Obamination: This One-Act Tragedy Is Nothing But a Bill of Goods

128 | By Shah Gilani

I’ve never before written anything about the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

That’s because I didn’t want to jump into the debate on one side or the other before letting some dust settle and seeing what there really is to see.

As the old Johnny Nash song goes, “I can see clearly now the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way.”

Too bad the next line is the exact opposite of what I see. Nash sings, “Gone are the dark clouds that had me down. It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright, bright sunny day.”


The future of Obamacare isn’t bright. It’s not even cloudy. It’s black, as in a giant black hole.

That’s because the Affordable Care Act is going to be anything but affordable. It’s going to get more and more expensive, as if it’s not already outrageously overpriced hype.

What is Obamacare really? It’s a make-richer scheme for giant insurance companies.

Now, I’ll tell you exactly what this Obamination is going to do to your health plan, the U.S. economy and your wallet …

Bad Deal

Maybe you or someone you know is better off today because now they can get insurance when a preexisting condition prevented them from getting coverage prior to Obaminationcare. Maybe you’re one of the tens of thousands of people who gets a subsidy to help pay for your new insurance.

Maybe, for a lot of people, the ACA is great deal.

But it’s not a great deal. All of us will eventually find out that Obamacare is a deal with the devil.

Forget about issues regarding doctors you can’t see because they don’t take Obamacare, or the limited number of hospitals that take Obamination plans, or what’s covered under what plans, or any of the “personal” actual health-related issues with Obamacarenot.

I want to talk about premiums, subsidies and profits – and how this scheme will fail.

Everyone I know with new insurance coverage mandated by Obamacare is paying a lot more than they were paying for coverage before … every one of them. And those with family plans are paying a “hole” lot more. And you and they and I will be paying more and more every year from now on.

While you can bet your last dollar you’ll see a premium increase this year, if you haven’t already, the real pain will begin in 2017 – and then get progressively worse and worse.

That’s because in 2017 three things happen … things I’ll bet you had no idea about.

First, the Unaffordable Care Act’s “essential benefits” requirements kick in on Jan. 1, 2017. That’s when all plans will have to provide all of the act’s mandated “benefits.”

There’s a good chance your plan doesn’t include all those benefits now. In fact, Stephen Parente, director of the Medical Industry Leadership Institute at the University of Minnesota and coauthor of a paper on the ACA’s structural problems, says that 60% of all plans sold in 2013 wouldn’t cut it in 2017.

In case you missed the point, if you’re not happy now with your premium costs, just wait until your insurance provider adds in mandated “essential benefits” and tells you it has to charge you for the additional coverage.

Then there’s the “reinsurance” scheme that expires in 2017. You probably didn’t know the federal government currently reinsures insurance companies by reimbursing insurance companies for 80% of a patient’s health care costs whenever the patient has more than $45,000 in annual claims.

When that ends in 2017, guess who’s going to be charged more to make up for lost government – make that taxpayer – reinsurance freebies bestowed on profit-making insurance companies?

The third given being taken away in 2017 is “risk corridor” coverage for insurance companies. In spite of the higher premiums you’re already paying, if insurance companies providing ACA plans lose money, taxpayers make them whole.

Didn’t know that, did you?

Guess who is going to pick up the slack starting in 2017? Not the government, not even the taxpayers … you and you alone will pick up the tab.

And you won’t be picking up that tab after you cost your insurance company more than it expected. You’ll be paying long before you ever receive any of those benefits, if you ever need them.

Now You Get It

As costs go up for consumers, they will seek cheaper and cheaper plans, with minimum benefits, and higher and higher deductibles. What a great deal this will end up being.

But it gets worse.

According to Parente’s op-ed piece in The New York Times yesterday, “Rising premiums will create a cyclical exodus from insurance plans, with each wave of departures fueling premium spikes that cause more departures.”

It’s a travesty of a mockery of a sham. We’ll end up worse off, while the insurance companies profit handsomely by charging more and providing less.

“So perishes the Affordable Care Act’s promise to deliver universal health care – it’s a fatal conceit,” Parente writes. “The autopsy will show it died from a lack of affordability, leaving behind millions of Americans who were sold a bill of goods.”

He has it exactly right. This one-Act tragedy is nothing but a bill of goods.

128 Responses to Obamination: This One-Act Tragedy Is Nothing But a Bill of Goods

  1. William Severson says:

    So if it is a given that the ACA is a black hole, I am amazed that Congress has not once tried to pass a bill to address these issues. (except for voting ACA down with nothing to replace it ). I thought original reason for passage was to make things better for a majority of the US citizens. I am also amazed that all the negative opinion columns never once give out any solutions to this rising crisis. I am just one person (among many in this nation) waiting for some responsible politician to step forward, put their politics aside and do what is right for the “American People”.

    • Maxwell says:

      I wonder about the “ignorant” people. I am “ignorant” in many things as well. I began my education of these things affecting our country and I am so sick of the “educated elite” complaining so much about the woes of this nation. Their blame of the “uneducated” not “ignorant” masses is repulsive to me. Continuous talk about some “rebellion” and some “better” way. Go out and preach and explain the “Good Word” you have access to and go out and educate instead of being in the safe havens of the cyber blog world among the other “educated elite”. I am sure you will find much of the American citizenry as capable and as rational as you claim to be. “it is easy to believe someone, when they are telling you exactly what you want to hear”. giddyup!

    • Paul Colasacco says:

      There have been and still are many alternatives to ACA, The problem is, Crony Capitalists, the Senate majority leader that will not allow any bills to come to the floor.and the spineless republicans that won’t stand up to the President.! OBAMA CARE & EPA & THE WHOLE UNCONSTITUTIONAL 4TH BRANCH OF GOV. (the non-elected departments of everything) Will bring this country down. When or if we return the rule of law back to the presidency & congress & the lawless courts, OH I almost forgot the networks & so called reporters “dumming” down and covering up just about everything bad about the ACA…on and on and on…..

      • Jeff says:

        Paul, give up the Tea Bagger/right-wing anti-Gubment thing already. What you Baggers don’t understand is that the free market fails absolutely outside of a well regulated market place. It has NEVER solved a problem, ever, except which shaving cream is more popular. Government’s fundamental function is to protect because no one has the right to cause harm. That government doesn’t work well is due entirely to special interests paying to play. The only solution to bad governance is to remove all private money from our political process and the possibility of ever being compensated for serving moneyed interests.

    • Bob says:

      Agree with most points you made but I would correct your comment about Big Insurance companies- Question how many insurance companies even exist that sell Health care? Few Most healthcare and most State exchange participating plans are HMO or direct contracts with Provider groups and there iare very few true insurance companies left in the health care marketplace. It’s also important to point out that many of these HMO’s or providers groups operate in areas that rthey have build a monopoly or share a monopoly with another HMO. They are not held accountable by any Federal or State agency and are offten times able to charge what they want. Some ride on the line as “Non Profit or Not for Profit” but if any state or Federal Justice Department -if we had one- would conduct an audit they would find alot of waste and ineffiency.
      Unfiortuantely most people think Unerverslal Healthcare is what we need but like our politicians they don’t have a clue as to what that means. Even in Europe there are huge differences in the countries socialized mediciene..

