlings – some of which are household names – that are on the brink of implosion.

Not only does this almanac tell you which companies are at the gallows pole, but it tells you when they are scheduled for termination.

Shah knows exactly when these companies are going to fall – and so will you.

And here’s the thing… Shah’s Bankruptcy Almanac has never been wrong.

Every week, Shah will send you a new, private dossier with another opportunity. Every recommendation will include step-by-step instructions on what action to take (no guesswork).

Sound easy enough?

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