Facebook Plummets Again – This Man Saw It Coming

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Dear Wall Street Insights & Indictments Reader,

Making a killing in the stock market is easy, if you can tell the future.

But if you can’t do that, then where do you turn?

Over the past few years, Shah Gilani has sat in front of a global television audience on Fox Business, week in and week out, and has successfully predicted the moves that the market will make with what seems like effortless skill, time and time again.

If you’ve been following his work at all, you know that when Shah makes a prediction, it’s best to listen. Just this morning, he did it again.

A week ago, Shah made the bold claim – on live national television – that Facebook Inc. (NasdaqGS:FB) would drop to a shocking $150. And it did.

Now he’s back, to share what he sees happening next (and how he plans to profit).

You can see his latest forecast right here, and find out the best way to keep up with Shah’s insights in the future…

Here’s How He Did It

Shah Gilani:“I think the stock maybe goes down to $150, I’m going to look at it at $150. I really think it’s got that far to go, and I think it hopefully will go there. I’d like to buy it there, and hopefully it will hold there. But I don’t think we are nearly done here yet.”

Stuart Varney: Well, well, he got it right! That was Shah Gilani, way back when, saying Facebook would go to $150. And it did! Look at that. And he is here now, of course, to take the victory lap. Shah you got it right, that was well done. Where is it going now?

Shah: I think it is stuck right here between $150 and $160. It’s got to get out of $160 for me to be comfortable with it; if it breaks $150, it’s going a lot lower… Facebook is facing too many obstacles, including the market weighing on it. It is a speculative play to buy right now. If the market comes down, Facebook comes down, I’m a buyer lower and I’m going to accumulate. But right here I think it’s got a ways to go lower.

Stuart: Where would you buy it?

Shah: I would certainly buy it at $130 -it could go to $120. I’d load up on it on 120. I don’t think it’s going to go there; the market would have to bang on it hard to go down to $120. But, he’s [Zuckerberg] going to be facing hearings, I think he’s going to be called to task in Europe… This is far from over.

When host Stuart Varney asked Shah one week ago if he’d be buying Facebook at $164.47 (a steep drop of 14.8% from its all-time high of $193.09 in early February), he was surprised by Shah’s bold claim.

Lo and behold, at 11:00 am EST on Monday, March 26, Facebook broke through its low and hit $150.53.

This isn’t the first time Shah’s prediction has come true, and you can bet it won’t be the last.

His first prediction of 2018 certainly had some wary investors scratching their heads… When recommending members of his Zenith Trading Circle research service to buy FOSL in January, Shah himself even said, “Fossil is one retailer I can’t stand. Their product mix is terrible. Their push into wearables is more boring than their leather goods. And their profit margin is the crappiest of all – it’s negative! I hate Fossil. I said it.”

Still, he told members of his inner circle to play the short-lived upside the stock would no doubt see. It was a risky move to some, but Shah is a legend when it comes to finding the profit opportunities and uncovering them at any cost.

Those who followed his guidance grabbed a staggering 1,156% gain on the first half of the recommendation just a few weeks later… And raked in 1,138% on the second half of the position the very next day.

In fact, those record-breaking gains shattered the previous record – held by Shah, of course – of 995% gains on one half of a KR play in 2017.

At this point, you’ve seen him in action and watched as countless predictions came true. Right now, he has another limited opening to welcome new members into his inner circle – but it won’t last long.

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