The Fed’s History of Assassination

25 | By Shah Gilani

The Federal Reserve System has a very dark history.

I’m talking about a history of murder.

Maybe you didn’t know, but there’s a theory that the Fed ordered John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Today, I’ll share with you the facts behind that theory.

And then I’ll show you the facts that prove the Fed is guilty of even more murders…

By Any Other Name

First of all, “Federal Reserve System” is a misleading name.

A group of private bankers, who crafted the Fed, dubbed it that in 1910.

They chose “Federal” because it implies the system is a federal institution.

It never was – and it isn’t today. It’s private.

They chose “Reserve” to imply that the system would be rich in “reserves” and, therefore, supersafe. The Fed mandates “reserve requirements” for the United States’ banks but has a zero reserve requirement for itself.

And those bankers, back in 1910, chose “System” because they agreed to never call it a “bank.” But that’s exactly what it is.

The Federal Reserve System is a privately held (by banks as shareholders) bank.

It’s the United States’ central bank.

Beyond comprehension, beyond what’s written in the U.S. Constitution about Congress’s right to coin money and issue bills of credit, the Federal Reserve owns the money of the United States.

You read that right.

When President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law on Dec. 23, 1913, the Fed was granted the power to control America’s money – to actually issue it and own it. They got around the Constitution by having the U.S. Treasury actually print and coin their money.

Look at any bill in your wallet, right now, get one out. Right there on the front of every bill, on the top, it says “Federal Reserve Note.” A “note” is a loan. All the money in your hand is on loan, from the Fed.

The BIG picture works like this.

The government can’t pay for what it spends, so it borrows. It borrows by issuing Treasury bills, notes and bonds. The Federal Reserve buys a lot of that debt (most of it) with the money it tells the Treasury to print for it. The Treasury then pays interest on its debt instruments.

So the Fed collects interest on money it made up out of thin air. A very neat trick, but that’s how banks work, folks.

Where does the interest come from? From taxes we pay. And because the Federal Reserve was going to buy the government’s debt from Day 1, those bankers wanted to make sure the government would be able to pay the interest it promised.

So, also in 1913 – surprise, surprise – Congress votes something new into law: the income tax.

Welcome to the new slavery, only this time it’s the Federal Reserve that’s our master.

The Theories

Fast-forward to June 4, 1963.

President John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order 11110, which empowered JFK with “The authority vested in the President by paragraph (b) of section 43 of the Act of May 12, 1933, as amended (31 U.S.C. 821(b)), to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury not then held for redemption of any outstanding silver certificates, to prescribe the denominations of such silver certificates, and to coin standard silver dollars and subsidiary silver currency for their redemption.”

In other words, Kennedy, by executive order, created the authority to print money.

Some conspiracy theorists believe the president was assassinated because he directly challenged the Fed’s sole authority to issue money.

Is that possible? If you believe in conspiracy theories surrounding the Kennedy assassination, anything’s possible.

I don’t believe the “lone gunman” theory.

But I also don’t believe the Fed had JFK killed.

The president gave his Treasury the right to print and issue silver certificates in lieu of having people come with their other dollars and coins in order to redeem them for actual silver. Instead, they would get “silver certificates.”

However, Jim Marrs, in his 1989 book, Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, postulates that Executive Order 11110 was Kennedy’s opening salvo in what would be a battle with the Fed for control of the country’s money.

That’s theory.

The Facts

What isn’t a theory is the fact that the Federal Reserve Act murdered the Constitution by running over it. It gave the Fed the right to own America’s money

And then it back up over the Constitution again, by having the Treasury physically print and coin the Fed’s money to make it look Constitutional.

The Fed, right out of the gate, murdered U.S. citizens. It forever enslaved them through a federal income tax to pay interest to the Federal Reserve Bank for so graciously printing all the money any and every profligate government would ever need to borrow.

The Fed murdered the stock market in 1929. It let speculators borrow insane amounts of easy money to bet on stocks that had been “watered-down” by the banksters who mostly controlled the markets.

