Shah: Trump’s Economic Plan Heading in the Right Direction

3 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump revealed his economic plan this week, and while the finer details still need to be ironed out, Shah had good things to say about the fundamentals.

On a recent episode of Varney & Co., he said that cutting taxes and regulation is just what the markets need.

Shah also weighed in on the Bayer-Monsanto buyout, Apple’s disastrous iOS 10 launch, Samsung’s exploding phones, and more.

Click below for the full video.


3 Responses to Shah: Trump’s Economic Plan Heading in the Right Direction

  1. Alan Steinbronn says:

    If you want a nation that knows and understands business, production and prosperity, you want a president who is schooled in business with ‘hands on’ experience.

    You do NOT want an irresponsible, pass the buck, lying, cheating, paper-pushing desk clerk.

  2. Manuel deSousa says:

    Trump may have been schooled in business but he is lacking in some other important fundamentals especially to be the leader of the most powerful nations in the world. UNITED States. Trump will be another 4-year embarrassment on the world stage like George W (who was a puppet for 8 years).

    Surely, there must be someone worthy of the presidency besides someone who does not think before he opens his mouth, and does not make decisions emotionally.

    • Marie says:

      Manuel, we do not need a saint because there is none, but we do need someone like Trump who understands how to run a business and make it grow, instead of politicians who can only do TA,BORROW AND SPEND especially if they are corrupt and use their position to sell us out like the Clintons deed. Go see the Clinton Cash and the Clinton Chronicle on the web and open your eyes.

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