The Most Dangerous Bank in the World Is About to Get a Bailout

1 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

Not long ago, Shah called Deutsche Bank “The Most Dangerous Bank in the World.”

Now, as the stock has lost a whopping 60% of its value over the past 12 months, one big question has surfaced: Will DB get bailed out?

On a recent episode of Varney & Co., Shah argued that it would. With 60 trillion in derivatives on its books, if the bank were to collapse, counterparties to those derivatives – all the big banks around the world – would follow.

This would make the collapse of Lehman Brothers look like a day at the beach.

Speaking of Lehman… the other big question hanging over the markets: Are we back to 2007?

Click below for Shah’s answer…


One Response to The Most Dangerous Bank in the World Is About to Get a Bailout

  1. Alan Steinbronn says:

    All banks will ALWAYS be bailed out by their government’s national bank.

    In a sovereign government, the government is THE creator and source of all its nation’s currency.

    Any other source is counterfeit.

    Banks are nothing but a government’s currency distribution system.

    No government will EVER let its currency distribution system collapse.

    The problem is, most governments and their population don’t understand or appreciate their monetary system and let banks play with their nation’s currency as if it was the bank’s money until it blows up in the public’s face.


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