      Maybe we should all just take a deep breath of greenhouse gas and Chill on the whole thing -but no one knows what greenhouse gas is either.

    • Tony says:

      I am amazed at how no one is addressing the real concern with healthcare. First off healthcare is a lack of care about staying healthy. It’s more about getting unhealthy especially if you are getting older. Our entire society is taught to go down the wrong path from childhood. We are filled with the idea that only the AMA can keep us healthy when the exact opposite is true. Anyone who has proof that taking enhancement supplements works is bombarded with legal shaft and hunted down with no expense spared. Who does such a thing and who benefits by the end result? I say if a supplement proves to enhance human physical ability and more importantly human health, like Lance Armstrong, why put extreme bans and shame on it? Why are we not using health enhancing supplements to keep human beings as healthy as they can be? Instead our medical society performs dangerous procedures on the weakest of us and charges heavily to boot.

    • Paulette says:

      They did try, but Harry Reid would never let anything come to the Senate floor. Then they claim that the Republicans had no plans. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    • Bill says:

      This ACA is an Obama-Reid-Pelosi disaster. They own this mess. Congress should let them live with the consequences or eliminate this disaster entirely.

    • Anthony Policastro says:

      Mr Severson,

      If what you say is true, I am whole-heartedly behind your remarks. The
      Congress must have their heads in the sand to allow the ACA to continue
      knowing this cost escalation ahead for our citizens. I am appalled the media has not reported any research and made any attempt to inform the people
      about the future peril in ACA.

      • WBart says:

        Fox News has had extensive and frequent reports on ACA. You have not seen anything on the news because you have not been watching any real honest news programming! Stop watching media coverage that is simply left-wing Democrat talking points.

    • chuck says:

      Why are you amazed?? Congress wrote themselves out of ACA. They have their own cushy plan, so have no dog in this fight. Their ox is not being gored. Congress fixed a problem for a few at the expense of many. A simpler solution might have been to expand medicaid to those uninsurable or uninsured, and leave the rest of us alone.

    • Sandra says:

      Obamacare was never meant to be an insurance solution for those of the country with healthcare needs and no ability to pay for health insurance. It was put into law to apply such a financial burden on the populace that the users of Obamacare would gladly smile and accept the gift given to them by total government provided healthcare (aka Socialized Medicine). So broke will we be with raising health insurance costs and higher and higher property taxes that the benevolence of government health care will seem like a gift from heaven. We will flock to the lines to sign up for it, and our government will smile happily as they hand us the application papers. Soon we will lose our homes to these same escalating property taxes: our kind government will take the property from us to help us. Eventually our properties will be owned by the USA government. We will own nothing of our own. We will be totally dependent on government “kindness” for our very lives. Government expenses will escalate to the point of serious deficits: cutting will begin and those unnecessary in society (disabled, unhealthy, and even healthy elderly) will join the ranks of aborted babies and be given a quiet ending as they are identified as non tax generating burdens and mere drains on monetary needs of society. Our lives will start and end as decided by governmental needs.

      Think carefully when you vote. Only you can stop the massive push by government to destroy everything which our Constitution states are our rights, and our liberties. Only we, the voters, the most vital of all citizens, can save the USA. Senate and Congress have been bullied by Presidential Executive Orders. Our Supreme Court has denied 13 times items pushed by the president. We must assert our stand if we are to remain the USA as we know it. If the USA concept is truly vile as presented by others, why is it used as the economic map of burgeoning economies like China, India, and many others now flourishing countries on our globe? Forget political parties and think for yourself. Save our country: only YOU can do it!

    • Free says:

      And that is the problem, it was politicians who passed this piece of crap in the dark of night without one single republican vote, so you expect politicians to fix what cannot be fixed, never mind should never have been passed. One thing for certain, the liberal liars who are responsible for this disasterous healthcare plan will pay dearly at election time for decades as the masses of asses who voted for this liar and fraud cannot hide the truth or all the frauds and coverups any longer and start wake up. By then it will be too late to save America, and that is the sad part, yet even then many will still blame republicans. WAKE UP AMERICA. LIAR, LIAR, LIAR….. PERIOD

    • Will Lehman says:

      Golly, you must be one those dopey Republicans. Haven’t all of those fabulous Democrats told you we have a great, benevolent President in the White House who is and will continue to be taking care of all of us? We sure don’t need any more like him and his enormous staff to “save” us, do we?

  2. William Martin says:

    I wonder if the idiots that voted for OBummer are now happy with their “insurance.” UNFORTUNATRLY I doubt they are or were smart enough to have access to your valuable work / comments

    • ron says:

      Unions have become stronger under Obama. Unions and government workers have their ACA payments subsidized. Why is no one complaining?

    • NanHuaChi says:

      The Congress and many unions are exempted from Obamacare. They are not idiots and much smarter than you think.

  3. carlsor says:

    The ugly truth is that this country cannot afford to provide comprehensive healthcare for everyone. At some point the poor and middle class will suffer and die from treatable diseases while government budgets are being balanced with tax rates being kept low for the rich.

    One thing I learned from the healthcare debate in Washington DC is that politicians are paid by the healthcare industry to NOT ask how other developed countries are obtaining better health results for everyone at a lot lower cost per person.

  4. Malcolm Jensen says:

    Well, our allergy to anything we describe as socialism is going to continue to bite us in the backside. We alone among major developed countries don’t use a single payer system for health care. We have worse longevity than the others. We have more infant mortality than the others. We pay about double what they pay (through higher taxes) for our care. Our staunch guardians, the Republicans who would kill any discussion of single payer system can make sure that any effort to afford decent health care to the poor will cost us all too much. No single payer system for us. No decent care at decent prices for us. Way to go Republicans.

    • Steve Hughes says:

      Malcolm, I feel sorry for you. The government does not do anything well. Have you not been paying attention to our governments attempt at single payer that we all know as the Veterans Administration? This is a small scale sample of what the idiots in Washington would do if they controlled everyones health care. You need to go to some of the major developed countries you speak of and see the lower level of life stile those people live so that they can have single payer and ask them about their supposedly free health care system. Most of the people that have to use the free system will tell you it sucks. While you are at it ask them why so few of them cannot even afford A/C for their homes and why the death rate is so high just because of a simple heat wave.

    • RalphSchmalph says:

      Malcolm, the only reason those “industrialized” (read, social welfare) states have single payer system is that they have no Defense budget. We have 11 aircraft carrier groups. How many so they have? One, or in most cases, none. If you want to sacrifice our national defense for free health care……good luck. You’ll be in a socialist hell hole or some Communist’s gulag before you know it.

