How Wall Street “Jihadists” Are Engineering a Government Shutdown

18 | By Shah Gilani

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A tense battle between warring political parties erupted in Washington yesterday when Wall Street-backed Jihadist demands surfaced in the 1,600-page omnibus spending bill – threatening to first take the U.S. House of Representatives hostage, then all of America.

Intelligence services (obviously not Washington-based) initially identified the financial terrorists as Beltway lobbyists, but later revealed them to be a Big-Bank sleeper cell embedded in God-hating Dodd-Frank legislation, universally decried by the faithful as blasphemous.

In what was meant to be a stealth operation, the plastique-laden provision inserted into the bill aiming to roll-back certain Dodd-Frank rules, instead exploded prematurely.

And it shows us how financial terrorism continues to escalate…

A Growing Burden

The shape charge was supposed to destroy the regulatory safeguards forcing big banks to separate atomic derivatives trading operations from bank operations backed by U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) guarantees. Instead, it was detected by an Elizabeth Warren drone and, not-so-remotely, detonated.

Amidst screams of “All Of Big Banks Are Da Greatest” it was determined that the bankster-backed group’s spending-bill provision – which, if not passed, will shut down the government – was dangerous enough to exploded in public view.

From an undisclosed location – believed to be a cavern deep beneath Wall Street – unnamed sources (who said they weren’t authorized to speak on behalf of their lying, cheating, greedy monster masters) who were later identified as Citigroup foot-soldiers, claimed the provision was only meant to improve the economy and that Dodd-Frank “does absolutely nothing to create a safer financial system.” They also alleged the derivatives regulation instead creates “undue costs and burdens on U.S. financial firms.”

At stake in the stand-off is the future of the U.S. financial system.

With hostages being held on both sides, it remains to be seen if demoralized and deluded Democrats have the will and guts to tear a page from the bible of their Republican pulpit-pounding counterparts and threaten to shut down the government themselves.

Sadly for the American people – who don’t know there are still trillions of dollars of bankster IEDs (improvised explosive derivatives) planted along all our economic highways and byways – the standoff in Washington may appear as just another hostage situation that may or may not matter.

The truth is, financial terrorism always matters.

18 Responses to How Wall Street “Jihadists” Are Engineering a Government Shutdown

  1. Kip Volkstadt says:

    I have no doubt about the Frank-Dodd cabal, however, it really makes me quite angry when people like you who should know better keep insisting that there will or might be a “government shut-down”. It is only a partial shut-down…the essential functions of government, i.e., SSI & DFAS checks, Medicare/Medicade services and others will not be interrupted. And, besides, shutting down even 1/2 the government is not altogether such a bad idea. I believe we could halve the size of this government and be much better off. We’d find out that we could live much better and safer with what would be left. Today, most Americans are relying on government far too much to do for them what they should be doing for themselves.

    • Daniel Murphy says:

      You sir are a ignorant, blathering fool. Another dutiful Wall Street apologist mindless of their reckless – insatiable greed that hinders true economic growth for “all” Americans.

  2. Ken says:

    Never let it be said that Wall St. understands or cares about economics. They are anxious to destroy the world economy and make no beans about it. History should teach us that when the middle class goes, the entire economy tanks, and when you are trying to destroy both the middle class and the economy, Middle Ages, here we come. The middle class can only thrive in an environment in which science and technology are advancing.
    Look at the historical record. When Rome destroyed its economy by inflating to finance stupid wars, the economy was in serious trouble, but the Christians came along and created an anti-intellectual environment in which scientific inquiry was frequently punishable by death. The Arabic area picked up the slack and continued advanced in science and technology until an Islamic philosopher convinced his colleagues that the study of the Koran was the best use of their energies. Their civilization collapsed economically and a nasty theocratic rule was initiated which persists today.
    At about the same time a Mongol emperor decreed that there would be no more scientific inquiry and that economy collapsed and remained so until after the death of Mao Ze Dong in 1975. Up until that time China had been a leader in technology. Decades ago, Joseph Needham wrote a 7-volume history of Chinese science and technology.
    Now there is an alternative to the middle age scenario for us. If they can maintain the technology this country might develop into the most awful totalitarian government in history. The problem here is that there are some anti-science religious cults, which if they gain power might institute a government similar to that of present-day Iran.
    If you do not believe me, go back and do the research. Also check out the way in which the Byzantine Empire avoided the collapse which all of the other areas of Eurasia suffered. I’ll save you a lot of time and trouble. Around 1100 the Emperor Alexios Komnenos reestablished the gold backing for the economy, and the empire continued under all kinds of stresses until it was finally conquered by the Turks in 1450.

