Feds’ Explanation for Ammo Buys Isn’t Very Illuminating

39 | By Shah Gilani

I wrote Thursday’s column after my well-connected friend informed me his high-in-the-ranks Department of Homeland Security buddy told him DHS was preparing for the collapse of the U.S. dollar.

This weekend I did a lot of digging on the subject of the feds stockpiling ammo.

First of all, I was wrong about police forces in the United States not being allowed to use hollow-point ammo. It used to be outlawed, but it’s not anymore.

Years ago I asked a couple of police officer friends why they couldn’t use hollow points in their work, but civilians could buy and use them for hunting. They told me, by law, they were not permitted to use them in their service revolvers. That was back when they actually used revolvers.

For a long time police forces adhered to the same rules armies around the world still adhere to, the Hague Convention of 1899.

According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, “Like the Declaration of Saint Petersburg of 1868, the Hague Declaration (IV, 3) of 1899 gives expression, with regard to a particular bullet, to the customary rule prohibiting the use of weapons which inflict unnecessarily cruel wounds. The Declaration is aimed at the Dum-Dum bullet which is so called after the arsenal near Calcutta where the bullet was first made.”

In other words, the Hague Convention outlawed Dum-Dum, or hollow-point, bullets because they are deadly.

But isn’t that the point of bullets – to be effective killing devices? Read on, and I’ll try to unravel this seemingly dunderheaded idea for you…

Doing the Math

In war, we use less effective killing ammo – full-metal-jacket bullets (FMJ) – because it takes more men and money to retrieve and care for wounded soldiers than dead ones, which raises the cost of war. That’s why armies don’t use hollow points.

Police are another story. Though they adhered to the Hague rules for years, eventually American cities, counties and states passed laws authorizing police to use hollow-point bullets.

The reasoning is twofold. FMJ rounds more easily pierce targets, ricochet and cause collateral damage. And because police are authorized to use “deadly force,” the more effective stopping and killing power of hollow points makes them almost standard issue today. The New York Police Department, for example, switched to hollow-point ammo in 1998.

You get it: Hollow-point rounds are for killing.

They are also more expensive than FMJ rounds.

So when the Homeland Security’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Center wants to buy 1.6 billion rounds of hollow-point ammunition, they’re probably not for target practice.

That’s right, DHS is out soliciting bids to buy 1.6 billion rounds of hollow-point ammo. It bought 360,000 rounds in 2013 and 1.5 billion rounds in 2012.

Other federal agencies have been buying large quantities of hollow-point ammo too.

In 2011, the Federal Bureau of Investigation put out bids for 100 million rounds of hollow-point ammo.

More recently, the Social Security Administration just ordered 174,000 rounds of .357 sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow points. The Department of Agriculture this year bought 320,000 rounds. The National Weather Service bought 46,000 rounds. And the U.S. Postal Service is stockpiling hollow points, too.

This is all a matter of federal records. You can find this data on the Internet, from official sources. There’s also a lot of rubbish on the Internet alluding to conspiracy theories about why these agencies, which have no apparent reason to be ordering massive quantities of ammo, are in fact amassing huge stockpiles.

But if you dig a little deeper, some of these “large” purchases aren’t crazy.

The Department of Agriculture’s purchase of 320,000 rounds makes perfect sense. It administers 155 national forests and 20 national grasslands comprising 193 million acres of land, an area twice as big as Japan or Germany.

And the National Weather Service buying 46,000 rounds isn’t crazy either. The ammo is for the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement. That unit has 63 armed personnel, meaning each was issued 730 rounds. Target shooters will use that much ammo in a few outings to the range.

All the other seemingly odd agencies that purchase ammo have an “Office of the Inspector General” that houses their “Criminal Investigation Division.” Officers in the criminal division execute warrants and apprehend suspected criminals, so ammo purchases make sense.

That leaves the Department of Homeland Security.

DHS incorporates the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the National Protection and Programs Directorate (check that one out yourself), the U.S. Coast Guard, and U.S. Secret Service.

Now, with all those “agents” and “officers,” maybe a couple billion rounds of hollow points add up to all that much.

However, while a lot of the “hype” about feds stockpiling ammo can logically explained, it doesn’t mean they aren’t preparing for the collapse of the dollar and civil chaos.

Keep reading, because I’m going to be telling you how we are going to prepare.

