Here’s The Truth Behind the Unthinkable Brexit Vote

54 | By Shah Gilani

The unthinkable just happened.

The political intelligentsia, elitists, bond and equity markets misjudged the will and determination of the people, the free people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain that is, of which I am one, though I am a “permanent resident” of and reside in the magnificent United States of America.

We want Great Britain to exit the European Union, not all of us mind you.

But, those of us who cherish our freedom, who cherish the rights of citizens of sovereign nations to determine their own future and not be yoked to some cabal of political elites serving the global banking oligarchy, wanted out of our chains.

This is the U.K.’s Independence Day.

If you don’t know what was really at stake in Britain, it’s not your fault.

That’s because those same political elitists, the officers of the cabal that would have free people and free markets serve them and their true masters, the world’s big banks, own the media for the most part and anesthetize the public by shooting them full of socialist promises of free everything, everything, that is, except true freedom.

What’s not being talked about is…the truth.

Here’s what you won’t hear or read anywhere else. Here’s the truth about the Brexit.

Almost everything being analyzed and commented on regarding the Brexit and what it means has been whitewashed. Not on purpose, but because very few people really understand what happened leading up to the vote and what just happened with the Brexit vote.

Sure, the commonwealth concept of a common European Union, where commerce was freed-up to happen with less and less friction across sovereign state borders made sense. It made perfect sense.

And that’s where it should have stayed. The E.U. should have been about the free flow of goods and services across European boarders. It should have been about business and facilitating economic growth by doing away with tariffs and political pandering.

But that wasn’t the grand plan.

The plan was to ultimately knock down all borders and blockages and allow the unmolested flow of goods and services across all E.U. countries boarders, which – now here’s the rub – would have to be financed somehow.

That financing would come via the part of the grand plan that created the euro.

With a “common currency” there would be no currency differences, no increase of value or devaluation of trading partners’ currencies.

There would be peace in the neighborhood and lots of trade.

And there would be credit. Lots of credit.

Ah, there’s the rub and the first link in the chain of slavery.

As long as everyone adhered to a common currency, it would be easy to lend to one country, or any bank or business in any other country in the Union because it was all the same money. There wouldn’t be any threat of currency appreciation or depreciation.

Everyone’s money would be equal.

Even if every country wasn’t.

And they weren’t.

Bottom-line? The Germans wanted everybody to get credit (to borrow in euros) to buy their exports. That’s how the German economy grows, that’s why they are the engine of economic growth in Europe.

And so it was.

Countries cheated and lied about their finances and deficits to get into the E.U. (ask Goldman Sachs about helping liars and cheaters; I’ve written about their criminal acts) so they could borrow in a common currency that didn’t expose them on international currency markets to economic realities.

Debt soared. That’s because the banks behind the grand plan lent to the hilt.

Then, the ineluctable truth, the first economic postulate, came to pass: Thou shalt not borrow more than thou hast the ability to pay back.

Enter the European Central Bank.

Starting to get it?

A made-up central bank had to be created to make all the scheming work, to provide liquidity when countries couldn’t meet their pumped-up obligations.

And then there were asset purchases and negative interest rates.

So, now you know how all that happened. The ECB had to save the scheme for which it became the overseer and enabler.

Except the British said, ENOUGH.

If you’ve got any questions for me, I’d love to hear from you. Drop them in the comments below.



54 Responses to Here’s The Truth Behind the Unthinkable Brexit Vote

  1. Pat Kottke says:

    Thank you, Shah, for all your great advice offered through Money Morning and your appearances on Fox Business. I was wondering what you thought about the future of precious metals considering the relative strength of the US dollar. How far can gold go based on the fear trade? Thank you.

  2. Bayne Boyes says:

    Thanks Shah, I wonder if the parliamentarians will abide by the referendum;the elite will do everything possible over the next couple of years to bar the exit. This exit is the beginning of the end of the EU and back to freedom for the individual member countries. A big blow for the elite; it will be a fight.

  3. wes says:

    I was very pleased the will of the people ruled over the intellectual elitists. My colleagues are worried, I am much less worried. Control of the people was the ultimate goal. Social re-engineering was occurring at a rapid pace and unfettered immigration was out of control. To the Brits! For taking the lead! Good on you! We the people have spoken. The markets will adjust. We must prepare for that outcome.