Then the Fed murdered the economy by causing the Great Depression with its failed monetary policies. Just ask Ben Bernanke – he knows.

The Fed murdered free-market capitalism and replaced it with Soviet-style central planning in 1977. That’s when it wrangled from the incompetent, panicked hands of a sycophantic Congress the Fed’s now infamous “dual mandate.”

What’s the dual mandate? It’s the Fed’s second mandate. The first is the Fed’s duty to keep prices stable and long-term interest rates moderate.

The second mandate, the one delivered in 1977, is to “promote effectively the goals of maximum employment.” In other words, the Fed is supposed to run the economy as if it were the Politburo.

The Fed murdered the economy again in 2008. But you know that.

And it’s killing us all now.

There’s no fiscal responsibility anywhere because everything’s in the Fed’s hands. There’s not even any trickle-down economics anymore because the Fed’s “stimulus” policies, also known as Quackatative Euphoria, has only benefited the 1% who own all the assets that have gone up.

And the Fed just keeps pumping markets higher and higher. The Fed hopes to help addicted speculators come down easy as it weans them from heroin onto methadone, and then down to Xanax, so no one feels the fall from Dow 30,000, or wherever it goes.

No, we don’t need to “audit the Fed.”

We need to kill it and bury it an unmarked grave.

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25 Responses to The Fed’s History of Assassination

  1. Felix Mosso says:

    I’m sorry that lots of people chit chat on facebook and twitter, I DO NOT use them, really I have
    other things to do & they are NOT very private. I hope that I’m not going to miss anything.


  2. Elaine says:

    i knew this and am impressed that you are putting it out there for others who don’t know. What I’d like to know is how the system handles gold that it is supposed to own….Who owns it and who buys and sells it to other countries.
    Does it belong to the FED or to the citizens or the government? I’ve heard that what was once in Ft. Knox is gone …..if so to where? etc. There has to be a lot more to the story than anyone knows. We can’t or won’t return gold stored here from other countries. Why not? Did it get re-sold to pay for our debts?
    When it is mined, who buys that and where does it go? Who controls it?
    Then there’s the story of who actually planned and carried out the FED design to run our country….? Is this in any high school curriculum anywhere in the USA? Do they teach kids about banking, VISA cards and interest?
    You’ve opened Pandora’s box for a lot of us so keep it going.

  3. apple1967 says:

    You are absolutely right. So is Ron Paul. So is Rand Paul. The Fed is killing us all through a nefarious fiscal policy that keeps taking money from our pockets, while we are looking. We actually help them, because we are so unaware. If we the people don’t elect congressmen who are willing to get rid of the Fed, we will lose our country, if we haven’t already. Socialism lives through the Fed’s policies. We do need to kill it, NOW!

  4. Lois H Aring says:

    I have always liked economics, but a lot of this is news to me. The Fed is so ingrained as the
    grand poopah of our finances, I can’t imagine how it could be killed.Maybe it will just kill itself

  5. thomas says:

    I AGREE WE NEED TO ABOLISH THE Federal Reserve Bank but not one of the Congress is going to ask for it to come to a vote, only one Rand Paul has tried to no effect.

  6. Glenn Melcher says:

    The fed was bought and implemented by Banks for Banls. We have been wrapped up in their tiny little bow ever since. Thank you for your always candid insight! From a former broker series 7 with Edward Jones out of St. Louis and later attempts with US Bancorp & US Bank. Now I only do insurance.

    Kind Regards,


  7. Jonathan Kemp says:

    Cruel joke by Fed after killing Kennedy was to put his head on the last silver coin the Kennedy Half Dollar. Coin collectors should like that joke, it makes each coin collectible and way more valuable. My advice would be to stock up on Kennedy Half’s. When more become aware of Feds hit on him the value of the coins will soar.

