Shah Calls This “Fab Five” Tech Stock a ‘Perennial Grower’

1 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

The biggest names in the tech industry are going in unexpected directions.

But what Shah calls the “Fab Five” technology stocks are securing their position as leaders of the pack by exploring interesting new paths like AI, innovative healthcare solutions, and more.

On this latest episode of Varney & Co., Shah shares his opinions on Amazon, Apple, and Tesla… The position he wishes he’d held onto may surprise you…

The panel also discusses the curveballs being thrown by President Trump, and the market’s reactions to statements about reappointing Janet Yellen for another term, as well as threats to withhold payments to insurers as a way to force Congressional Democrats into healthcare negotiations.

For everything you need to know about the signals coming from Washington, and which big-name tech stocks to hold onto, just click below

One Response to Shah Calls This “Fab Five” Tech Stock a ‘Perennial Grower’

  1. Jan-Carl says:

    I see and understand the collapse of retail, but what, exactly, is a “carbon trade” in your parlance.

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