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39 Responses to Feds’ Explanation for Ammo Buys Isn’t Very Illuminating

  1. Peter says:


    During the height of the Gulf War our military was only firing a couple million rounds a month! There are far more soldiers shooting guns than DHS. DHS has enough ammo for a 20 year war against the American ppeople based off the gulf war ammo usage. Also, since the hollow points are against the law for military that means they can only be used domestically against us. Added to which, you do not target shoot with hollow points because of the high cost.
    When the story of mass purchases of ammo by DHS came out it was only conspiracy theory from the mainstream media. When the cat was out of the bag the official story was target/qualifying for agents. When Congress questioned them they said they bought in bulk to save the tax payer money. Since when do any of them care about saving us money. Prime example is we are 17.5 trillion in debt. Why have they also bought mass amounts of body armor and bullet proof toll booths? I believe it’s far more sinister than you are making it out to be. Way to inform the people of what is going on out there, but please don’t try to dismiss the seriousness of the situation!
    Last question. Why has our police force been militarized with Mrap =mine resistance armor vehicle and drones?
    All I can say is you don’t put a condom on unless your ready to use it!


      Where do you get this government ‘DEBT’ from?

      Say I’m the government – and create 1 Million USD to go into the economy.

      And say that you go into your bank and borrow that 1 Million for investment purposes.

      But it turns out that you make a bad bet and lose that 1 Million.

      Did I, the government, create a DEBT – or am I simply a creator of currency that’s been distributed into the economy?

      YOU’RE in debt. You’ve got to find 1 Million to pay off your lender or YOU and all your assets are going into bankruptcy.

      But what of the 1 Million that I created?

      Where did it go?

      Is it LOST? No.

      Was it destroyed? No.


      The Currency that I, as the government, created for the economy is STILL in the economy – acting as a beneficial economic force just as I intended it to be.

      It’s just that YOU aren’t the beneficiary – someone ELSE is.

      Point – The purpose of Currency is NEVER destroyed. Currency is ALWAYS beneficial.

      Currency can ONLY be created and put into society by the national government.

      The government is NEVER in ‘debt’ – because it’s a Currency Creator (unlike you, me, households, state and local governments. We’re all Currency USERS) and government can create ALL the currency it pleases to achieve the social purposes it pleases.

      The rest of us USE the Currency that was created by our national government and transfer the Currency from the ‘distribution channels’ (banks) into our pockets. We do this by borrowing the currency and providing goods and services for our nation and/or any foreign person, group, or nation who may want to trade with us.

      But the government is NEVER in ‘debt’ – the currency it creates is simply TRANSFORMED into goods and services (social use) by the people it was intended to serve.

      Proof of this is when the government does NOT produce enough Currency for its society to be vibrant, prosperous and healthy, and instead, suffocates its society and starts producing UNEMPLOYED people, CRASHING businesses, CUTTING social services, etc etc etc .

      Get the point?

      Now, I’m just waiting to see Gilani’s reason for why the USD is going to crash.

      Well, it ISN’T.

      The USD is going to grow stronger than ANY one ever believed possible.

      And I’ve got $1000 to back my claim. Any takers on this gentleman’s bet?

      • Tom says:

        Alan, I do appreciate the passion with which you speak about the topic of gov’t indebtedness…. however, your underlying principles and philosophies do not match up with reality as defined and structured by world-wide institutions. Although “the people” of the US own the debt which the US Gov’t created on our behalf in the interest of its “people”, it is still none the less the Debt of the Government of the United States, and NOT debt in the name/title of every citizen. The correct way to look at it is that the US is like a corporation or, if you prefer, a social not for profit entity. The US citizens are bond holders or equity partners who can keep/hold the debt, or walk away from it and abandon the entity (not pay the bonds, ie default). But institutionally, the US Gov’t has managed (all be it, badly) its social/defense/commercial operations and therein created a debt from its management (mismanagement).

        The debt is real, and evidenced by very real bonds, contracts and institutions.
        The will of the people and its politicians, ie that which is the very essence and investors behind the meaning of the phrase, “…the good faith and credit of the United States” that appears on the bonds/contracts is the issue.

        The bond and credit ratings of the USA will continue to degrade as the will of the people that are the good faith and credit of the United States wains greatly.

