Fight Club: Shah battles “Dark Pools” apologist on NPR today

9 | By Wall Street Insights and Indictments Staff

Today, Shah Gilani let some wicked punches fly, debunking the legitimacy of Wall Street’s “Dark Pools” on NPR’s popular talk show On Point.

As Shah himself said: “This is about how the market has been undermined and how it could collapse one day, literally, and trillions of dollars could be lost in a matter of days.”

Listen in and tell us what you think.


9 Responses to Fight Club: Shah battles “Dark Pools” apologist on NPR today

  1. DAVE EASTON says:

    DAVID E. M A

  2. Jimbo says:

    Have we not seen what greed has done when any new “great money making” Ponzi is poured on man in the name of free markets. It is nothing more than a Fascist Oligarchy perpetrated on mankind by the Money Changers.

  3. Maxwell says:

    Shah, what is it you are doing? The amount of information and insight you are providing to us is tremendous. And when I mean “us”, I am not talking about highly involved and participating individuals in these various areas of finance, but I am referring to those citizens who may have a little to invest or have the sense to invest, but just do not have the knowledge or experience to do so. These types of arguments made by the opposing side, sounds more like “well it has happened before, or it has ‘always’ been like this” and that just cannot be allowed to go on. Repackage, retool, rename all these old tricks and they continuously work. It is all very clever. After hearing the podcast, I do have to agree that HFT does sound like it provides an inflated sense of activity. I would be interested in why this inflated sense of activity is being created, yes probably for profit versus the raising of capital, but I also wonder if there is some other hidden agenda. Thanks again SG.

  4. Richard Mondale says:

    Dear Shah Gilani,
    I heard the On Point show you were on. They announced that they were going to talk about Dark Pools so I called in with the following statement, which I believe is the answer to the problem, but they would not allow it on the air, thus proving that they don’t want a solution but rather that they want to maintain the problem so they can cry about it. They are NPR.
    “I believe that America’s legal system is being held on the side lines in order to permit this crony crap.”
    “I want lawyers to work for a 50% markup so they have to prove harm, and I want police to arrest harm rather than despotically enforcing obedience to arbitrary and politically motivated rules.”
    They wouldn’t let me on the air. So, they reveal themselves.
    Yours, Rick Mondale

  5. Richard Mondale says:

    If you want to eliminate flash tradeing, then use my Banker’s Tax. It is consumption bassed. Stated simply, “Tax is taken when money leaves FDIC insured instrament.” In other words when someone wants to buy something the tax is taken. The rate would be low because of multiple layers. (5%) This would eliminate flash traders because they don’t make much. If they have to spend 5% in order to get into the trade, they can’t make money. RWM

  6. PeterW says:

    This is just smoke and mirrors, as well as the cost of doing business, nothing more.

    Until the Structure of Democracies including the lead dog – USA, it is just attempt to create an illusion of Justice. Get Real!!!!!!

    There are two types of Capitalism, one with Responsibility and one without. Our Democracy – really Demonocracy is without.

  7. James Burston says:

    Dear Shaw,
    A) When are you going to have your own pod casts on say apple app store for starters, you would be great!
    B) volume level was very low on website.
    I agree with you that no one should have an advantage over anyone else other than plain god old fashion research.
    High frequency traders, Dark Pools and anything else should not be allowd to do tis, including Banks.
    But no one seems to want to clean up this corruption!
    We need you to keep going…that is why you need your own pod casts to wake up Americans. You are correct the public especially the little person out there trying to trade (to get ahead for whatever reason) should not pay for those few who cheat the system.
    Thanks for what you do…now if only you were allowed to say this on CNBC or FOX BUSINESS that would help more as well.
    James Burston

  8. PeterW says:

    All Empires rise and fall for the same reason = Injustice. Empires rise when stealing is easy, and falls when stealing becomes exposed or too expensive;

    All Democracies are founded upon injustice, including the top dog = USA, thus they should be called No Democracies = Demonocracies.

    The purpose of real Democracies are to protect its citizens

    Demonocracies purpose is to control (to protect the Rich and Powerful)l its citizens, and stealing from other Nations as well.

    Its too late, no one believes, those who are crying Wolf.

  9. Laurel says:

    Hi Shah

    Like the statements above. Time to game the gamers. flash crash was an anniversary of the skrooood specialist who wanted to make a fall guy meanwhile on q with my yearly monthly weekly daily hourly minute tick charts- check ye ole 89 ema. as to the rigging and liquidity what is the dollar to the yen game underneath the market anyway and if you watch dark pools with colacation one can see how they walk it up like the ole market makers did and how they bug out with their loot and how the guys who invited the pensions in are probably feasting and feeding like sharks they are and how institutions are by virtue of their size cumbersome.
    But back to flash crash manipulated flash news breaks and false rumours and presidential prop desk appearances all just as disingenuous and the pinning at option time with fake Vix. I think if stocks tumble commodities once again will be supported by the solvent and the news will be homogenized and a repeat number 14 will be on its way. So 5500 will be waitng for that 50 % correction maybe 3300 but not till after all the new phony mortgages and toxic realstate are laid off on nex round of suckers in the meantime the market hasn’t even reached inflation parity.

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