What’s Next for the Markets After Harvey and Irma

1 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

The unfortunate natural disasters in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean were thankfully not as devastating as many meteorologists had predicted.

That said, as Shah Gilani notes, “There is still a lot we don’t know” regarding the total impact of the storms on the economy and financial markets.

In his latest appearance on Varney & Co., Shah told viewers to expect the market to take some time to recover especially in a historically volatile month like September.

The market is delicate right now. News about total fatalities and property damage from the storms is still forthcoming, and that could shake up what is already an unpredictable month of trading. Florida and Texas are big players in the economy’s growth.

With all the uncertainty in the markets right now, Shah remains a long-term bull.

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  1. Monte Blanc says:

    HI Mr. Gilani.
    I like that you guide and encourage tight rope walking over the abyss. When you suggest a strategy… like selling calls in a market that is long term bullish but not enthused… (such as in the “I debut”)… I can actually “see” how that would function.

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