        People are growing weary and wary of the debt.
        It is at 100% of GDP, and a GDP that no longer sustains its people because it is 90% service oriented (if you include gov’t as service) and only 9-10% manufacturing, which is where wealth creation comes from… to make something… to add value.

        The dollar will die… it is coming. It is a fiat currency of the Federal Reserve Bank.
        I repeat, it is a currency from the Fed Reserve Bank, and it is NOT the currency issued formally by the USA. the USA backs the currency of the Fed Reserve as a promissory note… it is a “note”. It is a “stock certificate” in the “value of the USA”.

        What is the value of the USA right now?
        How is the USA balance sheet? positive or negative?
        The federal lands, properties and assets of the USA do not add up to 17 trillion dollars.
        They certainly do not add up to 22 trillion (the estimate by 2020) and far and away do not add up to the 80 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities promised by a bad managers and politicians of the US Government.

        Every corporation or non-profit entity must report on its balance sheet all liabilities that are contractually obligated under (not just current debt, but long-term debt also).

        Therefore, the debt is NOT really just 17 trillion, but a staggering number that the USA currently is contracted/obligated under for the next 15 years.

        The only way for the USA gov’t to show a positive balance sheet position over the next 15 years is for the government to include higher taxation and/or confiscation of the asset values of the citizens … which is against the constitution to seize the property and assets of its citizens.

        So… we are at an impasse. The US Gov’t IS PREPARING for the POSSIBILITY of the collapse of the dollar and the ensuing turmoil/carnage… so why aren’t you willing to accept that? why isn’t every man/woman who loves their child and family aware and preparing for the day of reckoning that is coming at us all at light speed?

        Too scary. Too hard to wrap our hands around. Too willing to listen to philosophies about social construction and communal sharing/living that are rooted in fallacy and IGNORES the truth, reality and contractual ends that exist today. It is done.

        There is a way out, but there is no political or social will to sacrifice in the way for the next 10 years required to get ourselves out of the mess. To undue the contracts the US Gov’t has made with its citizens… to change the debt structure.

        So the impasse will insure a death of the dollar (the Fed Reserve Note) and will insure a new currency. A new promise of a brighter future with a new fiat note… but doing so also makes the pain/suffering/carnage of the average US citizen a reality.

        That is our institutional truth.
        It has nothing to do with a social philosophy.

        Good luck to all.
        Think smart, live smart, demand that smart people do the right thing in Washington… for a change.

        And good luck to you and others in Transition Philadelphia!

        • ALAN STEINBRONN says:

          Your entire conception of the USD is based on the premise that the US currency is a ‘stock’ certificate and the US gov is a ‘corporation’?

          Are you JOKING?

          You’ve equated our sovereign gov to a ‘corporation’? You DO realize that corporations have to BORROW to exist, don’t you?

          NOT SO for our sovereign gov.

          Your premise and your entire conception of how our sovereign gov operates monetarily is a SICK JOKE – a FATAL MISTAKE in Monetary Understanding.

          The USD is a facilitator of human production-social purpose.


          And our government (we the people), in order to facilitate our own wealth–social purpose, create our own facilitator to do so — the USD.

          Our Currency Creator (our sovereign gov) can create UNLIMITED AMOUNTS of our facilitator (currency) to achieve our social purpose.

          It’s the Currency USER (borrower) that’s on the HOOK to make good on our currency that they borrowed.

          And if the USER can’t make good on THEIR DEBT, THEIR assets are seized and THEY become worthless-bankrupt.

          And where dd their borrowed currency go?

          Did it DISAPPEAR?


          POOF! – like magic?

          NO – it exists and is still ACTIVE in the economy facilitating economic purpose from the hands of those who received the currency from the bankrupted borrower, and this ACTIVE currency ONLY becomes INACTIVE when those who are using this currency pay off THEIR debts.

          THEN the currency disappears.

          ONLY a Currency User can go bankrupt-worthless – NOT the currency CREATOR.

          Let me tell you that you’ll be waiting until HELL FREEZES OVER before the USD itself becomes ‘worthless’.

          • Masgrande says:

            How do you explain the loss of value of the dollar since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913? A dollar today is worth only a few cents compared to what it was then. How is that not a loss of value?

