The Truth Behind Why I’m Boycotting Stocks

1 | By Shah Gilani

I’m about to say something that may shock you.

Now, I don’t want you to make any assumptions after you read this statement. You’re going to jump to conclusions, but try not to.

Here it is: I’m done with stocks.

Done with ’em. Actually, I’m boycotting stocks.

I’ll tell you why. I found something better. Something much more lucrative, easier to understand, something that I can use to potentially make money every single week.

Here’s why I’m saying “NO” to stocks, why I’m fully removing myself from the crooked manipulators that rule Wall Street, and why you should, too…

Here Comes the Harsh Truth

I know that I sound like I’m contradicting myself, since longtime readers know that I have 36 years of extraordinary professional experience in the stock market, on the Chicago Trading Floor, and running bank trading desks and hedge funds.

I even managed to show my research service members 7,300% in total winning gains over the past year (including partial closeouts)…

But I’m telling you this – investing in stocks could be the worst thing you can do with your money right now, especially in this chaotic market.

In February, all but one of the thirteen consistently bestperforming stocks plummeted… That would be about a 7% chance of walking away without a loss. That’s not something I’m willing to risk anymore.

I hate losing money. I hate even the notion that I might lose it. Sure, all the hot stocks that fell out of bed in February could come roaring back and make new highs. The market could even be driven higher – and break more records.

But that’s only one of two possibilities – and a tough one at that. The other possibility is the market breaks the recent lows it’s been plumbing, breaks the multi-support levels that everyone hopes it holds above, and crashes.

How safe would your stocks be then? I cringe at the thought.

Just look at the stock market. It’s been a complete MADHOUSE. Up one day, down the next. And this is happening while corporate profits are at a five-year high and unemployment is at a 45-year low.

For heaven’s sake, from February 5 to February 9 – just one week – the Dow Jones Industrial average traveled up and down 22,000 points.

That’s sick, and indicative of how suddenly sick stocks got.

It’s time to be honest with yourself – letting stocks rule your 401(k), IRA, and bank account is stressful, tiring, and it’s time for a change. Gone are the days of playing with your hard-earned cash.

You Owe It to Yourself

I’m not afraid to toot my own horn – I’m one of the best stock trading experts at Money Map Press. Members of my Zenith Trading Circle research service have had the chance to see 3,036.61% total winning gains this year alone.

In 2017, we scored 4,711.10% total winning gains – so as you can see, I’m beyond on fire for 2018. Members of my service have already had the chance to make 65% of what they gained last year off my service’s recommendations in just the first four months of this year (and these stats are including partial closeouts).

I’ll keep that up with my tried and true strategy for profit-saving stops and unique approach to finding the best possible trade recommendations.

But starting a portfolio now, adding to existing positions, could get you killed if the bottom of this market drops out.

Of course, these figures include all of the positions closed out, half, and full, counted equally.

I’ll keep that up because we have hard targets there, and chase stocks down with a unique approach.

But starting a portfolio now, adding to existing positions, could get you killed if the bottom of this market drops out.

And in less than a week, something huge is happening.

Forget the stress of picking winning stocks. Don’t worry if the big name stocks that everyone owns tank. You can make money on them tanking when the market dumps them out like yesterday’s leftovers.

If you want to take those odds that we talked about, be my guest.

But if you have even the smallest bit of respect for your future and financial security, click here to learn more about my new way to make money in America – up to $11,000 a week – without touching a single stock or stock option again.

I’ll be back with you soon.



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