  4. George says:

    Great commentary, Shah! I want to publicly than the people of the UK for their vote against the criminal Establishment known as the EU. Of course, we have a very similar situation here in the USA with the criminal entity known as the Federal Reserve. If only ‘we the people’ of the US would do the same and kick the FED to the curb. We also must imprison many of them and confiscate the trillions that they have stolen from US citizens. A message must be sent: “you do the crime, you will do the time!” Unless criminals are punished they will continue doing the only thing that criminals know how to do: commit crimes! I sincerely hope that the vote of the brave UK citizens serves as a wake-up call to the US and to the rest of the world.

  5. fallingman says:

    Amen. As always, thanks for telling the truth. Especially appreciated in the face of so much dissembling and outright lying.

  6. Cottenot says:

    Europe is not just about ‘money’. There are other ideals at stake.

    Even if financially there are a few things to be ironed out, there exists the goal of a better situation in the future for everybody living in Europe.

    Marguerite Cottenot

    • George says:

      Mdm Cottenot,

      I have no idea who you are but I would love to know where you are coming from.
      The ‘Globalization’ concept of the EU is one postulated by the Global Banks and their owners (ie Private Family Financiers) It never was or ever shall be about “Goals of better situations for everybody living in Europe”

      So please don’t give us this rubbish about “It is not just about Money”

      If it was not just about Money then none of the countries who are in unsustainable debt situations would be there. It is only in the interests of the Bankers and their potential to gain complete control of society as a whole that the EU even still exists, regardless of whether there ever was a ‘Moral or ethical motive for the EU in the first place

  7. Gordon Pearson says:

    Thanks Shah, of everything I read on Brexit, this article really explains what happened and why it happen, in simple layman’s language —– now I understand.


  8. tim says:

    Since Britain used the Pound, and not the EU ‘common currency’ pls explain then how this applies. This too, with Bulgaria and others who are members in the EU but hold their own currency.

    Thanks Shah

  9. michael t says:

    Just perhaps the tipping point, was when Merkel anointed herself and allowed one million + Muslims into Germany, without paperwork, I D, etc.
    Did I miss something ?
    Why did the other 27 nations, including the full of himself DC, not stand in her way ?
    Why was there do discussion, in this supposed EU ?
    Again, did I miss something ?

    The rest is history,

    Enough is enough….

    Thanks for your articles.

  10. Robert says:

    Yes I get what you are saying, but the UK never adopted the Euro currency so they foresaw that part of the scheme.
    It seems to me the bigger fly in the ointment was the unrestricted immigration issue that was being foist upon them combine with seemingly Eurocratic pronouncements being made out of Brussels.

  11. Tim Kyle says:

    Shah, excellent article. I’m afraid a lot of the ‘elite’ still don’t get it. It’s called ‘democracy. ‘

    Keep up the good work.

  12. Joseph Maxwell says:

    Can Goldman Sachs ever be classified as a global terrorist organization destroying countries around the world? Are they the capital of the Deep State that runs our government?

  13. Richard Waldren says:

    Shah, you are so right. This is all about big banks screwing the little people, business and everybody they can. The EU pumps up all these big rules to control everyone, everything, and anything. This will be short term pain, but long term gain for Britain. Anyone that can’t see the EU for the snake that it has become and how greater it will be in the future, deserve to be ensnared in its coils. This is all about $ and control. Don’t ever let the stupid minons forget that. Not to mention that DB and CS will probably almost go out of business for all the crappy money they loaned out because of the ECB!

  14. Joy Anne Elliott says:

    Dear Shah,
    I am a lifetime member and a longtime reader. I read your comments on Brexit with much interest and agree with them. However, because of your profession, it is natural that you see the financial aspect of the question with highest importance. Perhaps it is, but please hear this point of view from “I the people”.
    “I the people” worldwide are extremely frightened. The threats from extreme Islamism are growing rapidly and getting closer to home. This is directly related to Immigration issues. This might not be the most important issue of Brexit but I do believe it was the one that pushed it over the edge.
    “I the people” in America are just as frightened as our cousin Brits. I am concerned that it might cause the election of a bigoted, unqualified liar to be president since he is the only one addressing our fears.
    I consider myself a liberal but our liberal leaders are letting us down by calling our fears “Islamophobia” and hiding behind gun control. I believe in gun control legislation and freedom and tolerance for all peaceful people but I see Brexit rolling toward the USA like a tsunami and I do not mean the financial one that has already hit.
    Can you add anything to cool my terror? Yes, it is working. That is what terrorism does.