  8. Whysaduck says:

    So according to you, Shah, the Silver Certificate was an unimplimented plan of the Kennedy Administration. This is false, the Silver Certificate has its origin in the afyermath of FDR taking the country off the Gold Standard in the’30’s. I remember the transition to the Federal Reserve Note in the ’60’s, I was in middle school at the time, old enough to notice the change in design but too young to have any well formed opinion about it.

  9. Paul says:

    WOW! Why have the conservatives not put a halt to these Robbers and Thieves? Why not just print all welfare grifters about $1 mil. each and then pull the plug on the monthly stipends? We are a crazy foolish society if we allow these bankers to continue to bleed the taxpayers to death!

  10. Rick says:

    So we Work All our Lives for currency that has been created out of Nothing, and Having No Intrinsic value. This is Nothing More than the Wholesale Theft of Human Dignity and Life. Almost, like an alchemical spell has been put on the People of the World to buy this Non-cents. Prov. 20:23 ~ Diverse weights are an abomination unto the LORD; and a false balance is not good.

  11. Richard says:


    Thanks for calling it as you see it, without holding back.

    I won’t hold back, either. I agree, the Fed didn’t murder JFK. LBJ did, in order to avoid political oblivion, beginning with Kennedy’s second term, and to stay out of prison for the murders and graft Life Magazine was about to expose. Billie Sol Estes later DID expose them, but the media won’t tell you that, just as the media doesn’t publicize the confessions of Oswald’s and LBJ’s mistresses, E. Howard Hunt, Roscoe White, James Shield, etc.

    The Fed didn’t murder Bobby Kennedy or M.L. King. LBJ considered them his biggest political enemies, so he had them taken out in his last year in office.

    I know it’s hard to believe, but just go back for another look. You can begin by researching LBJ’s personal hitman, Malcolm Wallace. Look up the History Channel’s suppressed episodes of “The Men Who Killed Kennedy.” Suppressed, in the United States? Yes.

    LBJ did what he did for the sake of personal power, but he had powerful allies. The oil barons wanted to keep the oil depletion allowance. The CIA wanted to keep covert action. The military and industry wanted us to make a stand in Vietnam. LBJ reversed our course in Vietnam in his first two days in office.

    No, it wasn’t the Fed who did it. But I can’t help but wonder how much Kennedy’s actions threatened the Fed and how much better off we’d be today had Camelot survived.

  12. Tamas I. Pattantyus says:

    I was 12 years old living in Hungary, when the countries hyperinflatin was ended by a wave of the “magic wand” in the the hand of the communist stooges acting according to the direct order from Moscow. As a 12 years old kid I was a multi- trillionaire! I vividly remember that time and, as a result I am sensitive to any hanky-panky with the monetary system. Been there, I dont want to be there ahain in my old age.

  13. Peter says:

    This may be off the wall for some, but none the less Real, Man was designed to respond to God’s Intelligent structural design as exhibited in Nature, to do so is to be rewarded, to not do is to be punished = game over. God’s Intelligent Structural Design accepts no excuses, IT IS A DESIGN, IT DOES NOT CARE.

    If we do not control our Governors, the Rich and powerful will, otherwise they could not respond to a storm fast enough, and be sunk. That is reality.

    Citizens of the west, especially the US have been taught to be arrogant, this, like greed is a disease, as their is no such amount, is ever enough.

    Thus the West is in for severe punishment.

    God’s Intelligent Structural Design, think of it as the hardware in your computer, always provides for redemption. The West, including my country Canada, has used these doors of Redemption, but used them, instead to maintain the status quo.

    Thus the new doors, no one wants to open them, as they are severe. = WWIII

    We embrace Capitalism, unfortunately it is Unfettered Capitalism instead of Responsible Capitalism.

    When you your body dies, you are Judged, without an Advocate to defend you. This Judgement may simply return you to a life of a Human, or not.

    or, still a life of a Human who will suffer his/her entire lifetime, or several lifetimes, or other punishment. THERE IS NO ESCAPE.