    • mike lech says:

      That’s the solution. A single payer government run Soviet Style Health Care System. Everything the government runs is so efficient and effective. Just look at the VA for example. All our fighting men receive the best healthcare possible don’t they Malcolm. That’s right Malcolm look to the government to babysit you.

    • Fiscal Conservative says:

      Don’t blame Republicans for OWEBAMAcare not one voted for OWEBAMAcare, blame your own stupidass for voting to put OWEBAMA in the White House…

    • WBart says:

      Absolutely none of which you say is really true. Costs are controlled by rationing care in different ways (extent and time of treatment), especially the elderly and those with chronic disease, and measuring statistics in different ways, especially for children less than one year old (they are their own decile) and some European countries don’t count the less than one year old group in their life expectancy statistic. We also have the medically best healthcare in the world, which is why so many Canadians, Middle Easterners, Asians come here to our premier medical providers (physicians and hospitals). U.S. healthcare costs are high because we treat severe medical conditions, not just put them in hospice, or let them die, or limit treatment. Also, we have the highest obesity population in the world which is driving costs up dramatically due to all the consequent adverse health complications. 5% of the population now incurs 30% of medical costs compared to 20% 10 years ago. 20% of the population incurs 80% of healthcare costs and 75% of the this 20% are the same individuals until they die. These are th chronically ill.

      • skiingfast says:

        And why are they chronically ill?
        The real problem is faulty nutrition over a long timespan.
        Also remember that the gov’s nutrition recommendations (or impositions in form of school lunches) are faddish and not supported by research studies conducted by independent scientists and peer reviewed.
        Think: a sweetener prohibited in Europe and other advanced societies which partly metabolizes into formaldehyde, a neurotoxin!

    • doyle says:

      Yes we need single pay just like the VA. Secret waiting lists and people dying from lack of care, Wake up Malcolm, the government is one big cesspool and will never run anything even halfway decently. The free market with reasonable regulation is the only way to improve healthcare. If you think the government running it is the way to go look at the facts not lib talking points!!!! Oh I forget, libs cant stand the facts!!!!

    • Rick says:


      check out recent European elections. They brought in socialism before we did, and they are in the process of dismantling quite a bit of it. That, and they are actually wanting action across the water for limiting immigration. We cannot even get started on that, because here it is being set up to be another voting block once the giveaway artists get up to full speed.

  5. donald says:

    Should have gotten rid of ALL insurance companies, they do not need to be in the mix.
    The government/states should run health care themselves.
    Let me tell you something that has over the years cost me a WHOLE $11.00 Cad, Yes, you read it correctly $11.00 Cad For which as a Canadian I have received an appendectomy, cataracts taken off both eyes, two , yes 2 new full replacement knees, a Full hip replacement, a recent heart attack resulted in a stent!!!!! ALL for $11.00Cad, They did not cover my CRUTCHES.
    And, the American media (fox etc) B S about waiting for treatment and not being able to choose your doctor, IS WHAT IT IS, insurance Co B S!!!!
    If I was unlucky to be American (sad to say it), both me and my family would be DESTITUTE. Food for thought?????? Donald

    • Lynn Oliver says:

      Thank you for sharing this. Sadly, the partisans refuse to listen to anything but their own voices.

    • Dancristo says:

      Bonjour Donald,
      The truth is you already paid for your health services through your income taxes. But still, Americain should take a deep look : it works very very well in Canada. And it’s a lot less expensive.
      Bonne journée,

      • doyle says:

        IT works so good in Canada??? That’s why Canadians wait 3 to 4 times longer for any test or care than we do, and their rich come to USA for treatment because it works so well, right????

    • Rick says:

      amazing. After watching the bungling roll out, then this VA thing, which is gov’t health care, hard to believe anyone with a brain thinks that the gov’t running health care is a good idea. When does the good part begin? Sounds like it just gets worse and worse, exactly what I expected from BO and all the weasels in Congress. PJ O’Rourke had it pegged – the Parliament of Whores. Add the Great Bungler/Know-Nothing President we have, and it’s quite the ripe recipe. For total disaster.

    • Lib guy says:

      I have been in the medical device industry my entire career. My wife has been in the pharmaceutical industry her entire career. We can attest that there are layers and layers of fat and waste everywhere. Most are protected by semi monopolies in the medical device, pharma, and insurance industries. For example, we would make a product that we would sell to the big medical device manufacturers for $7000. They would add it to their catalog at $70,000, with no value added on their part. One, the US big boy, would brag about how they control distribution, ala Walmart. This happened again and again.

      On another topic, my mother suffered a stroke while living in Toronto. I immediately called on of my doc friends and he got on the phone with her. The doc called the nearby hospital in Toronto and spoke with the chief of staff, who assured him that the hospital was a top rated facility for neurological care. My mother arrived at the facility, where after some wait, they took her blood pressure, looked in her eyes and ears, and tapped her on the knee with a rubber mallet. They then announced that they thought she had myasthenia gravis, a horrible autoimmune disorder. They told her they did not think she would get any better, and sent her home.

      Within 8 hours we flew her back onto U.S. soil. Two hours later she had an MRI that showed she had suffered an acute stroke with no hemmorage, she saw a neurologist, and is doing fine 8 years later.

      So much for Canadian “health care”

  6. Norman Shotz says:

    You are right on the money – this Act is a dream gift to the profit motivated insurance companies. The only viable and credible answer to the American health problem was discovered and worked out long ago by most of the developed nations of our world – Single Payer Universal Health Care. The only thing preventing our nation from adopting this proven system is the hardball lobbying from those who would stand to lose their cash cow and those politicians whose campaigns benefit from their support.

    • Rick says:

      uh, that and watching the bungled roll-out, and then gov’t health care in motion – the VA mess. The problem, even if it is a good plan is we will double the cost with the cost of administrating it. In ’67 or ’68, forget which, the OMB found Medicare was 2x what they said it would be when they passed it in ’64 I beleive. Was ’64 or ’65 when it began. That’s quite a track record. And it appears we have gotten dumber and more corrupt in the Exec. and Legis. branches, so maybe 3x by 2017? Bet on it, it’s the only track record they know.

  7. fallingman says:

    They pulled off this con exactly the same way they sold us the Federal Resserve.

    The beneficiaries … bankers in the case of the establishment of the Fed … allowed themselves to be targets of public criticism. The sponsors of the bills acted as if they were reining in the “money power,” while, in reality, they were establishing an all powerful banking cartel.

    The bankers publicly and loudly cried, “Don’t throw us in that briar patch!” Privately, they couldn’t help but laugh at the gullibility of the citizenry. Say one thing. Do the opposite. It’s a slick trick.

    Same with the insurance comapnies and the AFFORDABLE Care Act. They make out like bandits with a guaranteed, mandated flow of new customers AND they get indemification against loss. Sweet.

