Once the FED Says This… Down Goes the Market

7 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

On Tuesday market watchers got to pore over the minutes of the Federal Reserve’s June meeting. The “end of stimulus” shoe is going to drop, but no one knows when.

Shah Gilani talked about that, and other top stories, on Fox Business‘ “Real Halftime Report.” Find out when Shah thinks Janet Yellen will act to sends rates up and pull the market down.

In other news, much-vaunted momentum stocks took a beating. Shah reveals the 3 momentum names he wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. Also: learn what people have to say about American companies moving to Ireland to save on taxes.


7 Responses to Once the FED Says This… Down Goes the Market

  1. James m reilly says:

    There are so many dangers out there, both nationally and internationally that I can’t guess which shoe will drop first. But any one of them or several of them in concert, which I believe is more likely will all surprise and shock us and create great loss of confidence in the financial markets. The market can handle good news and bad news if it has time to adjust, but this dislocation will come fast and furious and all hell will break loose. I am by the way a former co worker of yours from Roosevelt and cross. Happy to know you are successfully up and running.

  2. Philip Rodi says:

    I am a Passport member and I would like to know more about what Shah has to say about the market crash.

  3. Roger Carmichael, BSME says:

    When U$D loses status as World’s Reserve Currency, the Stk Mkt TANKS
    and Real Currency (Gold, Silver & OIL) will escalate in value almost overnite
    while the U$D is DEVALUED almost overnite. To do a True Value of DOW U
    should measure Stk Mkt value in currency other than U$D by dividing thru w/a
    Real Currency as follows>
    Do stk quotes in $INDU:$GOLD or $INDU:$SILVER or even $INDU:$BRENT
    Do stk quotes by use of COLON (:) to divide out the U$D leaving value in Real
    Currency, not in a phony paper currency U$D.used for quotes by everyone
    Dividing out the U$D “Normalizes” the stk quotes in Real Tangilbe Currency

    Another exsample of DECEIT is how Black Gold (OIL) is being measured>
    Used to be 55gal per barrel of oil when it was ~$10/barrel, pretty cheap but
    since the end of Cheap Oil occurred in 2008, a barrel of OIL is now 43gal so
    no wonder price of gasoline has spiked> A barrel of OIL not only doubled,
    but the SIZE of a barrel has been downsized, same trick used in supermkts
    A Lb of coffee ain’t 16 Oz anymore is it?> neither is OIL 55gal/barrel- and the
    price of energy effects everything.

    Best solution to devalue of OIL is for US to develop Domestic OIL, then when
    we sell it to foreigners, demand pay’t be made in U$D> it’ll bolster U$D value

    • Robert M. says:


      I “Get” your analysis w/ regards to measuring stock value versus something that HAS Tangible Value (Other than Electronic 1’s & 0’s put on green paper, backed by nothing more than faith, smoke, & mirrors), But … As I have worked in the Oil & Gas Exploration Industry for over 30 Years …

      …. In The US, we have always used 1BBL of Oil = 42 Gallons

      Am I missing Something?

  4. Lydia Irehovbude says:

    I just want to know the brain behind the drop of shoes sales. Is it that the manufactures are using fake materials to make shoes get damaged?

  5. Phil Schelin says:

    speaking of predictions –Shah called the msrket top many months ago,
    Decisions were made on that prediction.

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