    May you choose responsible Karma.


  14. Dmenace says:

    You should mention “The Creature From Jeckyl Island” for a more thorough read of the historical facts of the reserve.

  15. Randy Scott says:

    Even you, don’t seem to understand the importance, of not understanding, what Money actually is.

    Money is a TOOL to make trading easier. It is no more real than God.

    If I have something that you want, and you have something that I want, “WE” can agree on a trade.

    If you allow anyone else, to determine what is involved in that trade, then they set the Value, not you.

    Money allows you to trade with people that don’t live near you, or to delay payment over time.

    It is an IOU.

    All your Economic Theories aren’t worth the paper their written on, if you ignore what Money actually is.

    I will agree that there is nothing at all Federal, about the Federal Reserve. Trying to lock up Money is what leads to Poverty, and needless deaths all over the world.

    If the U.S. Economy does well, it will mean that the Economy somewhere else will suffer. That’s what your Theories try to explain.

    We do not have a Free Market and never have.

    We have a Market controlled by the Government and by Default the Banks.

    We need a Free Market.

    People do irrational things, that’s what will cause instability, in a Free Market, but they would be far less harmfull, than the intentional manipulation of the Market.

  16. Donald Beach says:

    Gallows and Guillotines are all the wicked who rule this world understand as true punishment for their high crimes, nothing short of this will suffice. We the people are apparently more interested in Kim Kardashians epic butt and the latest dirt on actors and ballgames…bread and circus of the games and entertainment of the colosseums and theater until the bitter end and this sacking of the empire gives way to its outright rape and annihilation, blaming any and everyone but the real traitors on high. Ce est la vie.

  17. Don Beebe says:

    I have enjoyed what I have read. I was one in the early 70’s, who talked about the funny money and how we were going to pay 10.00 for a loaf of bread. The interest rates @ 22%, where were we going. Now interest rates are better controlled, one might think our reserves are what Fort Knox was biult for. Still what gets me, the logic is still print the money but controll it, and I say where are we going with this. This is still the first step 3 decades later. Shah Gilani the assassins, are among us and classified, the black hole or the swan. Will the fed transition though the next decade instrumental with innovative savvy as we stand with global issue, or are the fed’s logic going to be, lets print just alittle right now… Shah, enjoy the thought, thanks Don

  18. American Zombie Party says:

    Published one year before the birth of the Fed beast, in 1912, “US Money vs Corporation Currency” by Alfred Crozier is one of the most patriotic tomes to ever slip through the cracks of American history.

    The opening image of a dollar-eyed octupus labeled the “Coming Money Trust: Federal Reserve Association (Private Syndicate)”squeezing US Treasury, Congress, the White House, regional banks, industry, and farmers with its tentacles raining money onto Wall Street pretty much says it all.

    Fortunately, its currently open domain and up for free on google books (I cannot link to it here cuz of spambot.)

    Help spread the word about this book! Just to whet your appetite, here’s how it opens: Before the Civil War, [my father] and his good wife, Maria P. A. Crozier… were zealous for abolition of human bondage. During the 70s they joined the movement to resist the growing aggression of Wall Street and the big banks and preserve the life and integrity of government money.
    Author, born in midst of civil conflict, 1863, now gladly takes up the struggle they pioneered…

  19. aberoony says:

    You say you don’t believe the Fed had JFK killed, but it’s possible that they were part of a broad coalition that plotted to kill him. Just look at who was on the Warren Commission. LBJ, who was one of the plotters, put the Warren Commission together to put a rubber stamp on the lone gunman theory and preempt an investigation by Congress that might have uncovered the truth. Most of the members of the Warren Commission were also plotters themselves, such as Allan Dulles, who as head of the CIA, concealed the existence of the CIA’s secret assassination team from JFK, as well as the involvement of the Mafia in that assassination team. Another member of the Warren Commission was John J. McCloy, Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank and President of the World Bank. What was a big banker doing on the Warren Commission? Could he have been another plotter put there to help manage the cover-up? I think it is possible.