    And the idiots who supported this measure actually believed they were sticking it to the insurance companies. Ha.

    Most people are really gullible, but the world-improver types seem to have an extra gullibility gene. They get used so often. They’re such dupes. And they never seem to learn.

    Thanks for another GREAT article. You da man.

    • Pappy says:

      I said it before and I’ll say it again. Every time the government sets out to reform something it is only the special interest groups who win while the people pay the bill.

    • chalzer says:

      fallingman, your response is a big picture one. The Federal Reserve Act and federal income tax system were two pieces of legislation passed in the early 20th century to advance a creeping socialist agenda…and it’s worked beautifully for the inept socialist, “world-improvers”, as you refer to them.

      The federal government budget then was ~ 3% of GDP…now ~ 30%+, if you believe the numbers.

      Love your “extra gullibility gene” comment

  8. Kenneth Fultz says:

    Your comments on this One-Act Tragedy MUST get disseminated to millions of U. S. citizens. As an individual on a fixed (relatively low) income, there is not much that I can do. However, Money Map Press, as an organization comprised of comparatively wealthy persons and with the resources to get information published widely, please make your best effort to broadcast this information all across the U. S., not just to your subscribers.

  9. Jerry Alderman says:

    You expected a different outcome? We are sheep waiting to be fleeced by BIG money every day. I wish we had proclaimed Bill Clinton president for life. He balanced the budget, left office with budget surpluses. Bush let cronyism become a way to fatten the ultra rich,and screw average folks. I detest both parties and can hardly wait for the tree of freedom to be watered by the blood of tyrants.

    • Pete says:

      Sorry, Jerry – Clinton sold out to the Banksters and retired from the White House set for life. He, and HE alone was responsible for removal of the Glass-Steagal restrictions on Commercial Banks becoming Investment banks, and that set the stage for the massive increase in leveraged junk that collapsed our financial system in 2008. The banksters rewarded the Clintons well! Bill Clinton is just another political fraud. And remember the convicted-criminal Bankster, name of Mark Rich, who had fled to Italy to avoid prosecution, whom Clinton pardoned on his last day in the White House, AND got several millions of Dollars from the same Mr. Rich in return. I believe he and his wife now live in Israel, but are still active in right-wing Republican and AIPAC causes. OH, thats’ “rich” all right! Clinton, President for life! Truth is, he wouldn’t take the job – he’s living fat off the hog in his New York mansion. Funny how two penniless pols from Arkansas, can metamorphose into multi-millionaires after 8 years in the White House. And here we are, silly geese, thinking UKRAINE is corrupt!

      • Urimas says:

        Unfortunately Bill Clinton didn’t retire. He’s planning to become “The first husband” in the White House. Otherwise why he would push so hard on Hillary to become the next POTUS?…

    • Fiscal Conservative says:

      Hey IDIOT when Bill Clinton left office there was about $7 TRILLION in debt, NO SURPLUSES MORON!!! When Bush left office there was a Debt of $9.5 TRILLION and now OWEBAMA has been in office for over 5 years and now the DEBT is over $17 TRILLION, LOOK IT UP MORON….

    • Rick says:

      amen. The Dems may want to get more pro-military soon. Their disdain for it could bite them in the butt if chaos shows up when the presses are printing $$ no one will accept. It’s already happening. I would be very nervous if I was in DC in a position of power at some point in next 10 years or so. May have only 3-5 yrs. before the currency is worthless and the whole fiat currency collapses, and the banks shut down. Repubs did a lousy job when they had the chance, but nothing touches all the spending unleashed in 2009 through 2020 or so now. Funny how this cat back-loaded everything. Joke’s on us.

    • Urimas says:

      Sorry, but we wouldn’t have enough Monicas to keep him distracted from politics. And once he would really start doing politics, God shuold have mercy on us…

  10. Denise says:

    I am an insurance broker in Tucson, AZ and people are paying much less for their health insurance here – and they are getting better plans than before Obamacare.

    90% of the people I enrolled chose a Gold Plan: 63 year old male pays $539 for a plan with $0 deductible and a nationwide PPO network. Unlimited doctor visits for a co-pay. Las $0 co-pay. This is like an employer plan. He was paying about the same for a plan with a $5,000 deductible.

    In Arizona we have lots of competition in the health insurance market. This is how Obamacare was supposed to work – and it is working in Arizona. In other states, more companies are getting into the market which should hold costs down.

    It really bugs me when people who know nothing about health insurance provide their expert opinions. Yes, Obamacare was a gift to insurance companies – but would you prefer the alternative? That would be Medicare for all. That would actually be more cost effective, but politically unacceptable.

    By the way, Health Net got around 80,000 new customers in Arizona during the enrollment period. That’s a pretty good-size risk pool.

    • Urimas says:

      Gee… We’re not in Kansas anymore! Not even in US! We’re in Arizona, Fantasyland, zip code heaven, where congrespeople are not shut in the head, tens of thousands of illegal aliens are not trying to cross the border, and actually 80 000 people more have access to healthcare than before Obamacare!…
      Just a small question; are all those new beneficiaries of healthcare new arrivals in Illegal Immigrants Detention Centers?…

  11. Michaelone says:

    So? What else were we to expect? It was designed by, I forget her name, a past president of the insurance companies association.

  12. Bill says:

    Total agreement, yet how do you educate the ignorant masses of people that believe they are getting something for nothing, and are ideologically driven and racially motivated to a racist regime in Washington DC. The majority of people who voted for OBAMA are racist because the main reason he was voted into office was his race and when you vote for someone based on their race you are by definition a racist. Face it, Obama had very little qualifications to hold office in the first place, he only voted present while a junior senator, and made it the Chicago way which as most people know is corruption at its worst, so it is no surprise to see corruption, coverups, cronyism, payoffs, lack of integrity, outright lies, violation of Constitutional laws etc….running rampant in this country. Morality has taken a back seat in this country so that evil is good and good is evil. People who stand against immorality are attacked on a regular basis.
    When will good Americans take a stand against that which is evil in our government, which is currently the majority of our government.

  13. ELISSA JUNG says:


  14. Charles Kirkpatrick says:

    Our way to correct this sham .For the American voters to support the Republican parties this Fall.
    To win majority in the Senate and keep The House majority.Maybee some of these bad policies
    could be corrected for the betterment of all Americans.

  15. richard says:

    How are these things so freely spoken of and yet there is no apparent accountability on the part of those in the government that rammed this down our throats? Is there nothing that can be done to undo this catastrophe? Is this why the government felt the need to purchase 1.5 Billion rounds of ammo? Because of the coming revolt. Maybe with the departure of Eric Cantor (as a representative for the Washington status quo) the tide will begin to turn to removing all the scumbag polititians and replacing them with patriots interested in serving the Ameerican people. God help us if don’t get some people in office to help us.