    • jerry says:

      We already have one in office for 8 years. One, you fooooool elected, because it would be cool to elect a black guy. A man, if you can call him that, didnt even run a Kool-aid stand before you elected him. Let’s see what were his accompliishments were before he was elected, that’s right zero. What experience did he have, again zero. How many lies has he told and have been verified as lies that effect all Americans negatively, too many to count. What after 8 YEARS are his accomplishments that have positively effected the American public, that right ZERO.Trump, unlike you and Obama have created thoasands of PRODUCTIVE jobs that people make a good living. He took a nice inheritance that his father EARNED and grew it exponentially, unlike many who have gotten an inheritance and blew it in short order.Obama has been a leech on the American taxpayer his entire life. He has not produced anything for anybody, but himself his entire life. I realize as a liberal you will NEVER have the cognitive ability to comprehend this but just try!!!!!!

  15. D Ball says:

    “… Except the British said, ENOUGH….”

    Wow Shar absolutely bang on target!!

    Back to a common market and the “special relationship”


    well you are right in your analyse of course but what you forget is the years after the world war people like adenauer and many others had a great vision and this was a big europe living in peace together. yes everything you can see from either the side where the glass is half full or half empty…. dont you think all europeans have the right to live a good life and there should be some eauqlity and justice? do you really think when leaving europe your country is able to survive? great britain which is a great country I do respect and where I have friends is no more a country with a lots of colonies. the big commonwealth is more or less now symbolic.
    The reality is that london wants to stay in the european union and so does scotland. I even dont speak of the irish problem…. you really want to see great britain completely divided? I have some doubts about this brexit. In all cases it dit hurt the world economy. And its the first sign of bad times coming up.
    I was born in a country where neutrality was part of the educational program. I speak about austria who did not take part at any war and had nearly no military power and still does not have. I lived two weeks in london as a child in an english family during the sugar crisis. dont know if you can remeber. Britain was not very rich at that time and people were happy to find good food when they could. I was very i,pressed by the british behavior in crisis situations. The fair play was a big lesson for a child like me. I just want to say I am very sad that britain does not want to be european. its a great people and culture europe is loosing.

  17. Jay West says:

    Love your insight, but most of all I love your honesty. Do you think that UK’s exit will inspire others to exit the EU? In other words … is this the beginning of the end for the EU? To me that will be a much bigger deal than just UK stepping out. What are your thoughts?

  18. Myron Martin says:

    My respect for Shah Gilani just kicked up a couple notches based on this insight.The British people absolutely did the right thing in voting to unshackle themselves from the bureacrazy (spelling deliberate) from the un-elected bureau_rats (again deliberate spelling) in Brussels.

    In the week before the vote as the media and polls indicated “REMAIN” would win, I was getting a little bit nervous but not the least fooled by the rhetoric. I realized that since the “ELITES” control the media it was just a last ditch effort on their part to sway the undecided into voting their way to preserve their power.

    They may just have overplayed their hand because they are so out of touch with average citizens who are fed up with every aspect of their lives being dictated too by people they don’t know or trust. If this was their blueprint for a “one world government” they may possibly have engineered their own defeat. While I doubt that they will give up if that was indeed their goal, they may well have set the stage for more defections, will be interesting to see how this all plays out for the next few years. I can certainly see new power blocks and alliances forming that will have world wide repercussions politically and economically.

  19. Andrew Bargh says:

    Great synopsis of the present problems in Europe. As a resident of England who voted out I was disappointed with the quality of debate from both sides of the question. The remain camp used the tactics as laid down by Monnet that the great unwashed cannot cast their vote reliably so use spurious economic arguments to scare them to accept the gradual removal of sovereign rights from everybody in Europe. The leave campaign concentrated too much on immigration rather than point out that Great Britain was conned, and knowingly by Ted Heath, into voting for a tariff free open market and 40 years later ending up in a byUnion of European Socialist States (UESR) run by a cabal of unelected autocrats who act for themselves and their cronies. A political model that Marx would be only too happy with – except the exrended timescale to get where we are today. We have a dictatorship in a very well advanced stage of formation wherein we have taxation with no representation and a judicial system based on the opposite to our habeus corpus. I believe Britain has been instrumental in preventing dictatorships in continental Europe on several occasions in the past however, because we have upset the precarious house of cards before it collapsed of its own accord we will be blamed as the causal factor of the inevitable (violent) break up of continental Europe and of being xenophobic, racist, self absorbed little Englanders whereas we may have saved them, again, from a dictatorship. It was always gojng to be a complete mess if we were in or out but at least we will have the opportunity to vote in or, possibly more importantly, to vote out people who we, democratically, elected. One interesting observation is that our European Commissioner resigned today…it was the first time I had heard his name during the run up to the vote and everybody I asked didn’t know his name, what his position was or what he did. And he was the main man to represent us in the elite’s decision making process affecting every Briton!! The world is entering a tumultuous epoch and it will be difficult for an independent Britain to progress if, as I fear, a whole bunch of people will be saying…’it was all sweetnees and light up to June 22nd 2016, now look what you’ve started’.

