Apple Q1 Plunge Update: Is It a Buy or Sell?

0 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

After the gadget behemoth Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:APPL) posted “abominable” Q1 earnings, the stock plunged and took the Dow down with it – shaving off a total of 58 points. Has it seen the end of what Shah calls a “dangerous drop”? He joined Varney & Co. to share whether it’s a buy or sell – and how he believes the markets will continue to react to Apple not meeting expectations.

Conversely, Shah believes that if Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq:FB) crushes exceptionally high earnings expectations – by 50% to be exact – it could be the one hope for the entire tech sector. Even with a potential stock surge, Shah advocates for a specific buy-in price for the $335 billion social media giant.

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