  3. Barry N. Peterson says:

    Shah, please do not use Muslim metaphores, specifically the use of “jihadists” in your writing. True Islam is quite peaceful and friendly. Arrogant and naive reporters of the past several years have been disparaging Islam because a relatively few people from the regions in which Islam is primarily operating have become terrorists.

    My dad has represented Muslim business owners, and I have both lived among thousands of Muslims and have previously been a friend to the late Hussein S., MBA, of Minneapolis, MN. They are good people with a different viewpoint on the significance of Jesus Christ, but good people, nonetheless.

    Personally, I find it offensive to see this type of modeling and disparagement involving evil people who claim Islam as their religion. For that reason, after contacting CNN, and CBS, where my late great uncle Cal H. was a CBS News vice president (1970’s, Duluth, MN), I stopped watching television news after my old box died in 2010.

    While wars will always be part of our landscape, due to humans’ inability to negotiate well and settle for friendship, I see little use in relating an entire religious community due to the scoundrels who don’t know too much about what the Prophet Muhammed wrote about large and small jihads.

    • Boo Hoo says:

      If the word “jihadists” offends you then buy a kite and fly to another Country that doesn’t have freedom of speech. Truth is there are many types of jihadists in this World whether you like the word or not.

    • Daniel Murphy says:

      I understand your concern but, the metaphor is appropriate. The guard of Wall Street are in fact economic terrorists.


    Once again, the International Cartel of Private Bankers are pointing a gun at the head of The Public, threatening to impose dire consequences if The Public doesn’t cooperate with Private Banking’s demands.

    How long The Public remains SPINELESS and doesn’t grab that ‘gun’ out of the hands of Private Bankers and take them to prison – where they belong – is anyone’s guess.

    The Public should have been discussing taking control of its social & economic lifeblood – CURRENCY CREATION – a long time ago. The infrastructure of Sovereign Currency Creation should have been designed and in operation immediately after the last private banking crisis.

    But, either The Public isn’t educated about the wealth creation power of a sovereign nation or it doesn’t WANT to know.

    There’s an age old saying ”You reap what you sow”.

    I think The Public needs a strong wake-up call or it may find itself a sorry victim of its own ignorance and inaction.

  5. jonny Bumpass says:

    Obviously the banks would love the changes to the Dodd-Frank bill but I suspect the Republicans put this ammendment in there to bait the Dems into voting “NO” and have them be the ones blamed in shutting down the Gov.

    And to the point ofthe pension provision.. I want to know what happened to the law about companies (back in the late 70’s early 80’s) that supposedly stated that companies were ordered to keep penions “Whole” every 1/4 or less.

    I won’t even bother to discuss why after all the bitching about the Prezs’ Obama Care.. Why they voted to fund it…. I mean Geezzzzzzzz…….

  6. Gary Semlak says:

    Thanks Shah!
    Reminds me of a quote attributed to Julius Caesar: “If the people cannot rule themselves—I shall have to rule for them.” Every regulation that exists (e.g., Dodd-Frank) does so because somebody didn’t (couldn’t) rule themselves—not because of some …”power-hungry dictator in Washington.” Julius—where are you when we need you? GS

    • Ken says:

      So many people misunderstand this whole Dodd-Frank business. It was intended to replace Glass-Steagal, which was repealed in 1999 at the insistence of that pseudo-economist, Larry Summers and his Harvard-trained buddies. Dodd-Frank is like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound. Banks can still consider our bank deposits as their own property with which they can speculate wildly with total impunity. We need to return to Glass-Steagal in its entirety if we are to have any chance of getting back a healthy economy. I also read about all of these central banks which are aggressively buying gold, while our own does nothing but run its computers 24/7. The bottom line is that the world economy will return to gold backing eventually. The question is when, and how much damage will be done in the meantime.
      That’s the only way that the current orgy of mounting debt and extreme corruption can be ended.
      The Mafia and Cosa Nostra are pretty much gone now. The only organized crime operation left is the Federal government through the Federal Reserve and the IRS.

  7. Brad says:

    Is there really an FDIC, it seems to me that we the people are the actual FDIC.We pay the banks when they get in trouble, o u r fees go up to cover shortages in some respect?

