Facebook’s New “Tip Jar” Initiative Could Be a Win-Win for Investors (and Users)   

0 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

Today, Shah joined Varney & Co. to discuss the impact the primary elections have had on the markets – and if they will continue to push them forward (or if they will regress) as we get closer to November.

It’s not new news that Yahoo is an acquisition target now. “This is the first time in four years that Yahoo’s quarterly revenues are below $1 billion,” he says. “The company’s going the wrong way and doesn’t have much lower to go.” Shah shares what he considers the “sweet spot” price for a potential buyer, too.

As a huge proponent of the $350 billion tech giant since its IPO, Shah weighs in on Facebook’s new “tip jar” initiative. He explains how this social media juggernaut is going to use this brand-new feature to help benefit both investors and users alike. He believes this plan “is just the beginning,” for what could be a potentially lucrative shift in the crowdsourcing realm.

Finally, he discusses the surprising reason why this $130 billion healthcare company’s been one of the best performing stocks right now.

To watch the full video, click below.

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