        • Patriotic Pat says:

          Please start now to make provisions for the feeding and safety of your family. The clock is ticking on preparation time. If we fail to prepare then prepare to FAIL. Get real and stop depending on your govt. They will not be able to the needs of 350 plus million people. Get long term foods, water purification as well as energy sources, meds, defensive tools, silver and gold in fractional denominations. This is real! It will happen sooner than expected as the wheels are in full motion as we speak. God bless and unify your family and friendly contacts as they will all play a viable role in survival.

        • ALAN STEINBRONN says:

          The currency of the Weimar Republic was based on the gold – the ‘gold standard’.

          When you have a fixed amount of a commodity-currency priced globally in fixed terms, yet the amount of ‘paper receipts’ you create to represent that fixed amount of commodity-currency is printed beyond ANY sanity, well of course you end up in ruin.

          The ‘paper receipts’ the Germans were working and producing for, and receiving in compensation for their social production and activity, were being printed beyond the value of the gold amount the German government owned.

          Do NOT confuse locking one’s currency to a commodity and locking one’s currency to social production.

          The US, and EVERY sovereign nation, creates their currency to foster PRODUCTION-WORK-WEALTH within their society. This is the purpose of ‘Fiat Currency’ (a government creation).

          Had the Weimar Republic been based on Fiat Currency instead of Gold, its demise would NEVER have happened.

          • Daryl Curtin says:

            One question? The Fed has printed trillions…..if it were one dollar bills it would reach to the moon and back, twice. That’s alot of paper….where are the good jobs all this was suppose to creat? Why are 46 million getting food stamps in what’s suppose to be the riched country in the world? Seems to me if the dollar is so strong it would take les of them to buy almost anything compared to 10 years ago. Supply and demand….too many apples…they’re all worth less….too many dollars….they’re all worth less. China knows that….doesn’t want any more of them (dollars) and when we lose reserve currency and can’t print any more….what will they be worth….nothing. Who would take a $1000 bet? At pay off time it will be worth nothing. Want to make that 100 ounces of gold?

          • John D says:

            To Alan and All :
            We have a fractional reserve banking and currency system. This fractional reserve system, during a credit expansion and robust economic environment, takes what is X dollars of created currency from the FED, and turns it into 9X currency, through this fractional multiplier effect and minimal reserve requirement. This creates a lot of leverage on the upside, and great profit for the banks. All this is great when the economy is strong; the loan portfolio is performing, and the banks are making money head over heals on created cash that is not real. In a down economy, however, when loans are going bad, the multiplying effect works in reverse, and extinguishes cash at a 9X rate for every loan that is paid off, and every loan that defaults. What this means, is that if 1/9 of a typical banks loan portfolio goes bad, the entire equity of a bank is wiped out, and the bank goes insolvement. Its why we have bank runs, or did…but don;t be fooled, we can even have them today. If 1/9 of the customers want their cash paid out from the bank the bank is wiped out. This bankrupts those same banks. If you recall Lehman, Bear, and Long Term Capital Management, the company that was leveraged as high as 50:1, you understand how what would be a small bump in the financial environment becomes devastating. As an FYI, the FED only has about $50B in equity against a balance sheet of over $4.3 TRILLION. When their is a liquidity squeeze brought on a financial collapse in this environment, it is when you start to get loans called in, payments owed defaulted on, general assets and incomes plummet in a rush to the exits to get paid or liquid for any one holding loaned assets, debt, etc. In this environment, counter-party risk is immense, and what you thought was a high value house that you could sell, that was paying you a nice rental income, may drop beneath your loan value, and stop paying you at all. You are now becoming upside down. Your stock portfolio shrinks, etc. Good luck Alan, your phantom currency you believe that is in the economy has been wiped out by the collapse in assets, and the insolvency of the people who have lost the value. This was also what happened in the bust, and 2007/8.

      • Milan Matusik says:

        You are trully mentally deficient, evidently liberal. Not much to add, use your 1000$ to seek help. By your theory the richest Empire in the world would be presently the Soviet union. Funny, when I lived over there and that time I met lots of lunatics who would agree with your view of economy.
        God help you and America since there is evidently way too many of your ilk around, after all somebody had to elect Obama.

