How We’re Going to Get Rich in 2015

19 | By Shah Gilani

Last week, while wishing my newsletter subscribers at Capital Wave Forecast and Short-Side Fortunes a happy New Year, I warned them that 2015 isn’t going to be a happy-go-lucky year.

The one prediction I emphasized over and over was that volatility would be extreme.

We’re already seeing that today with the Dow Jones Industrial Average down more than 300 points and oil (based on West Texas Intermediate pricing) dipping below $50 for the first time since April 2009.

There are many reasons why volatility will be our constant companion in 2015. And there will be many opportunities to very profitably trade volatility – both on the way down and on the way up.

So today, I’m going to start showing you how to profit from volatility across all the asset classes that are going to make or break investors in 2015.

Let’s get started ensuring you folks are among the investors who make it…

The Problem With Manipulation

Extreme volatility is the inescapable by-product of manipulation of free markets. After years of central bank manipulation of interest rates and price discovery, the free-market pricing of assets becomes grossly distorted.

The root of the problem with central bank manipulation is that capital allocation itself becomes distorted as speculators chase assets that central bank policies benefit. And when the world’s biggest and most powerful central bank, the U.S. Federal Reserve, openly articulates a policy to lift equity prices in order to make households “feel” more wealthy watching stocks make new highs, you know the fix is in and manipulation itself is a policy prescription.

Of course, there’s a problem with central bank manipulation. A really, really big problem.

Central banks have very limited tools. The blunt instruments by which they manipulate interest rates don’t have any effect on markets, regardless of asset classes, once markets take it upon themselves to do whatever they do.

In other words, central banks have no way of stopping market panics, corrections or outright collapses.

Maybe you don’t believe that, because you too drank the Fed’s Kool-Aid of the past five years and watched stocks soar. If so, remember that it was then-Fed Chair Ben Bernanke who in 2007 said the housing market wasn’t overheating.

Just remember, when that dam broke only a few months after Bernanke said all was well and good and the economy was on a good track, stocks crashed and the U.S. economy spiraled down into the Great Recession.

And there wasn’t a thing the Fed could do about it.

To add insult to injury, also recall that it was the Fed’s low interest rate policies – that is, manipulation – that caused the mortgage and housing bubble and credit crisis.

Now it’s nearly six years later. And the manipulation over these past years makes what the Fed did back in the 2000s look like child’s play.

We’re going to pay the price in 2015.

Volatility is going to make a lot of investors very, very sick and the unsuspecting broke.

But not us.

Mercurial Money

Volatility is the ultimate tool if you know how to wield it. And I do.

I’ve made a career trading volatility across all asset classes.

Now, in 2015, I’m going to teach you how to make a fortune playing the extreme moves that will break some of the world’s governments, some of the biggest mutual funds in the world and everyone who dares to stand in the way of the oncoming locomotive.

I will make recommendations here on what you should buy and sell, and I will explain my recommendations. You just have to figure out if you want to take the advice or to wait and see if I’m right.

That’s all you’ll have to do.

19 Responses to How We’re Going to Get Rich in 2015

  1. Edouard D'Orange says:

    I will have some $ in 2015 from a sale to test what you say. I hope you’re correct.
    Looks like the year has started with soaring volatility.

  2. RUSS SMITH says:

    Hi!, Patrons Of Shah Gilani’s Wall Street Insights & Indictments:

    When does the deception cycle end? In my minds’ eye regarding OUR Nations’ economic storms we may call volatility or something else, the contest IS between the FED. or the US Constitution isn’t it? One of these loyalties has to prevail doesn’t it, because you, as Jesus reminds us, can’t serve two masters at the same time right? It’s not that my minds’ eye doesn’t like investing but that OUR rewards, according to OUR US Constitution consists of sound gold and silver coin (specie) money only which the FED. has NEVER produced one single nickel sense 1913 to date is that not correct? Say, we earn a trillion fiat $’s following someone’s investment advice but each of those fiat $’s is an unconstitutional fiat $, are we getting ahead as a Nation or merely adding to the overall fiat $ purchasing power dilution that ultimately fails to meet our true day to day human needs? Some people have mentioned to me that OUR Nation would be better off if, instead of the FED. printing merely to satisfy government deficits, the same volume of money was distributed to citizens’ bank accounts on a pro rata basis but this method would still ultimately lead to additional purchasing power dilution would it not? This Nation, facing the pains of a return to sound money found in OUR Constitutions’ Article 1; Section 10 as being gold and silver coins (specie) only, would be such a massive return to real world deflation instead of imagined deflation connected today merely to the drop in oil prices that the shock would overwhelm all world markets both domestic and foreign but ultimately isn’t that OUR economic cure for over 100 years of inflation? These statements of mine have nothing to do with making anyone overly rich but it does have everything to do with enriching OUR nation as OUR Forefathers intended when they framed OUR US Constitution. Young people today are living in an insecure world; as they face the uncertainties of unemployment and even after devoting years in school accumulating student debts preparing themselves to involve their talents towards bettering themselves and OUR Nation. This for me is a sad state of affairs requiring reforms that help all young people establish their homes and families as God OUR Heavenly Father intends but today the question is when and how isn’t it? Today, politicians in their worldwide attempts to justify and protect the perceived values of their fiat currencies having no real intrinsic value, have devoted themselves to defaming precious metals as money but the metals have sustained such onslaughts for more than 5,000 years have they not? This time for the metals ultimately can be no different can it? The pains related to the metals as real money we define as deflation is coming sooner or later and the metals through it all will have their monetary positions/roles again reinforced as true blue money once again!! There is NO escape or excuse for any of US is there but will we prepare ourselves towards all of US helping each other when the inevitable END arrives within OUR spending?

    RUSS S, CA. (One Of Our Broke, Fiat Money Corrupt States)

  3. Rick Watson says:


    Strongly agree, and looking very forward to the adventure in 2015. These past few years it’s been like walking along the footpaths of the Himalayas with a reckless trekker… I’m constantly amazed at the acrobatic moves the Fed employs to keep from falling into the icey glacial waters below.


  4. Rick Watson says:


    Strongly agree, and looking very forward to the adventure in 2015. These past few years it’s been like walking along the footpaths of the Himalayas with a reckless trekker… I’m constantly amazed at the acrobatic moves the Fed employs to keep from falling into the icey glacial waters below.


  5. Tom Stanley says:

    I don now and never did believe in a destruction of the DOW. Corrections are a part of life and will continue some at a greater intensity than others.
    Even with the feds messing up royally – as usual; the dow for the most part is based on the people

  6. Tom Stanley says:

    YES, I agree there is great potential in the tech industry, but not much of an income.

    On the other hand I am working for said income and little downside. Believe it or not I think I have found it, perhaps a little late, but things are really looking good.

    If my plans pas out then I can not only have a solid income but have the necessary monies to invest more heavily into the tech markets

  7. Renee Thies says:

    Dear Shah,
    I enjoy reading your articles and we discuss this at family gatherings all the time. We have taken profits out of our accounts but do not know what to do with them other than sit on cash. We know this market will collapse but not when. I thank you for your advice on trends and keeping us informed about the shenanigans on Wall Street. I relish every article you write about the 2008 collapse. Such a shame our elected officials are now so corrupt they can’t see beyond their nose. Goldman does a masterful job running the government and keeping it hidden. Looking forward to future articles. Thanks for being a voice for us and getting the truth out, even if it is ignored.

  8. Ed Schaffer says:

    I agree that volatility will increase in most markets if not all. Look at crude oil recently. Be quick to take profits when prices show signs of turning around. The “hold and grow” school or theory of long term investing is dead I now believe. Thanks for your insight Shah!

  9. Gertrude says:

    You need to rethink this from today’s email (01/19/2015):

    “How We’re Going to Get Rich in 2015
    … With the Dow dipping its lowest since 2009…”

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