  16. Karl B. Hensel says:

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    This game has been going on forever. I for one am tired of it. It is the wealthy get more and the reasonably poor suffer. This is what the American dream has come down to.
    We unlike others who have the ability and means to conduct trades in fractions of seconds by use of lasers just keep on getting beat up at the market. We have little choice but to buy and hold and pray the trade does not get demolished in the amount of time it takes for our monies to settle.
    If Ripples or XRP was entered into play. Funds could be settled in seconds not days and at a fraction of the costs. Of course the government which is on a tear to tax and burden 99% of Americans into poverty will never allow it.
    Perhaps it is time for an underground market to emerge. One that permits for example myself who on disability makes a whopping 12K per year to take $50.00 and turn it into $100.00. You do not even comprehend how much of a difference that can make. This literally defines the quality of food I can consume for the week.
    I am just one example of millions of Americans who face this dilemma. Yet nothing is done. We will never be presented with the opportunities I watch you flaunt each day in front of mine and I am sure many other followers.
    I do enjoy reading and watching your newsletters, videos etc. It inspires me to engage with others in plans to overcome this challenge and many others in our own unique and very private methods.

    Mr. Karl B. Hensel

  17. Richard T. Barrett says:

    Just another way to have the working class provide for the free loaders (which means more votes for the clowns running the fiasco called the government).

  18. Rem says:

    I don’t worry too much about that because it can be undone through legislative action. I’m more worried about all the green house gases that are accumulating in the atmosphere. Nobody really understand the risks. Now that’s really taking a big risk! To make an analogy with finance, accumulated GHG create more green house effect, that tend to increase even more CHG (through permafrost defrosting, and GHG absorbing forest being eradicated by fire, pest)- just as underwriting more “liar loans” was accumulating more bad apples in the mortgage pools, which tended to increase interest rates, which resulted in even more shaky liar loans with deferred payment provisions being introduced in the pools. When the market reached saturation, we all know what happened. Bankers and the Fed came to Washington, and told congress that if they didn’t come up with one trillion, the economy would disappear tomorrow. Imagine we reach a point where we cannot release more GHG in the atmosphere. The congress won’t be able to do anything then it’s game over. Remember that climate scientists are like Wall Street analysts: they never talk about the worst risks and always play them down.

    • Allison reed says:

      Greenhouse effect? The ONLY way to really fix it is ….cut world population by at least 35% NOW. 6 billion people born in the last 100 years. That’s the greenhouse effect. 2salt water plants already work to get drinkable water. Each – 10 billion gallons a year. So 20 billion per year. 200 billion in 10 years. What happens to the ocean life? Earth balances enough for around 4.5 million people. and seeing nobody got the balls to clean out the garbage form each country to help the strength of mankind. And nobody has started construction on a large ship to be able to find water and bring it back to Earth. Guess what it will be in less than a 100 years! At the average rate now-23 billion people each giving off heat, needing food, water, place to live. Oceans shrunk to about 1/3 of their size. Fresh water? Land cleared off for food? Nature takes care to keep species in check, except for humans. We have to do that ourselves. It is almost too late now. We are out of time. Tick-tock the Earth is dead.

    • Tactical111 says:

      The Earth has COOLED the last 18yrs. and we just had the coldest winter in 100 yrs. What “global warming” are you talking about? And don’t tell me “global warming” causes it to get colder. CO2 is not “carbon” it’s CO2; a vital nutrient to the cycle of life on this planet. Core samples prove that CO2 levels rise AFTER a temperature increase and DO NOT CAUSE the the temp to rise.

      “Carbon Tax Credits” are the invention of Algore and Ken Lay of Enron. I remember him and the 3 billion he stole from Calif. utility customers before he “died” the night before going to jail and was quickly “cremated” ( right).

      The SUN causes climate cycles on Earth and all planets in this Solar System including Mars which also had melting ice caps. Was it the SUVs the Martians are driving??? Don’t be so gullible and do some D*MN research!!

    • ray says:

      Rem….NOAA via Ground station data from USHCN) was caught ‘adjusting’ prior temp records to make current records hotter. If you go by the satellite data, no warming for 18 years. They caught a ring of peer review fraudsters – look it up. The political documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was a lie – there are 3 deceptions that make it a lie. After more than 4 Million weather balloons and two satellite searches, they could not find the ‘Hot Spot’ above the equator – GHG theory requires this Hot Spot to define Global Warming.

      But you must be a Dem., so you only believe the continuing lies.

  19. Dan says:

    We can’t just blame Obama. We re-elected him, confirming Obamacare-Not. We are getting exactly what we deserve. Oh well, just say’n.

  20. Marv says:

    Let’s hope that future Congress will head off what is not yet here before all of Obamacare becomes effective. We need to demand this of Congress!

  21. says:

    Time to get rid of our communist leaning idealist President. We will all get to share the misery this A-hole and /Reed and Pelosi created.Obamascare and other bad things. Baghdad will probably fall today because he abandoned them. No one has the cajones to stand up and tell him what a disgrace he really is. He is purposely ruining our country by making government bigger, giving away our assets making us weaker and a laughing stock of the world .and no one is trying to stop him because he will claim racial discrimination. He was put in office by the money of George Soros and the idealistic liberal American press. He has no idea about business or how to run one. . As a veteran I could never .salute him. .He has violated his oath of office and the constitution and is acting more like a dictator than a President.

  22. Rick Rabb says:

    I think you are on the wrong track. If we were on the old plan we would still be paying more and more every year. Lets look at the act and do some surgery on it and quite making it a political agenda item. I do not like Democratic Principals and I am a Conservative with a social concience and believe we need universal health care which has to have government involvement to keep the insurance companies in line. I am not happy that Obama is subsidizing the insurance companies so lets fix that and stop all the fighting and exagerations that are made every day about health care and MAKE IT WORK. If the Republicans plan to cancel the health insurance as a way to get power in Washington I will not vote in the next election and will begin my own fight against them and there principals. Lets see what our Tea Party has to say and what the people of this country really want, watch what you ask for because you may ask people to to step back and look at the whole picture and I am sure if you give it more time and I appreciate you have not said anything up to this point but give it more time and lets work on a repair not a new car. I appreciate your web site and find it a very good read and informative. Why not run in the election and give back to your country it needs you. Best regards Rick Rabb Yuma Arizona

  23. FERNANDO ORTIZ says:


  24. David Jaworski says:

    Thanks for your comments but there are journalist on talk radio that have cover these things already. The only way out of this is if the Republicans don’t screw up, they take the Senate and in 2016 we get a conservative elected as President. Then we can get rid of Obamination Care and replace it with a free market solution. Competition across state lines, Tort reform so that the Doctors can stop getting hammer by Lawyers and so that malpractice insurance can come down.