  20. Wayne Case says:

    I agree completely with your evaluation of the EU. When I heard all the talking heads warn that if Britain voted to leave the EU, England would suffer financially. They forgot that freedom is far more
    valuable than economic gain! God bless England and the U.S.

  21. R. says:

    Just my overall impression from afar, but think an equal, possibly even larger factor, may have been the combo of immigration, especially illegal, and the ongoing extremely random & severe terror threat.

  22. Robert in Vancouver says:

    Right after the June 23 vote in the UK, Spain demanded to have control of Gibralter. That’s an important piece of land that Britain took from Spain in 1713 after a war. How far does Shah think Spain will go to get Gibralter back? If Britain says no or just igores Spain, how will Spain react? Could this be a spark that ignites a war in Europe?

  23. Jennifer says:

    Well explained, and hurrah for the Brits! Now it’s high time for the good ‘ol US of A to follow suit and dump the dirtbags in Brussels. I was shocked to find out just how much soverignty that “we, the people” have unsuspectingly given up, when my husband and I went to build a house and discovered that we’re on the hook for masses of expensive additional “safety’ items and procedures – all created for our own protection, of course – to comply (now THERE’S a word I’m hating more all the time) with the IBC. When I asked a local dumb bureaucrat why we now have the IBC instead of local codes for local needs, he became quite huffy and imperiously inquired if I understood how much more expensive it would be to have our county develop its own building codes instead of just adopting the IBC? No matter that the IBC “one size fits all” approach is cumbersome overkill or causes unintended consequences when applied to local situations that the snot-nosed bureaucrats have no experience with – they are laws and laws SHALL be obeyed! I wanted to ask what the hell our local taxes are being spent on if our own elected officials are too damn lazy to bother actually creating our own regulations, but I figured from experience that I’d better shut up before I argued myself into a denial of the building permit. Once the house is finished I’d like to go on the warpath and hook up with an organization that will help us follow the Brits away from Brussels and the Banksters, if such a group exists (and if it isn’t about simply replacing our representative democracy with a Christian theocracy). Any suggestions?

  24. Malcolm Rawlingson says:

    Thanks for your enlightening commentary Shah. As a dual citizen of both the United Kingdom and Canada I am in a very similar situation as yourself. Your analysis is exactly right..The EU is fake and will collapse soon. You see it is not just Britain that sees the EU for what it is. The Dutch want out. The French want out, The Swedes want out, The Belgians want out. Once Britain shows them that much greater success can be attained outside than in you will see an avalanche. Already Serbia is having doubts about joining. Iceland withdrew its application last year. Green land is out already. I would think Turkey will be having second thoughts now that their citizens will not be able to go to the UK. The UK is no longer going to support the madness that is the ECB.
    In other words the British vote to leave has blown away all the fog so that the true smoke and mirrors of the EU is revealed.
    The free flow of people meant dirt cheap labour for Germany and its factories and driving down wages of employees to fatten the profit margins of German industrialists like Thyssen and Krupps. This has NOTHING to do with helping migrants from Syria or other beleaguered nations. It is about keeping German export factories humming so they can feed the export demand from countries like Greece using borrowed money. We know where that policy has led.
    If Germany REALLY wanted to help Syrians it would provide the military effort to get them back their country…which is what each and every one of them wants.
    But the British people know they were sold a bill of goods when they joined the then EEC (European Economic Community). Their standard of living and the quality of many aspects of their daily life has plummeted over the years and my last visit there in May showed me how run down and dilapidated the nation has become.
    Of course Germany does not want the UK to leave…every other car I saw there was German made and likely bought on borrowed money from the crazily inflated house prices the average citizens can no longer afford.
    I wish Britain well and knowing the capabilities of the British as I do, I have no doubt at all that Britain will prosper on its own trading with the 7 billion of us in the world rather than the 0.3 billion of Europe.
    True Independence Day for Britain and a poke in the eye for the elitist scaremongers.I see the UK taking out Japan as the worlds third largest economy….their economy is a complete basket case. Malcolm

  25. David Tierney says:

    Mr Gilani, As a fellow British citizen I must congratulate you on being almost alone in informing those who are interested, about the realities of the EU. I am delighted that the vote will remove the cancer that is eating away at Europe. Any organization that has the need for five presidents at the same time should be warning enough. To involve the services of Goldman Sachs is tantamount to confirmation of the whole rotten scheme. Thank you for shining the light!