        Deus Vult,


      • Will Harden says:

        You must be a Keynesian. I have one question for you.
        How are we going avoid having the Dollar lose it’s reserve currency status?
        In the last 600 years there have six global reserve currencies controlled by superpowers. All six of these currencies have collapsed in about 80 years. We got the dollar on as a reserve currency in 1944 just 70 yrs ago.
        I talking about Portugal 1400-1480 Spain 1500-1580
        Netherlands 1540- 1720 France 1720 -1800 and UK 1860-1925.
        I have always considered Keynesians as being BS economists who try to defend Fiat currencies.

    • Janet Norcott says:

      Peter may be correct in that the target could be citizens. In the Immigration Bill the US Border Patrol agents will be unarmed. No Bullets. Drones will be unarmed, easy to shoot down. In that same Bill, Homeland Security is given absolute power via administrative directive bypassing Congress. The Agricultural Dept will be given power not related to Agriculture. And who does the Forest service monitor? The American.citizen! . In California there is a Complex with a fence higher than the Border fence. It looks like a jail, but degenerate Brown is letting Criminals out of jail for lack of jail space Both parties go along with this. In California 1/3 of the criminals being fed and housed in jail are illegals This beyond incompetence, neglect, out of touch with the American people, this is treason. the real problem is that we have become a nation of non thinking cowards. .

  2. John McIntyre says:

    If you do the math, the amount of ammunition is enough for 5-6 rounds per citizen. It is more important to the government to Have the rounds, rather than whether of not they conform to the Geneva Convention. When approached, one ammunition manufacturer asked if it was permissible to fill the order with hollow-point rounds, rather than the FMJ (full metal jacket) requested. You can go on-line and find a PDF of the original RFP, and it did not specify the type of ammunition. The “wild card” in all of this is DHS, and the departments it encompasses. HOWEVER, you can easily fire 100+ rounds at your local gun range in an afternoon. BUT, I think the USMC uses less ammunition than 1.6 B per year. My wild-ass, skeptical self thinks that the US government wants to buy up the supply of ammunition (shortages are already making themselves felt) to keep it out of the hands of the Citizens. An unarmed man is a “subject” while a armed man is a “Citizen”. I won’t turn this into a 2nd Amendment rant, as there are more eloquent folks who have already done so.

    • Brent A says:

      Hmm. I think it’s closer to 500+ rounds per citizen.

      Either way, I’m still curious as to where all the 22 caliber ammo is going. It’s a great round to teach people with, and I wonder why it’s so hard to come by and expensive when it is found…for the last 2 years. I find it hard to believe the government is buying it all up…

      Wish I had a friend at CCI to get a real explanation on the subject!

  3. larry thomason says:

    Many problems in the world could be improved with technologies I have developed. The drought in California could have been avoided in large part had they listened. One new tech. could transform the way we fight grass, brush and forest fires. Sending water from rivers to lower Texas and northern Mexico will reverse immigration. Legalizing all drugs will stop much of the violence in Mexico.

    I could go on and on with mega solutions but no one listens. I’m old now and fifty years of work are headed for the grave and the planet and it’s inhabitants will needlessly suffer.

    • Marc Pardini says:

      It has been said and done before, that, “One person can make a difference”!

      If you feel that you have a game changer, don’t lament, pitch a tent! I might have coined a new phrase! People are willing to listen more than ever before. You have more power through the greatest tool invented by man at your finger tips. You can reach millions on people of all ages and walks of life in seconds, hours and days faster than the ice age that you seemingly sound like you emerged from. “The pen IS mightier than the sword” and governments know this fact. Pass your ideas through social medias, Gov. reform and petition groups and networking sites. I for one am listening and hate all the BS and agendas we are fed by controlled media and elected officials! It’s time for everyone to stop bitching and crying, take action today. I say this from my own experiences. Don’t let good ideas and life works die with you. Life passes too quickly so, Shout don’t Pout!!!

    • aye says:

      Hi Larry. No need to let all that beneficial knowledge go to the grave unappreciated by your fellow hu-man. Have you heard of community- or public-owned/shared intellectual property, or anything of that sort (somebody help me to explain to him how he [and others] can “gift”or other avenues he can utilize to contribute his information to the general benefit of greater humanity). Listen-up, Larry. And keep the faith, brother. We are with anything you offer that will help benefit all our miserable human condition here amongst the greedy gangsters and their paid armies of henchmen-for-hire (can you spell “Gladio”, or “Blackwater”, “ISIS” or “false-flag”? [over 12 years ago I predicted and posted that “drones” would be coming to a city-near-you!]), of the planet, while we less- psychopathic people continue to have “champagne wishes” for a chance to at least someday live a comfortable life before we expire- on to the next electrical existence (…those who would sacrifice liberty for comfort deserve neither, liberty nor comfort…may your life be interesting- get off your asses and PLOT AND DO SOMETHING to save your families and your country…damned selfish, money grubbing, “non-#%*$@^!” couch-potato cowards!). Help Larry out. Help us out. Hell, help yourselves out! This is serious shit. Get busy!

