Everything You Need to Know About This Week’s Markets… In One Place

0 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

Shah has had a busy week. Over three different TV appearances he was able to cover a host of topics – from the market as a whole to specific positions any investor would be interested in.

Monday morning, Shah visited the set of Varney & Co. to set the record straight about where the Dow will be heading in the next four years. He also shared the safest way for the nervous investor to claim their own profits in this rally.

Wednesday morning, he checked back in with Varney & Co. to deconstruct investor sentiment and what that means for the S&P 500. Shah covers Facebook Inc. (NYSE:FB), Texas Roadhouse Inc. (NASDAQ:TXRH), the retail sector, and more.

Later Wednesday night, he visited Making Money host Charles Payne to discuss how Trump’s latest talks about tax cuts have affected Wall Street and the strength of the dollar.

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