  26. Dennis Harford says:

    Shaw, in print as I have felt for some time. If verbalized prepare for attack. This election and the Brezit have verified as I suspected for decades…..a game of power (synonymous with money) is still what it is all about. All the rest is smokescreen.
    I’m the guy who turned you on to “Jeckyl”. The current world scenario is simply an extension/ continuation of the same.
    Thanks for saying it out loud. I at least feel comforted that I’m not 100% crazy…..I’ve got you to agree with.

  27. Alan Miller says:

    Back in 1815, 201 and a week ago, there was “Waterloo”. Another “Euro” break up. Perhaps today’s current mess will eventually come to be called E.U.LOO.

  28. says:

    German export relied on imports from almost every country in the euro zone ,including the British empire .
    Who bought the bankrupt car businesses in the UK .and made them profitable don’t blame it on the Germans .
    The problem with the EU is the bloated, corrupt bureaucratic system .The British included .
    The “empire “is gone !!!

  29. Mark Davidson says:

    Even though this outcome in England is going to cause a lot of short term disruption. I do think that this is a win over the long term for Britian. The pound is taking a big hit and the real problem is the Brent crude price but in the long term I feel that this will benefit the UK and when everything goes back to normal the UK will once again hold the power in Europe. I cannot give those people a hard time for having the will to remove themselves from the EU.
    Maybe the queen will do something? Lol….

  30. Catharina Thorne says:

    Dear Shah,

    I agree with your comments whole-heartedly.

    The Remain campaign never mentioned the subject of Sovereignty, did not appreciate that the electorate does not wish to be ruled by faceless bureaucrats not accountable to anyone, so cannot be voted out of office by the electorate.
    Any new rules and regulations made by the British Government can and are over-ruled by Brussels. A prime example is the fact that 15.000 foreign nationals convicted in the Courts by due process cannot be deported to their own countries because the European Court of Justice forbids it.
    I cannot help wondering if the result would have been different if the European immigrants, of which we probably have 1.5 million or more, had been allowed to vote this time. In 1973 they were allowed to vote in the Referendum to become a member of the EU, although we voted for Free Trade and not for a Federal Europe. Food for thought?

    I enjoy your regular Newsletter. Thank you.


  31. Alex Avner Herzfeld says:

    Sounds logical, but then please explain why the very same logic doesn’t apply to the US. Here too there are states of very different economic capabilities, say California and Maine, operating all with the same US dollar as currency backuped by the same FED central bank and we haven’t heard so far of, say Maine, wishing to leave the Union. May be all what’s needed is a little bit of time, say 200 years, and by then the United States of Europe will be as normal as the US of America today.

  32. Jon Beck says:

    There’s talk of a RE-vote on Brexit….be sure to cover this….I’m sure you will…JB, tennessee

  33. Ronald Slade says:

    I’ve been struggling to understand the subtleties involved. It would seem to me that currency conversion done the old way would be simple enough for anyone with a calculator. Obama’s complaint about having to deal with multiple countries doesn’t present an insurmountable problem, and devaluation of the pound will actually increase exports from Britain.

    It seems to be just another Utopian dream run head-on into reality. A nation cannot be made prosperous by taking the assets of others or become more than it is by mere association with those who are already successful. Greece, for example, will remain Greece.

  34. Will McGrath says:

    Simply insightful of the crux of the problem, when control of the currency is given to private owners
    who cannot serve the people with a selfless, altruistic agenda. The slavery aspect is clearer when
    one considers that they can only create the money for the loans when a party applies for them.
    They get the money for free and make slaves of the borrowers whether they are people or nations.
    We fought a war of independence to be free of this monopoly and lost it with the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, that was fraudulently rammed through the Senate on Dec. 23 when all but 3 Senators
    had gone home for the holidays.

  35. Phil says:

    Morning Shah,

    I agree with everything you’ve said in these articles. The question I have is how do we square that with Kent Moors essay on the UK becoming a second tier economy?