  8. Adrian Zolkover says:

    In this budget is an item the big banks lobbied Congress to include; THE 5 BIGGEST BANKS WANT US TO PAY FOR THEIR WORTHLESS, HIGHLY ILLEGAL, $500 + TRILLION DERIVATIVES, and they will keep any part of these that have any worth. These can be seen at The United States Treasury Office of the Comptroller of the Currency OCC’S QUARTERLY REPORT ON BANK TRADING AND DERIVATIVES ACTIVITIES, Table 1 and Table 2. For the Third Quarter 2013 the 5 largest bank/holding companies claim $518,762,743 trillion dollars worth of derivatives. William Black, Attorney, professor who was the lead prosecuting attorney about 35 years ago when many of the Savings and Loans went bankrupt, says these derivatives are worthless and these 5 bank/holding companies are broke, and these derivatives are highly fraudulent worse than Bernie Madoff’s pyramid type investment scheme. Check out William Black via the internet to verify this. Another question: who made commissions and finders fees on these $500 trillion, that could have been traded back and forth? These illegal paid commissions were probably worth over $60 TRILLION. These are the guys with the money that want a credit crunch so they can step in and buy up all the probably over 80% of U.S. corporations what will go broke in the credit crunch, for pennies on the dollar. They won’t even need stockholders, and we won’t even know who owns us. This is not capitalism – it is highly illegal and the downfall of capitalism. Check this OCC report site for bank derivative summary by dates; you will see these illegal derivatives increased over 400% under the Bush Jr. administrations. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, per the Borowitz Report 12/11/2014 blasted Democrats in the Senate on Thursday, complaining to reporters “I’m sick and tired of people blaming George W. Bush for things he did.” Senator Cruz is the one that wants to shut the government down via a lack of U.S. budget. Imagine, a non-U.S. American government shutdown where there is a credit crunch, bank runs, no funds to pay for essential government services, etc. But this time, also imagine if they pass the budget with this $500 trillion, forever and ever amen, U.S. citizens on the hook for over $500 trillion highly illegal debt. To enforce the laws to punish the guilty would probably require review by the U.S. Supreme Court. The same court that passed laws that allow corporations to spend as much as they want to fund candidates “FREE” speech. The narrowly passed Supreme Court vote doesn’t recognize the fact that to exercise the right to free speech, there is a financial cost that requires payment in money, and this is not free. This $500+ trillion debt enslavement of U.S. citizens must not be allowed. Prosecution of this derivatives fraud should be, by far, the most profitable law suit in history.

  9. RUSS SMITH says:

    Hi!, Patrons Of Shah Gilani’s Wall Street Insights And indictments Et. Al.:

    The derivatives implosion should it happen is no different in my perspective from an implosion of the Nasdaq, S & P 500 or the Dow etc.: The brokers who get paid to get investors/speculators into these investments and out of them with commissions making sure they are the sure money men in both directions into and out of these markets basis fear, love and greed. No matter the outcome of these misdeeds, they will retain their commission money spending it as they see fit regardless. It’s the investors/speculators who own these financial instruments when they crash/implode whot get the shaft. So when everything implodes that’s in the favor of the commissioned brokers also, because, after the dust settles, another round of investment/speculation cycles begins whereby they make even greater commissions on any of the various market resets. Whenever the economy straightens out and we near full employment, new and younger workers entering the renewed workforce will be influenced to invest through a commissioned broker also which will help structure the improvements of the markets’ resetting themselves once again similar to what took place after the Great Depression. Brokers make tons of commission money during both good times, the worst of times and even in between!! As the pastor denoted: There is really nothing new under the sun!!

    RUSS S, CA. (One Of Our Broke, Fiat Money Corrupt States)

  10. RUSS SMITH says:

    Hi!, Patrons Of Shah Giliani’s Wall Street Insights & Indictments Et. Al.:

    Once upon a time I was a brat who thought he knew everything about the markets in which my countrymen invested and speculated with their risk capital which is defined as money you can afford to loose that, if you do loose it all investing and or speculating, it will NOT change your overall life style. Then by chance my then to be mentor from Holland met with a group of us guys at an old country style gas station we nicknamed OUR LITTLE WHITE SCHOOLHOUSE. His messages seem odd to me and out of the ordinary, compared to what my teachers had taught in my classes which really didn’t amount to much economic theory whatsoever but, having graduated from High School and attended some college classes locally and in Southern California, my confrontations with my soon to be mentor were very argumentatively inciting at best and non constructive at worst. Once he finally got my attention, all my ammunition became blanks. When gold lifted price from its’ long standing price of $35 to trade rather than be a fixed price, the obvious told me my thinking was a shame. After committing myself into my mentors’ good will hands, he had me start by reading Fiat Money Inflation In France by Andrew Dixon White who is the co-founder of Cornell University and The Nightmare German Inflation. From there he coached me to graduate into taking the Research reports and Investment Bulletins from The American Institute Of Economic Research in Great Barrington, Mass.(888) 526-1216. Through these extraordinary insightful publications, my old, worn out methods of inner childhood memorandum regards OUR US monetary system began a reconstructive evolution that continues today.
    One of the primary outcomes was the discovery that the inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve staking OUR Federal Governments’ deficits is that it causes we the people to accept their BRIBES. How is that happening to each of US? As the inevitability of prices rising following each intermittent inflationary episode, we the people continue this awkward process via higher wages as OUR attempt to keep up with rising prices. As long as the FED. & The Federal Government collude to increase their deficit spending and we accept their policies via higher wages that do not increase OUR basic standard of living with the now renowned breakdown of OUR Nations’ Middle Class etc., we are being bribed to go along with their systematic destruction of the buying power of OUR current use of the US $ via strikes for higher wages many times under the banner of organized unions etc.; but all these efforts are misguided in my opinion. How so the reader may ask? Historical records regards various inflationary episodes throughout many countries shows the same trend: BRIBARY! In the French experiment even the Priests finally succumbed to accepting bribes. Where currencies have neared their points of extinction, many people have resorted to bribing important officials with gold coins, in order to get what they needed accomplished in their favor in great times of immediate needs, because their locally inflated currencies could not compete. When the Boat People arrived on OUR US shores many were bringing gold coins with them for survival purposes in a foreign land. Also, isn’t a far fetched and regressive approach to employment incentives; when one of the mainline reasons the FED. aims at greater employment is not to help the employed purchase their homes, buy food, their car and other necessities we use to take for granted but instead fork over a percentage of their employment wages just to pay interest payments on OUR overall bloated National debt how over 18 trillion dollars? Wouldn’t the employed much prefer to pay their fair share of taxes from their sense of prosperity instead of paying them in a desperate state of National poverty inflicting the entire Middle Class today? The more we hear of promises to make life better for us from OUR government the more these idle promises change absolutely nothing into favoring of OUR nations’ Middle Class with true, blue recovery and prosperity but why not? When I go with a flat tire to Les Schwab to have it repaired, I sure don’t want to find out they can’t accomplish that single objective over 43 years do I? History proves absolutely that there is only one single cure for inflation which is: NEVER START ONE!!!!
    To overhaul OUR real economy in my personal opinion we need to return to OUR Constitutional roots including Article 1; Section 10 which calls for gold and silver (specie) coins only without resorting to any form of unconstitutional fiat paper money. Daniel Webster had this to say about the subject: “Of all the contrivances ever designed for cheating the laboring classes (Middle Classes) of mankind, none has proven more successful than that which deludes them with issues of paper, I Owe You Nothing, fiat money!!” Fiat money destroys future buying power from present savings plus the common reaction to this problem is that it obliterates a sense of thrift within the inflating countries’ currencies. Without thrift and without savings what kind of a desperate country do we live in today folks? Add in the banks’ present zero interest rate policies plus future inflation and there is absolutely no way we can conceivably save OUR earnings from the destruction of OUR stored buying power from savings is there folks? The absolute solution in my opinion is OUR Nations’ return to sound, hard money demanded in Article 1; Section 10 of OUR US Constitution which demands we use gold and silver coins. This would mean to me for example that the gold in Fort Knox would not be used to back any kind of their paper currency but would reside in everyone’s pockets throughout OUR Nation based upon the economic input of each individual wage earner etc. according to their individual efforts. Had we been in compliance with OUR Constitution from the get go folks, there could have never been the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944 upon which President Nixon reneged August 15, 1971 getting us all into deep internal and international problems from which we still suffer today. Neither could here have been a Federal Reserve System with its’ corrupt, fraction reserve, inflationary policies, because the Federal Reserve does not deal in the precious metals but instead unconstitutional paper and digital digits whereby it creates fake, counterfeit money out of thin air or by the stroke of a fountain pen etc. We as a nation in my views need therefore to return to OUR Constitutional roots that were designed with OUR Forefathers’ forethoughtfulness to serve forever from one generation to the next we the people always!! Therefore, hold constitutional gold and silver coins outside the banking system; and even though the elite attempt to manipulate its’ usefulness through manipulated pricing structures continuously. Always try to remember what J. P. Morgan Sr. told OUR Congress many decades ago: “Gentlemen, only gold is real money and all else is merely credit!!” That’s a tough line for anyone to follow but look at the consequences we suffer when we allow inflation instead to direct monetary policies including OUR being bribed to need more and more currency in order to pay for OUR necessities etc. All my opinion here which doesn’t include this as investment advice for anyone to follow without doing their own due diligence.