  25. Patrick says:

    “Essential benefits” in 2017? I thought the reason premiums went up for 2014 was that all plans had to include universal benefits such as maternity benefits for everyone – regardless of age.

  26. rich slater says:

    agree. this legislation was ill-conceived and little understood from the beginning by the people who rammed it down the American publics’ throat. millions are already adversely affected and things will get progressively worse. a glaring example of partisan politics at its worst: defending the ‘talking points’ of an ideology without knowing or apparently caring what the eventual outcome may do to the public.

  27. Sid says:

    The only way to benefit from this is to become a shareholder of the insurance companies and share in the profits.

  28. Ruth says:

    How do the other countries provide health care at a reasonable cost?

    What about people retiring? will they have to go on ACA?

    • Barb Alotis says:

      When one turns 65, they are automatically on Medicare. Should they retire prior to
      65, they retain their ACA insurance. Amazing that you haven’t checked this out before.
      Single-payer insurance (like Medicare is) is what this country needs. But Clinton
      couldn’t get that through and Obama never tried – probably because he knew it wouldn’t pass, thanks to the Republican leadership in DC. Sleeping with the insurance industry and all that “free-market” attitude that permeates too many people in this country.

  29. robert w. says:

    A single payer plan could have worked, but allowing insurance companies to write their own tickets was destructive.
    It could end in single payer, if Democrats (not DINOs) get control of Congress this year. Little chance of that. There are still too many, who call themselves
    Democrats, who vote Republican as there were when the ACA was debated.

  30. Lee says:

    Dumbed down Americans.
    Hell, the illegals will leave Anerica it will b so dam BAD!!

  31. Stanley says:

    A single payer plan would be much more efficient by eliminating large numbers of clerical jobs and their concurrent salaries that contribute no medical aid while draining funds for the delivery of medical care.

    We should also start programs NOW to create more doctors to service the anticipated future care demand.

  32. V Hopkins says:

    Totally agree and I have fought this since the beginning of the idea. How many people did I try to tell that this would happen and they did not believe me. They said but the people with pre existing conditions will be covered and our kid how just got out of school and still doesn’t have a job. Well they will soon learn. we are already paying for this in decreased care and affordability. If there was any way I could leave the country I would do so.

  33. PeterW says:

    One of the Major Flaws of US Democracy, which Canada, has for the most years ago repaired the problem.. Not that the Canadian System is that good, it however is not that bad.

    The Canadian system could be improved ,very easily, even taking the lazy, the Idiots and the Crooks in account and cut our health Care by 50%, with better results.Canada’s general plan does not include Dental, very foolish, as it is not uncommon for Dental problems to create health problem which will not be found.

    The individual and Nation must be healthy to truly prosper. Obama is looking at his potential history. Not providing health, fosters Contempt. Contempt slowly destroys a Nation from within.

    Prosper has little to do with wealth.

  34. Bob H. says:

    If your right wouldn’t this be a great time for the republicans to present their plan? Oh that’s right they don’t have one.So lets just turn back the clock and deal with millions of uninsured and the thousands of deaths due to lack of medical care.Complaining with no good ideas for dealing with the underlying problem accomplishes nothing.

    • Richard A. says:

      Actually the Republicans do have a plan, which Herman Cain has mentioned several times on his radio show-it’s HR-2300; I don’t remember if Tom Price, a Republican Congressman, came up with it, or another Republican came up with it. So the Republicans do have an alternative, but Obama and his puppet masters among the American branch of the “Trans-national Criminal Elite” will have none of it, because the Unaffordable Care Act, which was the Elite’s (Rockefellers’, etc.) idea, was, from what I’ve heard from very reliable sources, was never truly about health care at all, but is all about control of the un-wealthy many in this country, just as the (so-called) “USA PATRIOT Act was never about protecting us against a certain group of violent political extremists using “religion” as a cover, but about protecting the ruling elite in this country (in Big Business as well as Big Government from We The (unwealthy many) People.

  35. JFJ says:

    You are 100% right. What amazes me is that so few people realize this.
    And that congress passed this bill without reading is worse, but since they
    and the president and supreme court are exempt, It makes since they would
    pass it as they are not affected. Thanks to the people we elected to represent
    the people.

  36. John Cassens says:

    You forgot that the states that expanded the medicade program were paid by the federal government for three years and that will be expiring. The states will be looking for more tax revenues about the same time to pay for medicade.

  37. tom g says:

    parr for this abomonation but alas he will make millions doing poor me lectures.Thanks for your insight TJG

  38. Steve says:

    Shah, You are completely wrong on ALL your facts sir. Everyone I know is definitely coming off better with no problems of choice, costs or access to better medical care. I have always believed in your articles before. Now I don’t know weather to believe any of your investment advice or other featured articles!

    • kkflash says:

      Apparently, you don’t know very many people. My large company’s health plan, which had averaged 7% annual cost increases over the last 5 years, saw a 21% increase this year under the new ACA regulations. Our network of providers suffered contraction as well, leaving me with exactly 1 choice of dermatologists with 25 miles of home. ( I had dozens previously.) A friend of mine owns a small company that saw a 25% premium increase, AND a higher decuctible. Shah isn’t wrong on ANY of his facts, but you are.

  39. Henry Zimmer says:

    Please take a look at my book “The Enlightened Capitalism Manifesto” which has been totally ignored by the mainstream media. You can find it on Amazon.
    I make the argument for socialized medicine and I propose reforms in many other areas as well.
    What this country needs are many radical reforms or it will collapse.
    Leaders like you are needed to combat apathy and lethargy.
    Henry Zimmer CPA

  40. Fred S says:

    Well done. Sounds like you did a lot more research on the ACA than the numbskull legislators who approved it. If they read your column they might learn something, that is if they actually care.

  41. Tom Bowles says:

    I have to admit that I voted for Obama in 2008 after he said in a speech (late in the campaign) that he would push for a requirement that all laws coming to his desk to be signed would HAVE TO BE POSTED ON THE INTERNET FOR 72 HOURS. BS BS BS

    I now feel that he will be remembered in history as:

    1-The first freely elected black president of the US.

    2- As the Herbert Hoover of the 21st century.

    Sorry Herb.

  42. Louise says:

    How I love the term “Obamination!” Shah, did you coin that phrase? It so defines a lot of stuff that’s going on.

  43. Leonard says:

    Thanks for the update. Now, how can we get this information to every Congressman,and tax paying / voting individuals, plus all internet
    forwarding systems.

  44. Peggy Kirk says:

    This ought to be on the front page of every newspaper and programs such as “Meet the Press”. Does anyone ever interview you?

  45. Vern says:

    Obama’s campaign was about changing America. A lot of people liked the idea of change and elected him President. Also it was the politically correct thing to do. Hillary has a good chance of being President for the same reason.