  20. RUSS SMITH says:

    Hi!, Patrons Of Shah Giliani’s Wall Street Insights & Indictments Et. Al.:

    My deceased mentor from Holland tried to teach me this essay for more than 4 years, before gold left its’ stable $35 oz. price when President Nixon closed the US Gold Window August 15, 1971. That’s when the shrouds overhanging my inner eyes and mind finally broke allowing me to see into his real concerns for his new country causing me to drive to his home and ask him for further help which he offered immediately. Without going into a very long and tedious demonstration of my mentor’s capabilities and thoughts, let me simply point out that he said that President Wilson grieved that he had signed into law the Federal Reserve Act but those who opposed his regrets made it impossible for President Wilson to stop what has sense taken place that Shah Gilani now points out in his essay. He allowed me to read transcripts from a book he purchased from Suppressed Books titled THE INTIMATE PAPERS OF COLIENEL HOUSE which explained how HOUSE had become President Wilsons’ “alter ego” so to speak which HOUSE used to create President Wilson’s consensual co-operation in signing the Federal Reserve Act into law; establish the income tax plus institute Social Security. These alter ego acts were each designed by HOUSE’S master bankers who coerced him into taking these US policy changes to OUR White House for their treasonous purposes whereby we the people in turn have been made consensual towards co-operating with the present outcomes of these transitional laws away from capitalism to socialism. My mentor also had another book he referred me to titled “PHILLIP DREW ADMINISTRATOR” which characterizes a President becoming OUR dictator by executive orders etc. The obvious relocation of OUR gold from OUR ancestors’ pockets placing it under government/Federal Reserve control was later improvised cloaked under the guise that it was an act of consent by citizens to help restore OUR Nations’ prosperity & liberties but none of that has sense happened has it over the past 3 – 4 decades; as we are mired in unfathomable debt through the collusive co-operations between OUR government working hat in hand with the Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act called deficit spending leading to the National Debt upon which (as Shah points out) we the people must repay it all plus interest etc. Personally, my belief is that the Asian markets have become sensitized to what this means causing them to focus (as US citizens should) upon Asian personal and government ownership of gold. US citizens are in my opinion once again being coerced to focus upon a strengthening US $ in the foreign exchange markets where each fiat (no gold backing) currency unit trades against each other in an inevitable race to zero purchasing power in attempts to recover or win trade concessions in THEIR favor etc. Similar but not exact conditions were faced by Napoleon, when the FRENCH EMPIRE was collapsing due to fiat, un-backed paper money and Napoleon met this challenge head on, by demanding that his troops, stuck with depreciating paper money loosing purchasing power, told his French Ministry to either pay the troops with gold coins or the French Ministry could go out to the battlefields to fight their own wars. Needless to say Napoleon’s troops were accommodated promptly and it is told by Andrew Dixon White, in his essay on the collapsing French Empire titled FIAT MONEY INFLATION IN FRANCE, that from that point forward France gained the use of all the gold she needed in order to carry on domestic and foreign trade. Where would that policy place the US Empire today, if the US government were thereby forced to avoid the Federal Reserve which doesn’t deal in precious metals money, in terms of paying OUR military with gold coins only? Would that infer that the Roosevelt gold would have to come out of Fort Knox, in order to pay OUR troops today or not dear reader? Finally, to rap my portion of this story taught to me by my deceased mentor from Holland decades ago, let us NEVER forget the warning we have regards fiat, I Owe You Nothing, un-backed paper money given US by Mr. Daniel Webster who states: “Of all the contrivances ever designed for cheating the laboring classes of mankind (such as OUR troops laboring today on foreign battle fields etc.) none has proven themselves more successful than that which deludes them with issues of irredeemable, fiat paper money!” END

    RUSS S, CA. (One Of Our Broke, Fiat Money Corrupt States)

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