    RUSS S, CA. (One Of Our Broke, Fiat Money Corrupt States)

    • john says:

      russ what you say is true but it is too late. there is no gold left in the the fed or fort knox anymore only tungsten plated bars . even Germany got a couple of those in the measly 5 tons of the thirty they were supposed to get in the last year. America is bankrupt has no gold (china has most of it now) and they are a heartbeat of crashing the stockmarket . the people of America elected a muslim president that is hell bent on destroying America by destroying the currency , picking fights everywhere, opening the borders to a hord of illegals with no medicals, starting the ebola virus, and buying 30000 guiliteins to take care of the dissidents and Christians when the currency fails. haven’t heard of agenda 21 from the un . America is doomed to be a banana republic. the militias in America know this and are preparing for a civil war to take back the govmt from the rothchild bankers and put the constitution back in force that is why obuma I militerising the police force. the economy of the us will utterly crash in 2015-2016 and millions of peoples blood will flow….. prepare people….

  11. RUSS SMITH says:

    Hi!, Patrons Of Shah Giliani’s Wall Street Insights & Indictments Et. Al.:

    With knowing that there is a sense of sadness in the shale oil patch plus gladness in the smiling faces of consumers getting a break in gas prices, let me share some observations that some of you may or may not understand accordingly already at this point in time:

    First and foremost the oil infrastructure in the Middle East is in no way Arab centric, because it was produced by Western Interests decades ago and we all know their names don’t we? These entities are very sophisticated in their approaches to their oil concerns especially salvaging their profit requirements. How do they insure those profits unto themselves; so that they NEVER get away from them? The use the futures markets. For example reader let’s assume their roles and we know we are going to collapse the price of oil. What can we do in order to insure we get THE higher prices while the spot oil market plunges? We simply purchase oil puts which is to sell our oil up to more than 2 years for delivery into the future at a higher price prior to OUR flooding the market and plunge the oil prices. If we sell oil out for over 2 years at say $110 per barrel and we in the meantime plunge oil to $40 per barrel in the present spot market over that time period, when the time comes for us to deliver OUR oil, we merely buy back our own oil at the present day cheaper spot prices and we are big enough to deliver it to our customers aren’t we? These are in my opinion very prosperous times for the major oil companies who have the infrastructure to both produce oil to hedge and oil that they deliver when contracts come due in the future. As the price of oil stabilizes at the lower spot price being supported, we can buy contracts to hold for more than 2 years which we hold until the small and large speculators create another bull rise in spot oil prices all over again. Throughout these bull – bear cycles we are large enough aren’t we as majors to both buy at the bottom of oil’s trading range and sell at the top insuring we make huge profits in both directions without the inherent risks borne by the small and large speculators upon whom we depend to create OUR profitable trends in both directions year in and year out. So, don’t you dear reader feel one moment of sorrow for the major oil companies. This will be among their highest paying profit cycles for some time and it NEVER ends for them; unless they completely throw in the towel and quite the oil business entirely. Oil can be stored for very long terms and during these times of storage it can be transported also to the terminals whereby it will be usefully sold in different regions nationally and internationally as well.

    RUSS S, CA. (One Of Our Broke, Fiat Money Corrupt Sites)

  12. Aleah says:

    6All of you have brought great knowledge to the table . Of which is most appreciated !
    We all must remember who holds the future .
    Life is so short when we live life in view of eternity.

    This country was founded on freedom .
    One day all will have to give a account of our actions so
    no matter what happens the bottom line is we are all just passing thru .

    Yes America needs to wake up to the truth ! Also we all need to due our do diligence like many of you have and really know what is going on behind the scenes. But most of all we must remeber the golden rule to do unto others as you would like them to do to you .

    The four letter word Love is the key .I pray America will wake up and I pray for the people of America to wake up or judgement will fall on this Nation.

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