  4. Bradley James says:

    The Zionist Bolsheviks are in charge today . After WW2 they sent homeless poor european jews to Palestine in 1947 . In 1948 they took those trained poor jews and used them to steal Palestinian land through military assault and acts of genocide funded by the USA and is still going on today..
    The Zionist Bolsheviks in DC , with their world banker pals and NATO , are now flooding us with illegals from SA with the intent of the same strategy. These illegals will be trained to take down the citizens of the USA who for the most part support the 2nd amendment and will fight the Zionist world banker tyranny. .
    BuyGuns andBullets andStock up on all basics.

  5. Ruth says:

    I have read this same info elsewhere in a credible source. It is frightening in several respects, especially when one looks at the militarization of police forces across the US, even in small towns like Ferguson, Mo. The last two administrations in DC have treated the US Constitution like “TP.” It does not portend will for the future of liberty, does it?

  6. Knobby says:


    Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your articles.
    It is difficult to justify some of the actions of our hardworking friends inside the beltway sometimes.

    This article may just get you off the TSA “no fly list”.
    Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

  7. Rick says:

    are there ways to keep my money out of the hands of the government and to protect it from a U.S. dollar collapse

  8. Aaron says:

    Shah. thank you for writing more about this and taking it seriously. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and not giving into the radical conspiracy theory side of the issue.

    Unfortunately some of your readers will undoubtedly use the discussion of this topic as an opportunity to rant and rave and spout all sorts of warped hate filled nonsense that passes as some kind of political history of the modern world.
    In other words all of those websites that you mentioned that can see only one possible explanation for these massive ammunition purchases are the same ones that see one simplified group of demonic individuals orchestrating all evil in The world.

    • John D says:

      Dear Aaron and Shah : use of deadly force does not mean you must use it to kill. Hollow-tip bullets make it much more likely the targets will end up dead, vs. wounded. I didn’t know that we were to forgo trial by juries and let the various governmental forces become judges and executioners of the citizenry.
      Shah – your statement of our governmental forces, who should protect and serve, now being on a mission to be truly ‘deadly’, vs using lethal force to incapacitate but not kill a citizen, is no small elegant oversight or mis-portrayal of what the intention of the local and federal law enforcement has become. You also have not explained why, because armed militaries in conflicts choose to use full metal jacket bullets vs hollow point, due to the logistical impositions wounded place on the enemy, that the practice is OUTLAWED internationally due to it being INHUMANE. Nice apologetic piece for a horrible new practice, from someone whose writings I normally admire and enjoy.

  9. Brent A says:

    I’m glad to see that the Hollow Point (HP) issue concerning police was corrected.

    I had previously heard that police currently prefer to use these HP’s (at least in part) due to the fact that FMJ rounds penetrate thru their target to hit fellow officers…and of course down-range innocents.

    Oh yeah…you do use HP rounds to target shoot…only to make sure your weapon will cycle them reliably though. With government issue weapons, I doubt that many trial runs are needed.

    Either way, I’m a fan of making sure that the target you hit is the only target affected. As for DHS’s goal in the future…well, lets just say I fear for my child’s future.

    We’ve all played a part on this road. Some more-so than others.

    Thank-you for your writing’s!!

  10. Tod says:

    Back in the Civil War more people (soldiers) died from disease and dysentery
    then died from warfare. It will one day most likely be the same scenario.
    When civil unrest escalates one would not want to be in the big cities.
    The biggest threats could come from friends and neighbors wanting to take
    from each other. It could be difficult.
    Guns, ammo, etc. are currently very easy to obtain and factoring in inflation, inexpensive.
    The guvmint is run by many central planners that operate with little to no
    insight into history. They have been dumbed down by public school edgumicationists who teach nonsense.
    The printing and spending of money is the holy grail. You have to know that
    this is the greatest sign of over taxation.

