China Is Just the Trigger for the Market’s Latest Meltdown

3 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

On Making Money, Shah offered his take on China – the state of the markets there, as well as what Chinese authorities would – or wouldn’t – do to stop the bleeding.

And what will happen to U.S. markets? If you’ve been following along with Shah, you know he’s been saying that a correction – maybe even the correction – is coming, and soon.

China is simply the trigger…

Perhaps the most important question from host Charles Payne was, “Is there a chance that we decouple… and we take our cue from domestic events… rather than shenanigans in China?”

Check out Shah’s response in the full video below.

3 Responses to China Is Just the Trigger for the Market’s Latest Meltdown

  1. ED SCIACCA says:

    what i see is when i look at all the charts and these charts r hitting the 2oo weekly average on greater then 10 years or the same for monthly average
    you can see it falter.
    then u hear predictions that it will have a 5 10 or 20% increase then you see is
    the going up that because i see the shorts stepping in.
    i learned look @ the charts it looks to good stay away til the time.
    never @ the HIGH.

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