3 Responses to Guru Conversation: The Oil and Stocks Rally Most Investors Don’t See Coming

  1. daniel K. says:

    You have both Saudi Arabia and possibly China making war of on American oil and gas companies to benefit themselves. Saudi Arabia for long term benefit of their market share, and China for their shout term benefit of the price they have to pay for oil. Allows China to buy reserves in the ground at a much lower price. Thus when you are dealing with countries affecting to market be careful of how you bet (invest).


    When Shah Gilani said ‘I’m an Opportunist”, I heard that loud and clear.

    If you missed that statement or, don’t know exactly what that statement means, you better hand your investment cash to an RIA to invest FOR you.

    As someone who profits no matter if markets go Up or Down, I mainly look at the ‘momentum’ going on in a market.

    After all, I don’t like waiting any length of time for my trade positions to move and generate profit.

    So I look for the those markets that are SETTING-UP or JUST STARTING to be ‘movers’ (in a very liquid market).

    Oil’s momentum has been GREAT this year – both on the downside AND the upside breaks in the downside action.

    So has the S&P500 and NASDAQ Indexes. And the EUR/USD is always a trader’s dream come true.

    You should be able to guess by now what I’m saying – trade Momentum (with the proper strategy) and you’ll generate profits no matter what the market. But make certain that the market is LIQUID.

  3. Presto says:

    Wait ’til a major Country starts beating on the other type of war drums. Then we’ll see if the current low price of black gold can be controlled by Saudi and China.

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