Two Market Disruptors Worth Betting Big On in 2018

0 | By Shah Gilani

When it comes to making money in the markets, there’s nothing like being on the right side of massive disruptions.

Imagine knowing ahead of time how computers, smartphones, and social media would change the world? Or that a mortgage meltdown would bring global financial systems to the brink of Armageddon?

Or that oil would quadruple in 1974, hit $145 a barrel in 2008, and drop to $32 by the end of that year?

How much could you have made riding some of those long-term trends or short-term upheavals?

Millions. If you were playing with institutional money, it would be hundreds of billions.

If you missed out on all that big money, don’t worry. You’re going to get another chance. Two chances, in fact. Because stocks, bonds, and commodities are going to give you plenty of opportunities in 2018.

Here’s what’s you’re going to be able to bet big on and win with this year.

The Biggest Market in the World

The biggest market in the world, the bond market, is about to experience rolling bouts of extreme volatility and reward bond traders in ways they haven’t seen in a decade.

And now, with ETFs, you can be a big-time bond trader.

What’s happening is monumental. Since the financial crisis in 2008, central banks across the globe have been doing crazy things…

Like throwing money at banks, giving them free money to buy government bonds that central banks then buy from them. (All of which is a neat trick to “monetize” government debt, which had to be issued but would never have found investors willing or able to take down.)

Like buying mortgage-backed securities and stocks, including U.S. stocks and Japanese stocks that were put into ETFs for Japan’s central bank to buy.

Like flooding bond markets with so much money that bond yields turned negative and crazy investors bought them, knowing central banks would make rates more negative, making the negative yielding bonds investors bought appreciate in price, making them profitable.

Like targeting an inflation rate, completely arbitrarily, at 2%, and then moving the target, the measures of inflation, so they never got close to 2%.

Not only is all of that’s about to change… It’s already started.

Urgent: These Overlooked Gold Investments Have Gained as Much as 7,679%

The Fed is exiting the quantitative easing game; it’s raising rates and going to let the bonds on its balance sheet “run off.” That changes everything for U.S. bond investors and traders. And there’s a ton of money playing how volatile bonds are about to get.

But, what’s about to happen in the U.S. pales in comparison to what’s going to happen to bonds and interest rates in Europe and at emerging markets.

All hell is about to break loose, to the tune of about ten trillion dollars.

Where’s that money now? Where is it going? How can you trade its movement to make a fortune? Don’t worry; I’ll tell you which ETFs to buy and sell, when and how to reap money – not only from bond gyrations but from the underlying volatility that’s going to drive them up and down like they’re on a roller coaster.

That’s already started, so I’ll tell you what your first trade has to be next week.

Something Big Is in the Works

Investors haven’t been paying much attention to commodities, that’s a huge mistake.

There are some very interesting developments in commodities complex I’ve been following, including what an energy expert friend of mine alerted me to.

In a surprising move, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is set to unlock a new $7 trillion energy sub-niche… right here in the U.S.

This is something long overdue, and could be an extraordinary profit opportunity.

In fact, the last time something like this happened, John D. Rockefeller made close to a 150,000% return. Gains like these are certainly rare. But that’s the kind of trade that would have turned $10,000 into $15 million.

This is the kind of information is fairly sensitive. But, because I want the particulars to be available to my readers, with my good friend’s permission, I’ll tell you exactly how to get involved.

At the center of this budding frenzy sits a tiny $2 million startup holding critical patents. In fact, this company has harnessed a mind-blowing technology that, given its small size now, could technically drive a 59,850% revenue-surge.

Market insiders currently control 2 out of every 3 available shares. The Chairman just threw down a personal wager worth $346 million on his baby’s future. And Citibank, known for their interestingly well-timed money moves, just amped up their position by a whopping 2,622%.

In an effort to help you “get in” on this potential gusher, I’ve asked my good friend and colleague, my energy guru Dr. Kent Moors, to prepare a briefing that tells you what you need to know about this stock recommendation in the energy market.

To be fair to everyone, he’s releasing it for the very first time this week. I suggest you review Kent’s findings quickly and get ready to make your move.

A 59,850% revenue-surge sounds crazy, but anything is possible when disruptors come into play.

This would be the FIRST TIME the Saudis have made an energy investment outside their own energy kingdom. I believe a stunning takeover-bid could be in the works, and folks who act now could see a massive gain much sooner than anticipated.

This phenomenal, once-in-a-generation opportunity just got even better, and there’s no time to waste.

You can get started right now.



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