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Shah: The Brexit Chaos Isn’t Over Yet…

1 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

On a recent episode of Varney & Co., Shah appeared as the bearer of bad news. While the markets appeared to be shrugging off the Brexit vote – both foreign and domestic markets were up, along with commodities like oil and gold – Shah told host Stuart Varney that we weren’t out of the woods yet. The Brexit will continue to give investors pause, disrupting markets in the U.S. and the U.K. for months to come.

In today’s video, Shah outlines exactly why the Brexit will continue to haunt markets in the days and weeks ahead, and what investors need to know in the meantime…

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How to Profit from the New Post-Brexit Paradigm

3 | By Shah Gilani

While the Brexit vote has come and gone, market turmoil, globally, is here to stay.

So much for making new stock market highs here in the U.S. and riding the next leg of the old bull market higher…

So much for turning to emerging markets, or currencies, or commodities, or bonds…

Everything’s up in the air now. Everything.

If you didn’t figure out how to play the Brexit and didn’t make lots of money on the Brexit outcome, you’re going to need lots of help navigating the markets going forward.

Fortunately, for me and my newsletter subscribers I knew how to play the Brexit vote and we made a couple of very smart, low risk and high reward plays that netted us two triple-digit wins, which we banked on Monday.

If you understand what the Brexit vote was about and what’s changed across the world, you’ll be able to make lots of big trades like we did.

Here’s why… and how you can profit now…

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What the U.S. Economy Needs Now

2 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

On Making Money, Shah told host Charles Payne that consumer spending isn’t enough to drive the economy. Buying is one thing… buying on credit is something else – and when a full two-thirds of the economy depends on consumer spending, and much of that spending is done on credit, that’s a recipe for disaster.

But Shah knows exactly what the U.S. economy needs to escape the cycle of debt-driven consumer spending.

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Here’s The Truth Behind the Unthinkable Brexit Vote

54 | By Shah Gilani

The unthinkable just happened.

The political intelligentsia, elitists, bond and equity markets misjudged the will and determination of the people, the free people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain that is, of which I am one, though I am a “permanent resident” of and reside in the magnificent United States of America.

We want Great Britain to exit the European Union, not all of us mind you.

But, those of us who cherish our freedom, who cherish the rights of citizens of sovereign nations to determine their own future and not be yoked to some cabal of political elites serving the global banking oligarchy, wanted out of our chains.

This is the U.K.’s Independence Day.

If you don’t know what was really at stake in Britain, it’s not your fault.

That’s because those same political elitists, the officers of the cabal that would have free people and free markets serve them and their true masters, the world’s big banks, own the media for the most part and anesthetize the public by shooting them full of socialist promises of free everything, everything, that is, except true freedom.

What’s not being talked about is…the truth.

Here’s what you won’t hear or read anywhere else. Here’s the truth about the Brexit.

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If You Think American Stocks Are Safe From Brexit… Think Again

5 | By Shah Gilani

We’re down to the wire. Tomorrow’s the day the U.K. decides on whether or not to stay in the European Union.

If Britain decides to exit, British and European markets are going to sell off hard – that’s a given. And that could be just the beginning of trouble across the pond.

And make no mistake – the implications of a Brexit are going to be global. That means American stocks won’t be far behind. In fact, some could tumble end-over-end.

That’s because lots of big American multinationals generate tons of revenue from British and European operations, and sell huge quantities of goods and services there.

Here’s how earnings will be affected by a Brexit – and which stocks are most vulnerable…

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The Latest on the Brexit Vote, Plus FB, TWTR, AMZN, AAPL, and More

0 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

On a recent episode of Varney & Co. – with guest host Charles Payne – Shah stopped by to talk Brexit. According to the polls, the outcome was too close to call… but Shah warned, as he’s been doing for weeks, that “all hell” would break loose if the Brits voted to leave the European Union.

From there, Shah weighed in on Facebook, which just signed nearly 140 different deals with media companies and celebrities worth a reported $50 million to create content for its nascent streaming service Facebook Live.

Is jumping in to the $10 billion live-streaming market a good move for the social media giant? Click below for Shah’s answer…

Next up, Twitter. Its stock price is on the move, but is the company mounting a comeback? See what Shah had to say…

Shah also gives his latest thoughts on Amazon, Tesla, and Apple.

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Why the Fed is Embracing this “Fintech Tsunami”

9 | By Shah Gilani

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about how the fintech disruptor known as blockchain was already changing the world.

Blockchain and bitcoin, a cryptocurrency blockchain derivative, are leading-edge fintech disruptors that actually threaten the existence of banks and central banks everywhere.

Even the all-powerful Federal Reserve.

That’s why it’s strange that the Fed is now embracing bitcoin and blockchain, two direct threats to the banks and financial systems it lords over.

On the surface it doesn’t make any sense.

But if you dig down just a bit, it makes perfect sense. It’s not that they want to embrace the very thing that could bring them down – they have to. Their survival is at stake.

The Fed is being forced to advocate on behalf of two frontal assaults – two world-altering disruptors – to preserve their existence, their control over the American economy, and their global influence.

Here’s what’s happening…

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Where the Fed – and the Markets – Go From Here

0 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

This week, Shah showed up on Making Money to talk about two things:

First, the Fed’s unsurprising decision to keep interest rates unchanged after this week’s meeting of its Open Market Committee. Shah tells viewers where the markets are headed, and if the Fed has the ability to even get markets moving anymore.

Second, Great Britain’s upcoming referendum on whether or not to remain in the European Union – and the one thing about a possible Brexit that no one is talking about…

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Why the Dow’s Having Trouble Topping 18,000 – And What to Do About It

10 | By Shah Gilani

The Dow Jones Industrials Average, currently at 17,738, is only 1.5% from the 18,000 level and only 2.5% from its all-time high of 18,188.

What’s worrisome is that all-time high increasingly looks like the summit of Everest.

Just getting to basecamp at 18,000 is proving tough enough for stocks.

Slip-sliding back from that psychological and technical resistance level is freaking out some investors, which makes an ascent on the all-time highs much more difficult.

The S&P 500 is itself only 2.4% from its all-time highs.

But the Nasdaq Composite is much lower down the slope, about 7.7% from its peak.

You don’t have to be a mountain climber to get the analogy – everyone knows not all climbers make it to the top of Everest… and an increasing number in the last few years didn’t make it down alive.

Here’s what you need to know to not lose your footing – or get crushed by the weight of what’s bearing down on stocks globally.

First, there are three things standing between us and 18,000…

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