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Your Top Five Money Questions – Send ‘Em In

24 | By Shah Gilani

When it comes to making money, there is one singular, sad truth.

Growing up, we weren’t taught a thing about it.

Why is that?

Of all the things we need to learn in order to achieve a decent standard of living, money, markets and investing is No. 1. As they say, money can’t buy happiness, but money is what makes a happy life and retirement possible.

But most people are ignorant about money.

I don’t want you to be most people.

That’s why today I’m asking for your top five questions about money: how it comes into being, what it really is and how to value it.

So, if you have any questions money, about stock markets and other trading venues or about investing and trading, I want you to send them to me right away.

Just keep reading to find out how…

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Meet the New Mortgage Rules – They’re the Same as the Old Ones

9 | By Shah Gilani

And you thought the federal government was getting out of the mortgage guaranteeing and backstopping business.

In fact, the feds are not only not getting out of the mortgage business, but they’re already blowing up the next bubble.

As a result, the Great Recession – spawned by the credit crisis, easy-money mortgages and low interest rates – is going to make a comeback.

We already have artificially low interest rates, so check that box. All we have to do now is start dishing out easy mortgages again.

Well, we can now check that box, too…

The Contagion Worse than Ebola?

2 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

Global growth is going the wrong way. The lynchpin? Europe. “The U.S. is the cleanest dirty shirt in the laundry once again,” says Shah. In fact, he joined Varney & Co. to report the issues facing Europe will cause contagion in the U.S. In fact, Shah believes the markets are headed for a major swoon and pinpoints where most of the selling will inevitably occur.

Shah also weighs in on one of the most shocking bankruptcy filings of the week and shares which stock he believes is “hugely overrated.”

Fear Is Making the Markets Go Crazy

7 | By Shah Gilani

It’s no surprise to you that here at Wall Street Insights & Indictments I like indicting the crooks and con artists that slither around Wall Street.

But as much as I like the indictments part, Wall Street insights are increasingly important.

It’s fun to ferret out rodents on the Street, but making money there is even more fun.

Right now it’s time for some insights on what’s happening in the market. Because it matters – a lot…

Let’s Watch as the Big Bank “Fixers” Scramble and Flee

12 | By Shah Gilani

If you can’t beat ’em (or manipulate ’em), then don’t join ’em.

That’s the new Wall Street mantra, as evidenced by happenings in the “fixing” world.

Talk about irony. “Fixing” or “fix” are Wall Street terms used to describe how benchmarks are priced on hundreds of instruments, from the Libor and other foreign currency exchange rates to gold, silver and swaps.

In all fairness, “fix” didn’t start out as a Wall Street term.

It’s been around, but Wall Street eagerly joined ’em.

Now, join me as I tell you all about this fix we’re in…

Here’s What the Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes Really Mean

9 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

Here’s how screwed we really are.

The economy is growing – imperceptibly

It’s like trying to watch grass grow, but it’s growing.

How do you feel about that?

And we’re being told that unemployment has been falling, steadily, like sap from a maple tree in winter. That is, unless you consider how many people aren’t included in the headline number because they’re not looking for work anymore, or that the newly employed are mostly part-timers because they’re cheaper to hire, easier to fire, and don’t have to be covered by healthcare plans.

Still, unemployment is down. How do you feel about that?

Before you give me your answers, keep reading, because I’ve got many more questions…