  46. Don says:

    In 2008 our family plan for 4 of us cost $478 per month with a $2,000 deductible. Since that time, (when our sons went to college and got fairly reasonable health plans through the University), my wife and my insurance kept climbing rapidly. To try to keep costs in check I was forced to raise our deductible. Now for only my wife and myself we pay $1,094 per month with a $5,000 deductible and no dental, eye care or prescription coverage of any consequence.
    The reality: Obamacare was ALWAYS designed to fail so the Democrats can then say the ONLY way to save health care is to go to a single-payer system whereby the government provides 100% of all health care!
    God help us all. Don

    • kkflash says:

      Don, thanks for pointing out the key design feature of the ACA: It is designed to fail. The insurance company bonanza that’s described will be short-lived as the rapidly rising premiums brought about by ACA’s mandates, subsidized for the poor through rapidly rising taxes and government debt, will quickly lead to financial ruin for both the insurance companies and the country.

      The cost of care will continue to rise at an accelerating pace due to a complete failure of the ACA to introduce any significant new competition to the healthcare system. It’s simple supply and demand. Add millions of new patients with premiums paid for by others, while keeping the supply of medical providers relatively tight through burdensome, costly federal and state regulation. Presto! Even higher prices for healthcare. When the AFFORDABLE Care Act turns out to be completely the opposite, government-run healthcare will again be proposed. Then God help us as our corrupt, inefficient, power-mad central government takes over another 17% of our economy. Freedom of choice – gone. Personal responsibility – gone. Incentive to be productive – reduced. If government is going to assure a comfortable, risk-free lifestyle for everyone regardless of their productivity, more and more will choose the easy government-supported way of life, until there are too few of the “evil” rich to pay the bills. Then financial collapse, followed swiftly by political upheaval. All will suffer terribly.

  47. Sammi1960 says:

    The “Affordable Care Act, is not about insuring more people, it is about controlling people’s healthcare and access to it. It is also about controlling an industry that makes up approximately 20% of the GDP. It’s all about power.

    I have a degree in healthcare Information Management, the coding and billing of healthcare. basically in making sure the doctors and hospitals get paid for providing your healthcare. There are so many doctors and facilities that are refusing to accept medicare and medicaid patients since the ACA reduced the reimbursement structures from their already very low pay rates.

    The ACA wasn’t written by medical and financial professionals, it was written by politicians and attorneys in concert with some of the bigger insurance companies. It’s all about control of the power and the money. That’s all it is folks, and the idiots in Congress who told us we have “to pass it then we can find out what’s in it” are helping us all straight to hell in a hand basket, with holes in the bottom!

  48. D. Hansen says:


  49. guest says:

    And, of course, this was always the plan.

    Collapse the private insurance market and drive everyone to a ‘single-payer’ plan run by the government, so the federal government has total control over your healthcare. Doctors, hospitals, and all healthcare providers will earn what they federal government thinks they ‘deserve’ to make. Citizens will get the healthcare the federal government thinks they need – and denied the healthcare they ‘don’t need.’

    Private insurance companies, if they exist at all, will simply serve as administrators and processors of federally run government healthcare.

    The only question is whether you will be able to get healthcare outside the government system. That is unclear.

    If the citizenry doesn’t rise up soon and demand repeal of Obamacare, they will get what they deserve. And if they don’t stand up soon and demand control of the borders, the new ‘citizens’ will vote for ever-expanding government benefit programs of every type.

  50. C Foster-Olson, MD says:

    I agree with your analysis about commercial insurance. What is your “take” on the increase in numbers having Medicaid coverage? Taxpayers footing the bill, but providers of care being reimbursed less. A recipe for disaster as hospital EDs must see all patients, while receiving less for that care and access to outpatient visits become less availabe.

  51. Barbara Leonard says:

    When you make an agreement with the devil (Insurance Companies) you are bound to have a big problem.

  52. Chris says:

    Last year I was happy paying $630. A month for three of us with a high deductible, never used it, we were all healthy. Then my rate jumped to $915. Then was cancelled entirely!! So after spending days fighting with the gov’t website I found I get a huge subsidy, like $928. A month!!! So I upgraded to a low deductible silver plan and only pay $131./ mo. Until this house of cards falls down as it inevitably will, Obummer is my new best friend!!

    • kkflash says:

      And that, good readers, sums up the ACA, and its purpose and eventual outcome. Someone who was “happy” paying $630 now gets care for $131/mo while other taxpayers pay $928/mo to subsidize them. And Obama and the liberal left have millions of new loyal voters, who benefit from the redistribution of wealth. It lasts until there’s so many more collecting than paying, that it collapses. We are there now. We will never be able to repay our massive government debt without outright theft of private assets by the government. The system will soon collapse as the voters have figured out that democracy allows them to simply vote themselves generous gifts from the federal treasury, and tax the “rich” to pay for it. But, the truly rich will leave when they’ve had enough federal larceny, and they’ll be no one left to pay the bill.

  53. sam says:

    It might be so surprised to many(because of the right-wing, propagandistic socialism scare) that existing Federal program(s), Medicare/Medicaid), is the best existing health insurance in the US today. What we should’ve done (and will have to do in the future) is expanding the Medicare/Medicaid programs to everyone, creating a Single Payer Plan. And be damned to the price-gouging private insurance industry and medical service/supplies industry.

  54. King Ralph says:

    Insurance companies have been raising premiums each year way before Obama got elected. Just another doom and gloom article that twists the facts around.

  55. Lindell A. lawrence says:


  56. Mike Holly says:

    The problem is not insurance companies. These reinsurance costs are not a big percentage of total health care costs and are necessary to prevent people from being denied coverage. Mandates add costs but they also improve access. The insurance companies don’t even want Obamacare because it will lead to single payer.

    The real problem is the US keeps increasing the demand for health care through government programs without increasing the supply of doctors and hospitals proportionately (just look at where the costs are). The federal government won’t do anything because the health care industry spends far more on lobbying than any other industry ($7 billion since 1998).

    Google My article “How Government Regulations Made Healthcare So Expensive”

  57. Walt Rozett says:

    Running medical expenses through an insurance company adds about 30% to the cost. Insurance should be reserved for the unaffordable costs. Basic predictable medical expenses should be paid for directly and insurance reserved for the unpredictable.

