The One Reason Why There’s No Global Economic Growth

3 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

The markets are in a frightening place…

Around the world, economic growth is grinding to a halt in spite of the efforts of central banks around the world over the last eight years, including trillions in now-worthless economic stimulus.

On a recent episode of Varney & Co., Shah explained why there’s no economic growth.

He also gave his thoughts on the market’s big tech stocks – Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Alphabet – as well as why he doesn’t like the airlines…

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3 Responses to The One Reason Why There’s No Global Economic Growth

  1. don larson says:

    Our extremely wealthy Puppet Masters have turned a more pure brand of Capitalism and Democracy; into a Pretzel during the past 30 years. Our Models are now so manipulated and corrupted; that; those elected officials that carry the load of responsibility; are clueless as to which way to turn.

    Question begging for an Answer: In 1980; the much maligned Carter left Office; and the National Debt was Closer to $500 Billion; than a Trillion. At that time; the U.S. was not only wealthiest Nation in the World; but, the leading Creditor Nation as well. We loaned other Country’s a great deal of Money.

    Fast-forward to the year, 2010; when America was now recognized as the Poorest Nation in the World (UN-conscionable Debt & the leading Debtor Nation); had suffered through five Recessions under GOP leadership in 1981, 1987, 1991, 2001, and 2008. Those events destroyed 20 Millions Jobs and, Wiped out the Middle Class. THE QUESTION THEN IS; HOW DID THAT SHOCKING TRANSFORMATION OCCUR ALL WITHIN A SHORT PERIOD OF JUST 30 YEARS? The Working Poor and the Middle Class were already on their way to the Poor House; they had no Money, as the Middle Class lost half of their Net Worth. They also faced high unemployment and low wages; and, we know the Government was Broke and had no money. Where did the Nation’s Wealth Go? We had GDP Growth during that 30 year period. Where did the Money go? Who has the Money? There can be no Peace or Trust in this Country; until that Question is answered.

    You must know too; that if the U.S., along with the rest of the World suffers a Tumultuous Economic Collapse; plunging the Democratic and so-called Capitalistic World into Darkness; that, there would be more than an even chance that the masses would write off both our political & economic systems as complete and utter failures; subject to corruptness and exploitation, by the Rich and – – oh, so Powerful! The Lights on the Hill would go out; and, we’d witness the Dawn of a New Era. If that where to occur; God help us all!

  2. John R says:

    I do not see the elite’s stepping down rather they are doubling down with Hillary
    And as John Kennedy so appropriately put it – before they killed him “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, Will make violent revolution inevitable”
    And I fear we are standing at that precipice, again.

  3. Bob Krone says:

    The BEST way I’ve found to predict what markets are going to do TOMORROW is to look in my eMail and find either 1) Silence from all you guys; or 2) No stock or option recommendations; or 3) Find you guys gloating about how much money you (theoretically) made on a particular trade; or (4) Closing a position as a (usually too late) recommendation based on your previous recommendations that are or were a “lost cause.”

    C’mon, guys! Get some of your own “skin in the game!” I realize that ignoramus regulations supposedly prevent you from having “skin in the game” on a particular trade in the traditional sense of the phrase, but FOX Business Channel shows what your holdings are, anyway! Whoa!

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