What the Temperature of the Market Tells Us Now

1 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

Many market watchers were blindsided by the strong market rally we’ve been seeing in the past couple of months. And even more are scrambling to figure out what the markets have in store in the coming weeks.

But not Shah Gilani. Not only did he see the Trump-fueled rally coming, he’s already talking about what’s going to happen now that the new administration is in power.

On this latest appearance in Making Money, Shah tells Charles Payne what’s coming next.

Shah covers what could worry the markets, what direction we’ll be going, and the one stock it would be foolish to bet against.

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One Response to What the Temperature of the Market Tells Us Now

  1. Scooter says:

    Well it would appear that the first part of one of the biggest lies to ever be perpetrated on modern civilization by corporate elites is finally coming to an end in the very near future. Although it took some 70 plus years or more and was about damn time years ago it happened, its still a good thing it’s finally happening today. Anyone that’s wondering whether or not they should “get
    in” on the “legal weed” area of the market needs to stop wasting their time and money wondering and get in now,on the ground floor. That is if they’re at all interested in watching a profit grow like the weed (no pun intended) or in a lot of cases,where this area is concerned,much quicker. Lets not kid ourselves. What we’re witnessing here today is the reintroduction of one of mankind’s most versatile commercial crops into the public market. Considering the general knowledge and technological advances we’ve obtained since its original removal. Even a brain damaged individual such as myself can see a stage set for a market explosion of exponential proportions.
    The likes of which we have never seen to date or for that matter,may never see again. Especially when one considers just a fraction of the areas where this hemp plant can be utilized from fibre to fuel and many places in between. So the question to one self of “should I get in ?” really becomes more a question of “where should I get in ? ” The answer,luckily for us at this point is…”doesn’t matter…just get in ! ” Unless of course one enjoys sitting on the sidelines watching the profits go by.

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