    • Mike Holly says:

      Google the Pie Charts of Health Care Costs
      Hospitals 31%
      Physicians 20%
      Pharma 10%
      Insurance 5%
      Nursing homes 5%

  58. Roxanne says:

    First of all, start taking control of your own health. The medical/pharmaeutical industry will make you ill and put you at risk for serious illness/death. Far too many people are drinking soft drinks, eating processed foods, eating too much sugar, too many sweets, taking drugs, legal and illegal. Change your bad habits and stop making yourself ill. The medical industry insists on putting you through too many tests to pay for all the expensive equipment and they push pharmaceutical drugs on unsuspecting patients and increase the number of drugs you should take on a daily basis. The pharmaceutical companies on the stock market are profiting at your expense. Health care is not “FREE” even in Canada where we are required by law to have automobile insurance for medical/dental and then there is more health insurance paid as a benefit by the employer. On top of all that, there is additional travel insurance for medical/dental, etc. Don’t forget to add the increase in income taxes depending on your income….the more income the higher the Health insurance supplement we pay for the poor class. For all the people who got their hips, knees, shoulders, and whatever body part had to be repaired…IT WAS NOT “FREE”….WE THE TAX PAYERS COVERED YOU…NOT THE GOVERNMENT. Anything donated by the “GOVERNMENT” is actually donated by the “CANADIAN TAXPAYER.” So do not be so naive believing you got your body covered by “FREE HEALTH CARE.” I along with the other tax payers who try to stay healthy and try not to use the Health System are paying for your “EXTRAS!” Good Luck to those people who believe they need the medical/pharmaceutical industry…just beware and do your own research before you are asked to undergo medical test, given pharmaceuticals or even told you require surgery. KNOWLEDGE is POWER.

  59. Carol says:

    We should all learn how to take care of our own health. Manufactured food is designed to be addictive, not nourishing. When the body does not get the nutrients it needs, it craves more food trying to get what’s missing. We need to quit eating the fast, processed and junk non-food and feed our bodies good whole food. We need to quit eating GMOs and other toxic foods that are sprayed with pesticides and other toxins. Grains and sugar cause inflammation in the body. Inflammation is one of the major causes of disease. We are ultimately the ones who choose health over disease. For those who want to blame “bad genes,” gene expression is turned off or on depending on one’s diet.

  60. CALARISTOS says:

    Major problem is that NO cost controls were included in OBC in order to please the corporate lobbyists. Consequently, profits continue and benefits slide. My ‘health’ plan was excellent before OBC. Benefits have since been cut by more than 20 percent and fees increased as much. But the basic issue is that there is no ‘right’ to health care. Only the collectivist neo-marxism that overtook Europe post WWII and the United States in the 1970’s imposed the political canon that health care should be universal. We cannot afford the system we have without severe cost controls, and Congress paid by the line item is not going to do anything about it.

  61. don says:

    Early on; there was much support for Predatory Capitalists; the,PRIVATE Insurance Companies – – you know – – the, “Stinkin,” Middlemen – – that stand between the Providers and Recipients of Health Care Services; and, Rip both off for huge profits. The Private Insurers, previously; didn’t, have to meet any Standards – – a Con – – exposed by the ACA – – which required some semblance of Policy, Quality! Rates are up; because Big Health Insurance Companies have been selling many people; the equivalence of, “Junk Polices.” Term first used by Consumer Reports; in a Politically Correct, description of Health Insurance Policies of, “Poor Quality.”

    The ACA was a Law directed at the Uninsured, under-insured; and the non-insurable(s). All of these groups could not afford decent health insurance. Even then – – the Greedy PRIVATE Insurance Companies were successful at covering their Asses; with the Deal that was struck.

    Point: Harsh as it may sound; we really don’t need no, “Stinkin,” Predator Middlemen. They are mainly responsible for the rapid rise Insurance Costs during the past 30 years! They have been enriched beyond comprehension. Why are those that provide no direct health care services to the ill; able to scarf the most profits? I maintain, through Lobbying Interests and, selling Junk Health Insurance Policies.

    The ONLY approach to Health Care – – the ONLY one a Bankrupt Nation can afford today; is a Single-Payer System. It would likely save $400 Billion Dollars; and provide Insurance for all. If Partisan Politics prevent the Parties from being creative; just put everyone under Medicare. Seniors Love it; and the Infrastructure is already in place. Will Common Sense and Reason – – ever enter the Discussions? Is this Nation worth saving, at all?! Wise up – – and Shed both the Partisanship; and, Selfishness ; in the likely, coming of a “Re-write, of Nation’s Health Care Law.

  62. Richard says:

    As long as we have the liar and thief in the white house, nothing will change. He has his puppets Reid and Pelosi to help him destroy this Nation,,, Congress does not care they wrote themselves a better deal as always. It is all about control, control the money buy any means you control the people. Thus a cash less society and more control of your life. Remember I am front the government, I am here to help you. Wake up America

  63. Arthur JOnes says:

    Didnt know I was money on political stuff….All I can say…if you are as right about the ACA as you are about your stock picks… then I think Obamacare will be just fine…

  64. ZZMike says:

    What we’ve got is “insurance”. What we need are doctors and hospitals who take that insurance.

  65. George Lindsey says:

    I like you and usually you have a clear head but, you did not look at health care in the big picture. Here are three things for you to consider. 1. ICD-10-CM/PCS, which by the way the no do nothing congress just postponed another year. 2. EHR electronic health records. 3 HIPAA. Health care fraud must be stopped.

  66. Richard Malmed says:

    I see all these comments are from political conservatives who prefer to use ad hominem comments against the President. Please look at the economics. This is an economic issue not a political one. First, we do not know the actuarial figures for insurance claims v. costs as yet. It is likely that the recent uninsured enrollees will not have the doomsday claims history because they are large numbers of younger people in the mix. They do not have the expensive catastrophic illnesses of the existing population. Second they can now afford to visit family doctors and other tertiary care health professionals instead of emergency rooms,who can prevent many expensive illnesses. Third,you were already paying for the uninsured because hospitals were already permitted to include those nonpaying people in their costs from whom they can now collect insurance payments. Next, preventive activities are now covered such as gym memberships,diabetes counseling, prenatal care,etc.
    Insurance carriers will not reap huge benefits because they must be competitive with each other will adjustt he cost of their plans accordingly.
    In short,let us review the actuarial results of ACA before you jump on the Tea Party band wagon. If the results are so negative,then you will have ample ammuniton to shoot it down.

  67. Bob says:

    Why is it that almost every President seeks a monument? For Dubya it was an Iraq make over. For Obama it is the ACA. Both are disastrous.

  68. don larson says:

    Lot’s of speculation – – lot’s of assumptions. Yet, they are important if they get us one step closer to a Single Payer – – National Health Care System. There is really no other sane & objective alternative for a Nation that has a growing Debt of over $17 Trillion Dollars.

    The assumptions made about greedy Insurance Companies; can, essentially be made about all Private, Critical Need Services. Left unregulated; they will steal U blind. To Wit: the entire Military Industrial Complex! (Ordinary Person has no Idea!!)

    Excessive Greed and Theft is pushing the Nation toward Socialism; as, Rich Predators continue to play the game, “Winner Take All!” How much more does one really believe can be squeezed out of the 99%?

  69. KWASI MOTO says:

    doesn’t everybody understand what this was all about? the President when he was running in 2007 & 2008 said that he was in favor of a “ONE PAYER SYSTEM” OBLAMEACARE is just a
    temporary program to get to the one payer system.

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