  11. randy A says:

    dum dum bullets are used by the mafia to kill people. It seems we dont want to bring people to justice, when its cheaper to dispense justice. The government after all is the ultimate form of organized crime!

    • Brent A says:

      I agree with a lot of that statement.

      I can also appreciate saving the tax payer the expense of a trial, and subsequent incarceration for some of the things that people have done in this world.

  12. Maxwell says:


    I have heard this issue in the c-o-n-spriacy circles for quite awhile now. I do not know that those circles are anymore offbase than the ones that talk about money issues coming up in the future from some of these affiliates that are linked to all kinds of financial education and investment sites.

    What bothers me, is that for awhile those two worlds were separated, and I could live with that. With your article, these worlds have crossed over and I am bothered by it. With all the high tech stuff going on, I am not sure what is being filtered and funneled to me but I have to say, seeing you talk about the stockpiling, is bothersome now.

    Overwhelm, overpower, overcome is the motto if I understand it correctly. Stand and fight, stand and defend, sounds good in theory…but given the three words above, how can anyone stand long?



      You seem to be mistaking the ‘symptom’ for the ’cause’.

      Don’t look at Social Unrest as the end-all of horrors.

      Social Unrest is simply a symptom caused by the IGNORANCE of politicians who don’t understand Monetary Theory in a Sovereign Society.

      Remedy their ignorance, and – POOF – Social Unrest COMPLETELY disappears.

      Armed to the teeth swat teams of soldiers with guns, black helicopters, armored vehicles etc disappear.

      State, City, and Community poverty, suffering and violence disappear.

      The REMEDY that makes all these terrors and nightmares disappear like a bad dream is the correct understanding of how a sovereign nations’ Monetary System works

      Use it the RIGHT WAY and all of a sudden prosperity, creativity, innovation and the joy of living returns.

      A mental disease called STUPIDITY has overtaken almost every politician everywhere in that they actually think national deficits are BAD – and national surpluses are GOOD.

      The TRUTH is just the opposite – national deficits are GOOD and a NECESSITY – and national surpluses are BAD and DESTRUCTIVE.

      Currency (a nations Lifeblood) gets put into a society from only ONE source – from its creator, the national government. Note I didn’t say ‘borrower’. A Creator of Currency NEVER borrows its own currency. It’s not only impossible but what would be the reason?

      Now, if the national government doesn’t create enough ‘tickets’ to the Game of Society, guess what? Not everybody gets to ‘play’. Period.

      EVERY government that ever cut back on its currency creation has CRASHED its society, caused unnecessary social and economic pain & suffering, and brought their society to the edge of destruction.

      This threat of bullets is TINY compared to the MASSIVE threat of Monetary Ignorance.

      Set your focus on curing the Cause – not the symptom.

      • Brent A says:

        “The TRUTH is just the opposite – national deficits are GOOD and a NECESSITY – and national surpluses are BAD and DESTRUCTIVE.” ??

        I’m not an economist, but my understanding of money is that it’s essentially another commodity. If a massive amount of any commodity is created, or hits the market, it’s value goes way down. If nobody wants that commodity (we need other countries to need our dollars, or we wont be able to trade our dollars for what we need) it becomes useless.

        We’re already seeing the rest of the world moving away from our money. We won’t be able to afford our imports under our current pricing structure. The cost of several things to meet our needs will skyrocket, massive ripples will cause untold changes in our financial systems…

        So I can’t quite agree that our running a deficit and devaluing our dollar is a good thing. Of course, I’m not an expert either…

      • cactusbob says:

        Joe Biden will be thrilled to read your comment, Alan, and this nation should be thriving very soon. That will be the proof of your pudding, but I won’t hold my breath.

  13. spotem says:

    ‘Gone brain-dead, Shah? “Hollow-Point” for TARGET PRACTICE!? Greater cost aside, ‘not sure how you can “kill” a paper target any more thoroughly than merely penetrating it, so please elaborate on a/any rationale for using HP against a piece of paper as a matter of “practicing” firearm proficiency. My own “conspiracy theory” is two-pronged: (1) stockpile for (potential) domestic law enforcement agency use against “legally-designated domestic terrorists” (amongst the Homeland Citizenry); and, (2) overwhelm domestic suppliers of such ammo with highest-priority “national security” purchase orders with the explicit secondary purpose of thereby directly physically reducing/eliminating availability (if not also via affordability) to the general public (a/k/a Homeland Citizenry). I do not own/possess a firearm at present.

