No Panicking – Try Triple-Digit Profit Potential Instead

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In turbulent times, many people expect to lose money. The market dips, there’s panic-selling, your portfolio has to take a hit.

At least, that’s what some investors have resigned themselves to believe. Thankfully, it’s not true.

The first quarter of 2018 had more extreme shifts in the markets than ever before. To describe it as a “rollercoaster” would undersell how violently markets peaked and valleyed, and would make rollercoasters look like death traps.

One small group of experts took a look at this extremely turbulent quarter and, instead, saw an opportunity for their readers to walk away with incredible gains – like a stunning 272% on ManTech International calls, or 121.87% from Universal Display Corporation (just weeks before the stock price dropped over $30).

Now, they’re ready to celebrate. In a rare move, these experts will give the rest of the world the chance to see how they managed to turn three months of shocking Dow point drops and intraday swings into consistent, reliable profits.

This team knew exactly where to find the smartest profits in breakneck markets…

Volatility Reared Its Head

2018 started out well.

Both the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrials Average were the highest they’ve ever been, and they continued to climb for weeks. When they crested on Jan 26, the rally that had followed the 2016 election had been running for 14 months.

Then came February 2.

After months and months of record-breaking highs, February started another string of broken records with a drop that cracked the top 10 of largest daily point losses on the Dow when it closed a formidable 666 points lower.

That wasn’t the first drop we’d see that week, but there were also massive upward swings that sent many investors reeling, anxious to find a foothold in the unexpected turbulence.

The biggest drop the Dow has ever seen in its 132 years of existence came this past February 5, when it plunged 1,175 points.

But, the very next day, it swung 1,167 points upward and closed within the top 5 of largest point gains in a single day.

And the markets continued to swing, trending lower and lower until they scraped the bottom on March 23, erasing all progress made upward since November 2017.

Believe it or not, while most investors checked their portfolio and feel their stomach drop, there were a few that were raking in profit after profit.

This select group of experts found a way for their readers to hone in on the perfect moment to cash out their gains before stormy markets capsized them.

They’re Turning Record-Breaking Market Swings into Triple-Digit Profit Opportunities

Not only did their readers have the chance to nab double- and triple-digit returns from companies rocketing upwards, but they were able to exit these positions with profits before the companies plummeted back to earth.

For these followers, these recommendations were a lighthouse in the storm.

These are the folks who, with a $10,000 starting stake, would walk away from a historic quarter with an average $4,590. If they started with $100,000 in their portfolio, they would have an extra $45,900. And that’s including the few positions that didn’t pan out.

Keith Fitz-Gerald advised his readers close out of Facebook with a 67% gain, well before FB started a fall from grace it still has yet to recover from.

Around the same time, those who were following along had the opportunity to close out a 100% gain in Amazon.Com Inc. and another 100% gain in Harris Co, less than a week before the stock dropped 5%.

Dr. Kent Moors recommended to his followers that they close out their position in Lithium Energy Corp. for a respectable 56%… A full month before the stock dropped over 17% and was acquired by a less-desirable holding.

Followers of Michael Robinson captured that 121% from Universal Display Corp in the nick of time, before the company reported disappointing revenue forecasts and started a slide that the stock has yet to recover from.

D.R. Barton closed out gains from plays on both the safe side and the profitably volatile side. His readers had the opportunity to close out of their position in Axcelis for a 20% profit, before a three-week 19% slide that would have erased their gains. Meanwhile, his portfolio closed out three triple-digit positions in INTC and SKX calls, with the closeouts for these kinds of trades averaging a 52.82% profit each.

That reminds us that – even with January highs, February swings, and March lows – there is always an opportunity for profits.

It goes without saying that heading into Q2, these experts and their readers aren’t likely feeling the panic that most other investors are experiencing. They are in the perfect position to reap gains again and again, no matter what market swings are in store.

And you can be one of the people enjoying triple-digit winning opportunities, even in these tumultuous markets.

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