    My feeling is that if they have any sense, the Brits will sit tight, not be rushed and set the sword of Damocles swinging over the exit negotiations and get first what they need then second what they want. They are in the driving seat on the ‘Great European Project’ if they realise it.

    Like Benjamin Franklin said, ‘Any nation that surrenders its freedoms to gain security, deserves neither and will get neither’.

    Banks (Central) thrive on debt bubbles – that why they creat them. But all bubbles go pop in the end. If it wasn’t the Brits it would be something else that ran its walking stick down the railings as a wake up call.



  36. Jeff Marshall says:

    Thanks for your overview. Sounds like Trump nailed it: “They took their country back.” But, I’m having a hard time finding out about the various policies being pushed by the EU on companies, managers, and investors. And I’ve also heard that England was paying billions to belong. Can that be true? I’ve listened to an English representative to the EU, Daniel Hannan (sp??), explain how it had become so perverted. He was very angry at the the growth of the EU bureaucracy, and the wages, perks, and privileges. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Any insight? Thanks, Jeff Marshall

  37. Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Slides as Brexit Rocks Global Markets – Investor Maven says:

    […] Dow Jones futures projected a 125-point decline on Monday morning as concerns about Britain’s decision to depart the European Union continues to wallop the global markets. On Friday, the Dow Jones fell more than 600 points (a little more than 3%) after markets and analysts dramatically underestimated the possibility of a vote in favor of the Brexit. Of course, Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani had been predicting since earlier this month that British voters would decide to leave the EU. And he offered investors several profitable plays that have generated a tidy gain. Here’s Shah’s latest commentary on why Brexit happened, and – more importantly – what the Brexit results mean for your money. […]

  38. randy a says:

    A common currency that would be the same everywhere??? Lets see, 1 oz of gold or 1 oz of silver, I think that would do it!. And then there’s the perversion of Live free or die that has become give me free stuff or die. Freedom is priceless it is not to be sold or given away!

  39. Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Slumps 260 Points as Brexit Sell-Off Continues – Investor Maven says:

    […] Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani had been predicting since earlier this month that British voters would decide to leave the EU. And he offered investors several profitable plays that have generated a tidy gain. Here’s Shah’s latest commentary on why Brexit happened, and – more importantly – what the Brexit results mean for your money. […]

  40. Bernard beasley says:

    If only main stream Media had the will and or the courage to point out the realty of the objective of the planers of a united Europe,Germany Lost the physical war and now the are trying to enslave the world economically.Donald is the only person that comes to mind that has the Balls to speak the truth.

  41. michael gross says:

    I agree with the financial analysis you present, but I’m not sure how much impact it had on the electorate. If one looks at the voting maps of England, one can see clearly that the vote split along incomes. The richer West End of London voted remain, while the poorer East End voted out. Virtually every city, where the richer tend to live, as well as all of the London commuter areas, voted remain. All of rural and small town England voted out. Why? The rich want a flow of cheap labor, and benefit more from Euro trade. The poorer get little from the EU except regulation, job competition and crazy judicial decisions, thanks to Brusselmania. While the UK elects Euro reps, they are outvoted by the rest of the reps, yet Britain pays substantial support. The people feel there is a lack of value here.The original entry was on the basis of free trade, but the constant encroachment of the EU on British sovereignty, via increasing union, has angered many. The depth of the British social welfare state attracts many Europeans, while the differing views of Britain and the Euro states over migration has led to a sense of loss of control on the part of the larger public. Let us not forget that it was only a couple of years ago that there were riots in Glasgow over preferential treatment of Bosnians over Scots for public housing. Riots. Yet the elites in Britain as well as Europe keep pushing the idea that more must be accepted (as long as it’s not in their back yard!) The EU has long been urged to reform, but has ignored these calls, even in the last round of negotiations only a couple of years ago. Britons were clearly fed up, and voted for their own interests over more control by Europe. Trade will continue whether EU or not, there will just be a lot of work for the lawyers till the dust settles. Yes, there will be some necessary dislocation in the UK economy, but all of the market and currency drops simply reflect temporary fear on the part of the elite, fanned by the knee-jerk reporting of the elite-controlled media. What Britain wants and needs, is trade without the hassles of current EU membership, which is what they voted for in 1973. In effect, Britons have voted twice for the same idea, it is the EU that has failed them, while the disconnected elite misjudged their sentiment.

  42. Daughter of Cromwell says:

    The United Kingdom is not one country, it is four- England, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland!

    Two voted to go, two to stay. How do think we are going to resolve that one!

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