    • Caden Tully says:

      Conspiracy prong #2 is definitely plausible in my mind as everything goes back to money, money, money…

  14. Kent Greenough says:


    These activities or arming up the police and now the mass purchase of ammunitions has been going on for over 20 years. In California for example, many of the small towns, once using county sheriff’s and other county resources began to incorporate as state and county funds were syphoned off to various vote buying activities. As these newly minted towns needed more revenue, they turned to their newly minted police departments to increase their revenues by various fines and arrests.

    My once sleepy little town of Rancho Cordova and many surrounding towns in Sacramento County made this change in the late 90’s. Pretty soon, the towns were littered with speed traps, intersection cameras, etc. When that was not enough, the next thing was to have the police cars follow you for blocks, looking for any possible infractions, registration, tail lights, failing to signal, etc. It got to the point where I would just pull off the road and park!

    All early signs of a bankrupt welfare state is it starts seeing the citizens as merely cows to be milked for the benefit of the state, county, or city. Property taxes during this time on my home went from $1,200 annually to $5,200 in only 5 years after incorporation despite the various laws, as these were labeled “fees” not taxes. Oh yeah. So I closed my business, sold the house and moved to Tennessee.

    Fast forward six years, and the local sheriff department are armed better than my Marines in Viet Nam!!! Add all the federal agencies now telling me what I could and could not do on my 72 acres farm and I had had enough.

    What has been happening very quietly and purposefully is the extinguishing of personel freedoms and rights to finance governments and silence any complaints. The US Constitution today is seen by our own governement as a dangerous and subversive document.

    There are no personal property rights left in the US, everything you think you own is subject to seisure by any number of government agencies for “non compliance”. Free speech, HA! Just ask the former Clipper’s owner about comments made in a private conversation, not publically, repugnant as it was, he was once free to speak his mind, just like we were free not to watch or support his team.

    So, not to exceed the pages of the Bible, let’s sum it up this way, you are no longer a citizen in the US, you are a “subject”, you have no rights, period, only obligations to the state.

    What is not being said or understood in the US is that the real issues behind places like Furguson, MO, is that on average, there are three tickets and other fines per household issued every year!! And little facts like that lead to the “subjects” taking and expressing an objection to another jay walking ticket, that results in the “subject” armed or not, being shot dead. How dare you question the authorities, “Obey” is the word of the day.

    You bet the DHS, is buying up ammo, one, to denie it to the “subjects” it rules and two, be ready for any coming revolt. As said earlier and by many others, bankrupt governments of every ilk soon turn on their own citizens.

    By the way, I left the US in 2012, as I am too old to fight and too smart to sit and do nothing.

    Best of luck to the remaining “subjects” of the USSA and Amerika.

    • aye says:

      too many Amerikkkans still have that anti-Goodman, Schwermer, Chaney mentality, so it doesnt matter what nationality or color you come from. If you dont obey the “subject-rules-apply” of the game of life here in Amerikkka , the powers-that-be simply use the rules they write and adjudicate to stack the deck against you, and declare it “justifiable homicide” when their pawns snuff-you-out for “jay walking- with a righteously indignant-human, attitude” to their small-minded, money grubbing petty “au-tority”.

  15. T. Clark says:


    One more note –

    I don’t want to be in the position of defending what our government does “for us”, but one more note to add on the use of “hollow point” ammo.

    Contrary to what inexperienced shooters and arm chair analysts may think, the specific ammo used in any individual gun does make a difference in performance and accuracy. Some guns are really sensitive to the ammunition used some less. One should always practice with the same stuff you’d use when defending yourself.

    If someone else was paying for it, I’d always use the good stuff for practice as well as my carry ammo. When it is my own nickel, then I use a similar weigh bullet and powder charge for practice. The similar always is as close and as cheap as I can get to my actual carry ammo.

    Carry ammo is that on which I’d stake my life, and may well be doing that if in a deadly force encounter. It generally costs about double the “range” ammo, sometime more.

    So, to summarize – if someone else is paying then use the same stuff you’d use in combat or defensive situations.

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