Shah Calls This Stock “A Buy” (… and Predicts It’ll Rise 33%)

4 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

It’s called “tax inversion,” but it means “run from the IRS.” As Congress threatens to change the tax code to keep American firms in the United States, dozens of them look to head overseas.

The irony wasn’t lost on Shah, who stopped by Fox Business‘s “Real Halftime Report” on Wednesday.

Among the day’s top stories: Boeing (NYSE: BA) drops while its profits rise 52%. What’s going on? And Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) adds another $13.8 billion to its cash pile.

And Shah calls one tech leader “a terrific stock” and “a buy.” In fact, he sees it climbing 33%.


4 Responses to Shah Calls This Stock “A Buy” (… and Predicts It’ll Rise 33%)

  1. christy bellina says:

    Always interested in Shah’s recommendation. Will follow up on his prediction.
    Thanks Chris

  2. Michael Avembeh says:

    Hello Shah,
    I am a new comer in the investment environment. And I’m believing that by following your research findings, I will hit the ground running. I really do want to make it in this business real big. So, I hope when there is a need for me to call upon your assistance you will not deny me.

    I will be following your every tip or suggestion.

    Thank you.

    Michael A.

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